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The American Review(40) Violence

Emancipation, Family, and Violence: Race, Class, and Gender in a North Carolina Piedmont Community During Reconstruction Sasaki, Takahiro (1)
Can Counter-Terrorist Novels Be Written Now?: From Mao II (1991) to Specimen Days (2005) Takemura, Kazuko (19)
Structured Violence as a Form of Southern Culture: The Emmett Till Case and Faulkner's "Dry September" Tanaka, Hisao (39)
Hollywood and Post-9/11 America Yoshimoto, Mitsuhiro (57)
Representations of Violence in the Borderlands of the Virtual-Real: Visualization in American Psycho Ozawa, Eimi (81)
Pimp Culture: Distorted Masculinity in the Hip Hop Generation Kanazawa, Satoshi (99)
The Logic behind Nativism: The Case for Lyman Beechers' Plea for the West Yamanaka, Aki Yamanaka, Aki (119)
The Historical Origin of American Unilateralism: The French Mission and the Adams Administration Ishikawa, Takafumi 139 Ishikawa, Takafumi (139)
The Problem of Nuclear Proliferation to West Germany and Eisenhower's Response Kurashina, Itsuki (159)
Rival Political Visions of the Social Security Act of 1935 Nakajima, Jo (177)
Book Review
Eiichiro Azuma, Between Two Empires: Race, History, and Transnationalism in Japanese America Abe, Kosuzu (195)
Yasushi Watanabe, After America: Trajectories of the Bostonians and the Politics of Culture Kawashima, Kohei (201)
Fumiko Iriko, Hawthorne, the Scarlet Letter, Tapestry Satoh, Shigemitsu (209)
Ken Chujo, Race in History: Difference and Heterogeneity in the United States Takemoto, Yuko (215)
Yasutake, Rumi, Transnational Women's Activism: The United States, Japan, and Japanese Immigrant Communities in California, 1859-1920 Matsubara, Hiroyuki (221)
The Thirty-Ninth Annual Meeting: A Summary Report (227)
Abstracts (241)

The American Review(39) Media

American Journalism in Decline Factors Behind its Transformation Fujita, Hiroshi (1)
Bloody Shirt and the Idea of Racial Equality: Radical Republicans and Post-Civil War Journalism Kido, Yoshiyuki (21)
The Rosenberg Case and American Intellectuals: A Background Analysis of the Media Tug-of-war Maekawa, Reiko (43)
New Media, Old Media: A New Phase of Media Studies in the U.S. Kitano, Keisuke (63)
Reinventing America as the Other: A New Perspective on American Studies Yoshimi, Shunya (85)
Emerson's Style and Its Reception in Japan Mizuno, Tatsuro (105)
Crusade for the Unemployed Nishikawa, Masaru (125)
Selling Democracy: Norman Granz and Jazz in the Cold War Torii, Yusuke (143)
Book Review
Hatsue Shinohara, Forgotten Crusade: The American Scholars of International Law in the Interwar Period Nishioka, Tatsuhiro (163)
Etsuko Taketani, U.S. Women Writers and the Discourses of Colonialism, 1825-1861 Beppu, Keiko (169)
Nahoko Tsuneyama, American Shakespeare: A Cultural History of the Early American Theater Yamamoto, Hideyuki (175)
Noriko Ishiyama, Environmental Justice and American-Indian Tribes: Struggles over the Storage of High-leval Radioactive Waste Sato, Madoka (181)
Akiko Ochiai, Harvesting Freedom: African American Agrarianism in Civil War Ear South Carolina Uesugi, Shinobu (187)
The Thirty-eighth Annual Meeting: A Summary Report (195)
Abstracts (217)

