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The American Review(34)
Globalization and America
Globalization and AmericanizationMasaru Kaneko(1)
Baseball as the Cultural Mission of America: The Attempts to Spread the American National Sport Worldwide in the 19th Century Eiji Ozawa(17)
The Historical Premise of Economic Globalization by the U.S.: From the Reciprocal Trade Agreement Act to the GATT Tadao Kano(35)
Globalization and Democracy: a Review on America's Arguments Shigehiro Yuasa(53)
Globalization and Models for Japanese and American Schooling: New Modes of Coexistence Ryoko Tsuneyoshi(71)
Home is Where the Tongue Is: Border-Crossing and Language in Levy Hideo's and Mizumura Minae's Works Mari Yoshihara(87)
Thriving Military Prostitution in Hawaii during World War II: The Meaning of Its Contrast to the Situation on the Mainland Noriko Shimada(105)
Emily Dickinson and Poetry in the Civil War Publication Junko Kanazawa(123)
Does the Reduction of Regional Isolation Mean an Affluent Appalachia? Kazusei Kato(141)
Solving the "Congestion" Problem: The "Zone System" in Early City Planning ProfessionIchiro Miyata(159)
Looking for the Perfect Copy: The Cultural Milieu and the Birth of the Talkies Naoko Shinogi(177)
From "the Vanishing Red Man" to "the Red Atlantis": The Development of Native American Policy Reform Movements in the 1920s Yumiko Mizuno(193)
The Newspaper Publishing in the Japanese Evacuation Camps 1942-1943: An Analysis of the Camp Authority's Press Control Policies Takeya Mizuno(211)
The Thirty-third Annual Meeting: A Summary Report (229)

The American Review(33)
America and the Twentieth Century
U.S. Hegemony and the Debates on the "American Century"Hideki Kan(1)
From the New Economic History to the Social Science History: An Evolution of American Economic History in the Twentieth CenturyEiichi Akimoto(19)
War and Gender: the Vietnam War and American SocietyYoko Shirai(37)
The Transformation of American Democracy in the Twentieth Century:The Growth of Institutional Universe and the Decline of Electoral PoliticsHirofumi Nakano(59)
The Literary and Cultural Politics of Passing: A Comparative Study of Mary Hastings Bradley and James Tiptree, Jr.Mari Kotani(79)
Federalist Response to Jefferson's Neutrality Policy, 1805-1806Naoki Kamimura(97)
From Preacher to Lecturer: a Study of R.W. Emerson's SermonsYoshio Takanashi(115)
The Tradition of Psychiatry Reflected in Domestic Fiction in Nineteenth-Century AmericaToshimi Suzuki(135)
Southern White Liberals' Struggle for the Segregation and State's Rights in the SCHW BirminghamNoriko Hosoya(151)
Formation of the New Left Movement: From Sit-Ins to the Port Huron Statement(1960-1962)Toru Umezaki(171)
Autobiography and the "Minoritarian": How Henry Miller "Becomes-Woman"Satoshi Kanazawa(191)
The Innocents Abroad as a Consumer Narrative Mark Twain and Expanding Consumption in Late Nineteenth-Century AmericaTsuyoshi Ishihara(209)
The Thirty-Second Annual Meeting:A Summary Report(227)

The American Review(32)
Class and American Society
The Integration of the US Working Class under the Cold War Consensus: the Creation of a New Middle ClassKeiichi Shoji(1)
Bumming, Slumming, and Muckraking: The Representation of Class in American LiteratureKiyohiko Murayama(19)
The Social Conservatism of Boston's White Women in Inter-Class Interaction at the Turn of the CenturyKohei Kaswashima(41)
Meritocracy and Racial Equality: Civil Rights Legislation and Black "Elites" in Post-bellum BostonKazuteru Omori(57)
Herman Melville and the Astor Place RiotsShoji Noma(75)
The "Russian Factor" in the Promulgation of the Monroe DoctrineHiroo Nakajima(95)
The Formation and Development of "the Undocumented Immigration Problem" in the Course of Discussions on the IRCAKatsuyuki Murata(111)
Imagination, Body, and Gender Boundaries in the Early Puritan Society: Anne Hutchinson on TrialJunko Araki(127)
The Rural Cemetery Movement in 19th-Century America: Creating an American "Sacred Place"Mariko Kurosawa(145)
The Thirty-first Annual Meeting: A Summary Report(163)
The American Review Contents, Vols.1-31(1967-1997) (201)

The American Review(31)
American Social Movements
Jonathan Edwards and the Great AwakeningNaoki Onishi(1)
The Spreading of the Gospel of Safety: The Safety Movement and Immigrants in the Progressive PeriodTsuguyoshi Ueno(19)
American Television Commercials and the Women's Movement: Has the Feminine Mystique Disappeared?Tetsuo Arima(41)
The Boston School Busing Controversy Revisited: Toward an Examination into the Myth of "Failure"Masaki Kawashima(59)
Gender and Wartime Labor Mobilization in the United StatesChitose Sato(83)
The Older Women's LeagueNaoko Ishizawa(107)
George Ball and His Idea of "Atlantic Partnership"Kaoru Kojima(117)
Whitman as 'Flaneur'Akira Yamauchi(139)
Berdache as Cultural SystemMachiko Makita(157)
Fundamentalism's Strategy in Education Cases: On the Concept of Secular HumanismEiko Tsuchida(175)
A Study of Mona Simpson's The Lost FatherKazuyo Kuroyanagi(185)
The Multi-Dimensionality of the Racial/Ethnic Identities of Asian American College Students: Evidence from Research at Princeton UniversityOkiyoshi Takeda(193)
The Thirtieth Annual Meeting: A Summary Report(207)

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