The American Review

47. Anglo-America (2013)

2013.03.14 The American Review

The Anglo-American Dream of Benjamin Franklin: The Stamp Act Crisis and the Sense of Nationality SATO, Mitsushige(1)
“We Are Kin in Sin”: Anglo-American Representations in Mark Twain’s Novels ISHIHARA, Tsuyoshi(21)
Against “Provincialism”: Ezra Pound’s “Renaissance” Project NAGAHATA, Akitoshi(41)
A North American Agent Jeremiah Dummer and the British Empire of his Age: One Aspect of the Eighteenth Century Anglo-American Politics  MORI, Takeo(59)
The Vietnam War and Collective Defense: Anglo-American Relations within SEATO during the Vietnam War, 1965-1968 MIZUMOTO, Yoshihiko(79)
The first Invitation to “Empire”: collaboration between Edward Mandell house and Sir Edward Grey over U.S. participation in World War I SAKADE, Takeshi(99)
The Uncanny Return of the Past: Holocaust Representation in Cynthia Ozick’s The Shawl HAMURA, Takashi(109)
Nitobe Inazo’s Speech Tours in America after the Manchurian Incident TANIGUCHI, Maki(129)
The Role of De Forest and Minagawa in Introducing Television to Japan ARIMA, Tetsuo(149)
Nathaniel Hawthorne and a Construction of Literary World –“The Virtuoso’s   Collection” as a Museum TAKENO, Fumiko(169)
The Katsu Goto Memorial: Representations of the Lynching of a Japanese Immigrant in Hawaii HORI, Erika(185)
The   Forty-Sixth Annual Meeting: A Summary Report -205
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46. The Sea and the State (2012)

2012.03.14 The American Review

The Sea and the State
The American Civil War in the Transatlantic Abolition of Slavery NISHIDE, Keiichi
Orphans, Oceans, and Moby-Dick HASHIMOTO, Yasunaka
The Price of National Prestige: An Interpretation of the Japan-U.S. Confrontation   over Hawaii at the Turn of the Century ITO, Koji
The Geopolitics of Submarine Cables: From British Telegraph Networks to the   American Internet TSUCHIYA, Motohiro
U.S.-Australia relations concerning Asia-Pacific during Sino-Japanese War TAKAMITSU, Yoshie
“The Beginning of America’s ‘Pro-Israeli’ Policy: A Case of the USS Liberty   Incident during the Six Day War” TOMINAGA, Erika
Levi-Strauss’ Perspective of NonAssimilation and the Spirit of Charity in Karen Tei Yamashita’s Through the Arc of the Rain Forest MAKINO, Rie
Historical Contexts of the Atomic Bombings against Japan in the U. S. History Textbooks: World War II, the Cold War, and the Nuclear Age FUJITA, Satoshi
“Providence and “A Remarkable Meteor” Seen in Uraga?Perry, Hawthorne and the Opening of Japan? NAKANISHI, Kayoko
What Is Nikkei in the US Now?: Identity Politics of a Student Organization and   “Japanese Americans” KINOSHITA, Akira
Book Review
Hiroshi Kitamura, Screening Enlightenment: Hollywood and the Cultural Reconstruction of Defeated Japan IIOKA, Shiro
The Forty-Fifth Annual Meeting: A Summary Report


45. Disease and Institutions (2011)

2011.03.14 The American Review

Disease and Institutions
Reproductive Rights and Social Welfare: Informed Consent for Sterilization ONO, Naoko
Health Insurance and the Social Security Act of 1935: The Vision of Edgar   Sydenstricker and I.S. Falk and the Medical Advisory Board SATO, Chitose
Disease, Hippie and Neoliberalism: Thomas Pynchon’s Vineland MIURA, Reiichi
Health Care Reform and the Transformation of Party Politics in the United States: Universal Health Insurance Reform and Medical Reform AMANO, Taku
Sarah Josepha Hale and Domestic Ideology in the (Anti-) Boardinghouse Novel MASUDA, Kumiko
Paper-made Emerald City: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and Paper Currency System AKIMOTO, Takafumi
Politics in History Museums and the Private Sector: The George Washington Politics “Lansdowne” Portrait as Case Study YOKOYAMA, Saki
Rethinking the Women’s Peace Movements in the United States: Women Strike for Peace in the 1960s SATO, Masaya
The Commercial Society’s Ethic and the Spirit of “Social” Capitalism: Politeness   and Sociability in Franklin’s Autobiography WANIBUCHI, Shuichi
Reserach Note
Importance of Assuming a Social Historical Perspective in Examining Recent American Trade Policy KOYAMA, Kumiko
Book Review
Satoru Mori, The Vietnam War and Alliance Diplomacy: The Impact   of British and French Peace Initiatives on U.S. Policy FUJIMOTO, Hiroshi
The Forty-Fourth Annual Meeting: A Summary Report