The American Review(38) Religion

Introduction to the Religion of the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) KIMURA, Takeshi (1)
Vodun After Crossing the Atlantic FUROMOTO, Atsuko (21)
Jonathan Edwards and the Ideal of Protestant America MORIMOTO, Anri (41)
Discovering the American Catholic Roots KIKAMA, Yasuo (61)
The Book of Mormon and the Birth of a Church HIRAI, Yasuhiro (81)
Buddhist Folk Song Tradition in Hawaii: A Study of Song Lyrics in Relation to Japanese American Experiences WELLS, Keiko (103)
Reexamination of the American Civil Religion MORI, Kouichi (123)
The Urban Reform and the Machine Politics in New York City: The Civil Service Reform during the Administration of Fiorello H. La Guardia SUGAWARA, Kazuyuki (141)
Roots of Womens Labor Protection: Establishing the Womens and Minors Bureau in the U.S. Occupation of Japan TOYODA, Maho (159)
Representation of Respectability in African American Organizational Efforts to Help the Ingrams HISHIDA, Sachiko (179)
The Genesis of the Japanese American Redress Movement OYAGI, Go (199)
Literature, Advocacy, and Dis/claiming the Nation: Reading the Politics of Aesthetics in Joy Kogawas Obasan NAKAMURA, Rika (219)
The Thirty-Seventh Annual Meeting: A Summary Report (237)
Abstracts (259)

The American Review(37) The 1950s

The American Image in the Popular Culture of Postwar Japan (1950s-1960s) YASUDA, Tsuneo (1)
The U.S. Economy in the 1950s KAWAMURA, Tetsuji (23)
The Film and Box of Joseph Cornell: A Romanticist in 1950s New York KATO, Mikiro (45)
Doors into Summer: A Poetics of the Cold War in American Literature ZETTSU, Tomoyuki (65)
Malfunctioning Weapon: Clement Greenberg, the Cultural Cold War, and Globalization KAJIYA, Kenji (83)
Research Note
Jewish Women Writers in the 1950s OBA, Masako (107)
"Sense" of Road, Photographic Event: A Study of Stephen Shore HIDAKA, Yu (117)
"Race" as Discourse/"Race" as Reality: W.E.B. Du Bois and the Concept of "Race" OGIDO, Yuji (137)
The Rockefeller Foundation and the Institute of Pacific Relations: An Analysis of Their Entangled Relationships in the Early Cold War Years SASAKI, Yutaka (157)
The Whereabouts of Performative Gender: On Patti Smith TOMA, Ulara (177)
The Thirty-Fifth Annual Meeting: A Summary Report (199)
Abstracts (221)

The American Review(36) The Post-Cold War Era

The Post-Cold War Era: Americanism, Globalization, and Nationalism FURUYA, Jun (1)
U.S. Economic Performances During the 1990s SHINOHARA, Soichi (23)
Where Has the Vietnam Syndrome Gone?: America's Memory of Defeat and Its Post-Cold War Military Interventions MATSUOKA, Hiroshi (37)
Memory, Narrative, and Identity after the Cold War: The Representation of the Vietnamese Refugees in Robert Olen Butler's A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain (1992) SUZUKI, Toru (55)
What Is Transgender?: Its History, Its Potentiality WATANABE, Momoko (75)
The Sorrow of Roger Williams: Separationism as a Regulative Principle and Accommodationism as a Constitutive Principle MORIMOTO, Anri (91)
Yasuo Kuniyoshi and the Cultural Cold War: The Politics of Postwar American Art KOBAYASHI, Go (111)
A Transformation of Fundamentalist Views of Catholicism, 1878-1918 YAMAMOTO, Takahiro (131)
Congressional Voting Decisions on the China Trade Bill MAESHIMA, Kazuhiro (151)
The Sacred Self and the Miracle Controversies: On the Origin of Emersonian Individualism NARITA, Masahiko (171)
Terrorism, Cult and Literature: Representation of Others in Don DeLillo's Mao II TOKO, Koji (189)
Self-Portrait of Katherine Schmidt, Painter: Partnership with Yasuo Kuniyoshi HOSHINO, Mutsuko (207)
The Thirty-Fifth Annual Meeting: A Summary Report (229)
Abstracts (251)
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