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The American Review(30)

America and Asia

United States Asian Policy Seigen Miyasato(1)
Fifty Years after the End of World War II---U.S.-Japan Relations and Japanese Americans Masako Iino(19)
American Trade Policy and Asia Satoru Nagao(39)
U.S. Intervention in the 1958 Rebellion in Indonesia Koji Terachi(57)
Syngman Rhee and American Involvement in Korean Politics Lee, Jong Won(79)
The Making of the Philippine Trade Act of 1946: an Economic Framework of American Decolonization Policy toward the Philippines Yuko Ito(101)
Issei Mothers' Silence, Nisei Daughters' Story: Hisae Yamamoto's Short Fiction Naoko Sugiyama(121)
Revising Orientalism, Revisioning Domesticity: Authority and Gender in Pearl Buck's The Good Earth Mari Yoshihara(137)
Why Multiethnic or Multicultural Coexistence? Masayuki Yamauchi
Emergence of U.S. Principle of Behavior in China: An Interpretation of the First Open Door Notes, 1899 Yoneyuki Sugita(175)
Piety and Preparation in Puritan Conversion: John Cotton and the Antinomian Controversy Izumi Ogura(191)
"El Nuevo Trato": The New Deal in Puerto Rico Kosuzu Abe(209)
Sessue Hayakawa a Movie Star: Early Hollywood and the Japanese Daisuke Miyao(227)
Henry Adams and Women: The Heroines of "Primitive Rights of women, "Democracy, and Esther" Miho Yoneyama(247)
The Twenty-ninth Annual Meeting: A Summary Report (259)
Abstracts (279)

The American Review(29)

Family, Children, and Education

The Fall in the White Birth Rate in the United States in the Early Decades of the Nineteenth Century and Its Causes Yasukichi Yasuba(1)
A Challenge to Home=Paradise Ideology Yoshiko Takita(21)
A Lullaby for Motherless Children: The Rebirth of Family in JAZZ Michiko Yoshida(37)
McGuffey's Eclectic Readers and 19th-century American Education Shigeo Fujimoto(59)
Discovery of Childhood--- G.Stanley Hall's Child Study Yukiko Asahi(77)
The Reform of the Higher Education for Women and American Women Educators in the Occupied Japan, 1945-1951 Chikako Uemura(95)
Fundamental Issues Confronting Urban School Policies in the U.S.: Multicultural Education, Decentralization, and Financial Reconstruction Yoshimi Tsuboi(115)
Legal Perspective of New Family Rieko Nishikawa(135)
Civil Code Reform in the Allied Occupation 1946-1947: the American Influence on Japanese Women's Rights Yuka (Moriguchi) Tsuchiya(155)
The Invention of "Alien Ineligible for Citizenship": the Making Process of the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 Yoshiyuki Kido(177)
The Institute of Pacific Relations and American Intellectuals: An Analysis of the Debate over "Nonpartisan Objectivity" in the Inquiry Series Yutaka Sasaki(197)
Diversity and Harmony: H.M. Kallen's Cultural Pluralism Ayako Uchida(217)
Life and Labor: The Early Mill Girls in Lowell, Massachusetts Yukako Hisada(229)
The Twenty-eighth Annual meeting: A Summary Report (241)
Abstracts (263)

The American Review(28)

The City and the Suburbs

The City and the Suburbs in American Politics Hitoshi Abe(1)
Invisible San Francisco: City Description in Frank Norris Masashi Orishima(21)
Suburbanization and the American Middle Class Yu Takeda(35)
Some Aspects of the Urban Growth of Philadelphia in the Nineteenth Century Yusuke Utsuki(53)
The Genesis of Suburban Middle Landscape Noriyuki Sugiura(71)
American Women and Work Culture at the Turn of the Century: Work Place Segregated by Gender Chieko Otsuji(91)
Henry Ford's Views on Race Relations During the 1920s: From Idealist to Accommodationist Hayumi Higuchi(111)
"Conservative Revolution" of the Southern Democratic Party: "Robb Revolution" as the Forerunner of the DLC Movement Yasushi Matsuoka(131)
A Philosopher and America: Santayana as Cultural Critic Yoji Sawairi(151)
The Revival of Interest in W.J. Cash: "The Mind of the South" and the South, 1941-1992 Hisako Yanaka(173)
The Twenty-seventh Annual Meeting: A Summary Report (185)
Abstracts (203)

The American Review(27)

European Revolutions and America

Revolution Absent in the Text: Old Benjamin Franklin and the French Revolution Ichiro Hayashi(1)
New Yorker's Republican Festival and the July Revolution Hidetaka Yasutake(19)
Russian Revolution and Wilsonism Hidesaburo Kusama(39)
Sublimating "Arms" into "Palms": Reflection of World War I and A Farewell to Arms in The Wild Palms Fumiyo Hayashi(57)
The French Revolution and Federalists in the Early American Republic Yoshio Higomoto(73)
Abstract of "The Forging of a New Upper Class at Boston's Back Bay, 1850-1932" Kohei Kawashima(95)
Morality and American Foreign Policy: George F. Kennan's 'Realism' Koji Terachi(113)
American Attitudes toward Japan During the Late Occupation Period---The Case of Receiving the 1950 Japanese Diet Delegation--- Hiromi Chiba(133)
Silence and Speaking---Mother-Daughter Relationship in Japanese American Women Writers Fukuko Kobayashi(151)
The Resurgence of Ethnicity and Americanization among Japanese Americans Yasuko I. Takezawa(171)
The "Official Language Movement" in the United States: National Unity or Intolerance in a Multicultural Society? Yasuhiro Katagiri(189)
The Twenty-sixth Annual Meeting: A Summary Report (201)
Abstracts (215)

The American Review(26)

The United States in the Context of the Western Hemisphere

Anglo-American and Spanish American Colonies in Comparative Perspective Keiji Miyano(1)
"The New World" in the Eyes of North American Indians: Native American Society and Christian Missions in the First Half of Seventeenth-Century North America Yoko Shirai(27)
The Study of American Negro Slavery and Women's History in Slavery Keiichi Nishide(49)
Canada's General Election of 1911 Reconsidered Kazuo Kimura(67)
U.S. Cold War Policy and Latin American Revolutions: The Bolivian and Guatemalan Cases Naoki Kamimura(89)
"Republic" Bound for the Middle Passage Konomi Ara(109)
The Delano Strike and The Chicano's Identity Masanori Nakagawa(125)
Politicalization of Religions in the Western Hemisphere: Liberation Theology and the Religious New Right Koichi Murayama(145)
Recovering Dreiser's Criticism of Capitalism Kiyohiko Murayama(165)
New England's Buried Life: The Transcendental Spirit in Hawthorne's The House of the Seven Gables Masahiko Narita(185)
The Road to Tough Policy against China: Eisenhower, Dulles, and China, Taiwan, 1953-1955 Shigehiro Yuasa(201)
New Public Space in Modern American Metropolis: Are Shopping Centers "Community"? Kazuto Oshio(225)
The Twentieth-Fifth Annual Meeting: A Summary Report (245)
Abstracts (259)

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