44. Turn of the Century in the US (2010)

2010.03.14 The American Review

Turn of the Century in the US
The National Negro Business League and Its Politics of African-American   Collective Memories at the Turn of the Twentieth Century KANEKO, Ayumu
Japan as Domestic Space: Lilla Cabot Perry at the Turn into the Twentieth Century MATSUKAWA, Yuko
U.S. Policy over the Korean Peninsula from the End of the Nineteenth Century to the Beginning of the Twentieth Century MATSUDA, Haruka
Falling Bodies, Failing Words: Narratives Before/After 9/11 OZAWA, Eimi
Lynching and Torture at the Turn of Two Centuries: On Lynchings (1892-1900) and Guantanamo: ‘Honor Bound to Defend Freedom’ (2004) SAKUMA, Yuri
John F. Kennedy and the Neutralization of South Vietnam MATSUOKA, Hiroshi
“The Jumbo Domestication”: Exhibition of Animals and Sentimentalism at the   End of the Nineteenth Century MARUYAMA, Yuki
Book Review
Itsuki Kurashina, The Eisenhower Administration and West Germany: East-West Arms Control Negotiations as Alliance Policy ONOZAWA,Toru
A New Generation Scholar Discusses a New Woman in Faulkner’s Novels: Koichi Suwabe, William Faulkner’s Poetics: 1930-1936 FUJIHIRA, Ikuko
The Forty-Third Annual Meeting: A Summary Report

43. The President (2009)

2009.03.14 The American Review

The President
Hawthorne’s Image of George Washington IRIKO, Fumiko
The Foreign Policy Archetype of the American Presidency: From George Washington to John Quincy Adams NAKAJIMA, Hiroo
Dialogue and Secrecy: John F. Kennedy’s Policy Making TSUCHIDA, Hiroshi
War Powers Derived from the Presidential Image KITAGAWA OTSURU, Chieko
Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Proclamations of National Emergency: Crisis and Presidential Power OKUHIRO, Keita
The Politics of Family Support in Early-Twentieth-Century America GOTO, Chiori
Extraterritorializing Literature: Translation, Dual Nationality and the Hardboiled in A Fairwell to Arms TSUJI, Hideo
Rebuilding Little Tokyo?: Community and Interracialism in the Resttlement Era MINAMIKAWA, Fuminori
Technology and an Immigrant Version of Americanism: Swedish-American Representation of the Ironclad Monitor and John Ericsson TSUCHIDA, Eiko
Inventing and Performing the Self: Image of the Japanese-American Painter in Yasuo Kuniyoshi’s Self-Portraits KIKUKAWA, Masako
Globalizing “American Peace”: The Outlawry of War Movement in Interwar America MIMAKI, Seiko
Chase and Modernity: Representation of Time and Movement in Harold Lloyd’s Safety Last! HASEGAWA, Koichi
Book Review
Yoshie Takamitsu, Japan, China and the United States in Interwar “Globalization” TAKITA, Kenji
Yumi Hiratai, Social Reform in American Federal System: Child Labor Regulations in the Early Twentieth-Century HIRATA, Miwako
Katsuyuki Murata, Latino Ethnicity and the Shifting Boundaries of   Americanness: The Sociocultural History of “the Undocumented Immigration Problem” NAKAGAWA, Masanori
The Forty-Second Annual Meeting: A Summary Report

