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Number Thirteen (2002): Space: Real and Imagined

Editor's Introduction (1)
Immersed in Palpable Darkness: Republican Virtue and the Spatial Topography of Charles Brockden Brown's Arthur Mervyn Masashi Orishima (7)
Analyzing `Political Space' Two-Dimensionally: The Notion and Prospects of Interpolitical Relations Hiroshi Okayama (25)
Spatial Organization of Japanese Immigrant Communities: Spontaneous Settlements and Planned Colonies in the Northern San Joaquin Valley, California Noritaka Yagasaki (45)
Producing Asian American Spaces: From Cultural Nation to the Space of Hybridity as Represented in Texts by Asian American Writers Fukuko Kobayashi (63)
Home on the Range: Space, Nation, and Mobility in John Ford's The Searchers Julia Leyda (83)
Is the "Cyberspace Revolution" Really a Revolution? A Case Study: Healthcare and Modern Scientific Thought Yoneyuki Sugita (107)
Another Closing Frontier?: Observations on Geography in American Academe Simon R. Potter (131)
Across the Multiverse: How Do Aliens Travel from "Divisional" Space to "Network" Space? Mari Kotani (157)
Americanization of Shakespeare: A Cultural History through Three Posters Nahoko Tsuneyama (171)
Imagined America in Occupied Japan: (Re-)Educational Films Shown by the U.S. Occupation Forces to the Japanese, 1948-1952 Yuka Tsuchiya (193)
English-Language Works by JAAS Members 2000 (215)

Number Twelve (2001): America at War: Experiences, Narratives, Legacies

Editor's Introduction (1)
Looking at the United States from Two Dimensions of "therness" Hiroko Sato (5)
Discrepancies between Rhetoric and Realities: U. S. Commitments to Its Major Wars During the Last Hundred Years Yoshikatsu Hayashi (15)
Reprogramming Memories: The Historicization of the Vietnam War from the 1970s through the 1990s Eikoh Ikui (41)
Support Our Troops: The U.S. Media and the Narrative of the Persian Gulf War Nobuo Kamioka (65)
The Anti-Prostitution Movement and the Contest of the Middle-Class Reformers over Cultural Authority: San Francisco, 1910-1913 Hiroyuki Matsubara (83)
Taiko as Performance: Creating Japanese American Traditions Hideyo Konagaya (105)
English-Language Works by JAAS Members (1999) (125)

Number Eleven (2000): Another "American Century"

Editor's Introduction (1)
Reexamining the "American Century" Hideyo Naganuma(5)
The First Integrated Wave of Regionalism and Democratization in the Americas: A Comparison of NAFTA and MERCOSUR Hiroshi Matsushita(25)
Cold War Perspectives on U.S. Commitment in Vietnam Hiroshi Matsuoka(49)
Postmodern Motherhood and Ethnicity: Maternal Discourse in Late Twentieth-Century American Literature Naoko Sugiyama(71)
Challenges and Hopes for American Theatre in the Twenty-first Century Misako Koike(91)
Remembering a More Layered Past in Hokkaido: Americans, Japanese, and the Ainu Yujin Yaguchi(109)
(Self) Indulgent Listening: Reading Cultural Difference in Yokohama, California Gayle Sato(129)
Gender and Work in the American Aircraft Industry during World War II Chitose Sato(147)
Creating a Feminist Transnational Drama: Oyako-Shinju (Parent-Child Suicide) in Velina Hasu Houston's Kokoro (True Heart) Masami Usui(173)
The Political Influence of Homosexuals in the United States: Their Pattern of Action and Sources of Power Atsushi Kusano(199)
English-Language Works by JAAS Members (1998) (219)
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