42. Nuclear Space (2008)

2008.03.14 The American Review

Nuclear Space
One Minute after the Detonation of the Atomic Bomb: the Erased Effect of Residual Radiation TAKAHASHI, Hiroko
The Language of the Nuclear Age: Critical Approach to the Rhetoric of Containment and Deterrence SHIMOKOBE, Michiko
The Nuclear Imagination of a Mad Scientist: a Note on Nikola Tesla SHINDO, Masaaki
Nevada Test Site and Yucca Mountain: The Construction of Nuclear Space and Racism ISHIYAMA, Noriko
The Pugwash Conferences and American Scientists’ Quest for Disarmament and Stable Mutual Deterrence, 1955-1963 KUROSAKI, Akira
NPT Regime and Defense Industrial Base-US,UK, and West Germany Nuclear and Military Expenditure Negotiations (March 1966-April 1967)Surrounding the NATO Crisis of 1966 SAKADE, Takeshi
Prosthetics in the Cold War: Discourses and Representations of Hearing Aid in the Atomic Age MISOE, Atsuro
The Claim Against “Enemy Alien” Status of Koreans in Wartime Hawai’i Redefining “Korean” and Reconstructing Nationalism LEE, Rika Rihwa
Hardhat Patriots: the Construction Workers in New York City and the Change of Their Lives MINAMI, Shuhei
Book Review
Taku Amano, Professional Groups and Health Policy in the United States SUNADA, Ichiro
Maho Toyoda, Labor Reform for/against Women in the US Occupation of Japan SATO, Chitose
Jun Kamata, Resistance at the Margin: Radioactive Waste and American Indian Social Movement MATSUNAGA, Kyoko
Sadao Asada, From Mahan to Pearl Harbor: Imperial Japanese Navy and the United States Sadao Asada, Culture Shock and Japanese-American Relations: Historical Essay MIWA, Kimitada
The Forty-First Annual Meeting: A Summary Report

41. Nature and Environment (2007)

2007.03.14 The American Review

Nature and Environment
Rereading “American” Places: Postcolonial Dimensions in Bioregionalism YAMAZATO, Katsunori
On the Gender Root of Silence: Going down the “Toxic Inferno” of Silent Spring ITOH, Shoko
Legal Framework for Environmental Conflict Management: How Did Federal Agencies Reach Consensus Ending Development of Oregon Inlet Jetty Proposal OIKAWA, Hiroko
Market, Culture, and Ecological Values of Water: A Historical Case of the American West and Beyond OSHIO, Kazuto
Environment Sculpture: Isamu Noguchi’s Garden Sculpture, Environment Sculpture and Site Specificity KAWAI, Masatomo
The Perprexity of the Animals: Thomas Pynchon’s Post Modern Ecology HATOOKA, Keita
The Culture and Business of Farming: Ecological Imagination of Japanese American Writers MATSUNAGA, Kyoko
The Nexus Between Native American and the Salem Witchcraft: John Neal’s Rachel Dyer and American (Literary) Independence SHIRAKAWA, Keiko
Japanese American Soldiers and European “War Brides”:American Orientalism and Whiteness NAKAMURA, Masako
Book Review
Shusuke Takahara, Wilson Diplomacy and Japan: Ideal and Reality 1913-1921 NISHIZAKI, Fumiko
Tsuyoshi Ishihara, Mark Twain in Japan: The Cultural Reception of an American Icon SUGIYAMA, Naoko
Kazuhisa Honda, Rethinking “American Democracy”: Racism and Deliberative Democracy FUJINAGA, Yasumasa
Hiroshi Okayama, The Consolidation of the American Two-party System: The Republican Party and the Formation of the Post-bellum Regime during Reconstruction TANAKA, Kikuyo
The Fortieth Annual Meeting: A summary Report

40. Violence (2006)

2006.03.14 The American Review

Emancipation, Family, and Violence: Race, Class, and Gender in a North Carolina Piedmont Community During Reconstruction Sasaki, Takahiro (1)
Can Counter-Terrorist Novels Be Written Now?: From Mao II (1991) to Specimen Days (2005) Takemura, Kazuko (19)
Structured Violence as a Form of Southern Culture: The Emmett Till Case and Faulkner’s “Dry September” Tanaka, Hisao (39)
Hollywood and Post-9/11 America Yoshimoto, Mitsuhiro (57)
Representations of Violence in the Borderlands of the Virtual-Real: Visualization in American Psycho Ozawa, Eimi (81)
Pimp Culture: Distorted Masculinity in the Hip Hop Generation Kanazawa, Satoshi (99)
The Logic behind Nativism: The Case for Lyman Beechers’ Plea for the West   Yamanaka, Aki Yamanaka, Aki (119)
The Historical Origin of American Unilateralism: The French Mission and the Adams Administration Ishikawa, Takafumi 139 Ishikawa, Takafumi (139)
The Problem of Nuclear Proliferation to West Germany and Eisenhower’s Response Kurashina, Itsuki (159)
Rival Political Visions of the Social Security Act of 1935 Nakajima, Jo (177)
Book Review 
Eiichiro Azuma, Between Two Empires: Race, History, and Transnationalism in Japanese America Abe, Kosuzu (195)
Yasushi Watanabe, After America: Trajectories of the Bostonians and the Politics of Culture Kawashima, Kohei (201)
Fumiko Iriko, Hawthorne, the Scarlet Letter, Tapestry Satoh, Shigemitsu (209)
Ken Chujo, Race in History: Difference and Heterogeneity in the United States Takemoto, Yuko (215)
Yasutake, Rumi, Transnational Women’s Activism: The United States, Japan, and Japanese Immigrant Communities in California, 1859-1920 Matsubara, Hiroyuki (221)
The Thirty-Ninth Annual Meeting: A Summary Report -227
Abstracts -241

39. Media (2005)

2005.03.14 The American Review

American Journalism in Decline Factors Behind its Transformation Fujita, Hiroshi (1)
Bloody Shirt and the Idea of Racial Equality: Radical Republicans and Post-Civil War Journalism Kido, Yoshiyuki (21)
The Rosenberg Case and American Intellectuals: A Background Analysis of the Media Tug-of-war Maekawa, Reiko (43)
New Media, Old Media: A New Phase of Media Studies in the U.S. Kitano, Keisuke (63)
Reinventing America as the Other: A New Perspective on American Studies Yoshimi, Shunya (85)
Emerson’s Style and Its Reception in Japan Mizuno, Tatsuro (105)
Crusade for the Unemployed Nishikawa, Masaru (125)
Selling Democracy: Norman Granz and Jazz in the Cold War Torii, Yusuke (143)
Book Review 
Hatsue Shinohara, Forgotten Crusade: The American Scholars of International Law in the Interwar Period Nishioka, Tatsuhiro (163)
Etsuko Taketani, U.S. Women Writers and the Discourses of Colonialism, 1825-1861 Beppu, Keiko (169)
Nahoko Tsuneyama, American Shakespeare: A Cultural History of the Early American Theater Yamamoto, Hideyuki (175)
Noriko Ishiyama, Environmental Justice and American-Indian Tribes: Struggles over the Storage of High-leval Radioactive Waste Sato, Madoka (181)
Akiko Ochiai, Harvesting Freedom: African American Agrarianism in Civil War Ear South Carolina Uesugi, Shinobu (187)
The Thirty-eighth Annual Meeting: A Summary Report -195
Abstracts -217

38. Religion (2004)

2004.03.14 The American Review

Introduction to the Religion of the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) KIMURA, Takeshi (1)
Vodun After Crossing the Atlantic FUROMOTO, Atsuko (21)
Jonathan Edwards and the Ideal of Protestant America MORIMOTO, Anri (41)
Discovering the American Catholic Roots KIKAMA, Yasuo (61)
The Book of Mormon and the Birth of a Church HIRAI, Yasuhiro (81)
Buddhist Folk Song Tradition in Hawaii: A Study of Song Lyrics in Relation to Japanese American Experiences WELLS, Keiko (103)
Reexamination  of the American Civil Religion MORI, Kouichi (123)
The Urban Reform and the Machine Politics in New York City: The Civil Service   Reform during the Administration of Fiorello H. La Guardia SUGAWARA, Kazuyuki (141)
Roots of  Womens Labor Protection: Establishing the Womens and Minors Bureau in the U.S. Occupation of Japan TOYODA, Maho (159)
Representation of Respectability in African American Organizational Efforts to Help the Ingrams HISHIDA, Sachiko (179)
The Genesis of the Japanese American Redress Movement OYAGI, Go (199)
Literature, Advocacy, and Dis/claiming the Nation: Reading the Politics of Aesthetics in Joy Kogawas Obasan NAKAMURA, Rika (219)
The Thirty-Seventh Annual Meeting: A Summary Report -237
Abstracts -259