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The American Review(25)

Intolerance in American Culture

Henry James and IntoleranceAkiko Namekata(1)
Scopes Trial and the Intolerance of the 1920sHiroshi Tsunematsu(21)
Saul Bellow and Dangling Man: From a Failure of Nerve to a Closing of an American MindHiroshi Narasaki(39)
The House Un-American Activities Committee and Hollywood: The Meaning of the 1947 Hollywood HearingsMasugi Shimada(63)
The Self-Imposed Control of Speech in the Jewish American CommunityTetsu Kohno(83)
Resurgence of America's Democratic PartyKazumi Fujimoto(105)
Contemporary American Culture and Minority Education: From "Cultural Deprivation" to Cultural DemocracyMasako Sasamoto Nakamura(123)
The Exclusive Nature of Single-Issue Politics: On the Civic Movement on AbortionChieko Otsuru(143)
On the Nature of American Tolerance: Treatment of Undocumented Aliens in the Immigration Act of 1986Yukiko Koshiro(161)
Peter Van Schaack and the American Republic: An Aspect of Loyalism in the American RevolutionYoshio Higomoto(179)
The Decision to Aid Russia in 1941: A Reappraisal of FDR's LeadershipHirofumi Nakano(201)
Special Contribution  
Reconceiving the Concept of Frontier: From Geography to Cultural ContactAnnette Kolodny(219)
The Twenty-Forth Annual Meeting: A Summary Report(231)

The American Review(24)

The time U.S. becomes disoriented

The Declining of Pax AmericanaKoji Baba(1)
Increase Mather and the Reforming Synod of 1679Naoki Onishi(23)
American Intellectuals in the 1930s: A Disintegration of Radical VisionsReiko Maekawa(41)
The Decline and Fall of the Myth of Feminity: The Change of American Women in the 1960sJunko Kuninobu(62)
The Lost Crusades: Vietnam, Granada and the World War II in the 1980s' AmericaEikou Ikui(81)
Democracy or Efficiency: The Congress and the Reform of the Banking ActAtsushi Kusano(101)
Regulating Alien Passengers and Foreign Paupers in Massachusetts, 1851-1863Kikuyo Tanaka(122)
Progress or Regression?: The Women's Domestic Ideal in the Home Economics MovementHatsumi Takemata(143)
Van Wyck Brooks's Criticism of the Progressivism as an IdeologyFumihiko Sugawara(163)
Special LectureLinda K. Kerber(181)
The Twenty-Third Annual Meeting: A Summary Report(193)

The American Review(23)

American Heroines

The Presidential AddressNagayo Homma(1)
Women with Voices of Their Own---- A Study of Two Heroines in Nineteenth-Century America----Hiroko Sato(21)
Prayer for The Heathen: Heroines of The Missionary EnterpriseRui Kohiyama(39)
The "Americanization" of Immigrant Mothers and DaughtersYuko Matsumoto(62)
Class and Sex in The Femala Labor Movement----Through The Activities of NWTUL in The Progressive Era----Osamu Hatori(82)
Beyond The Virgin and The Tempress: The Hollywood Heroines of The 1930sMasako Notoji(100)
"Conservative Thought" of Justice O'ConnorNoboru Kohsaka(122)
Identity and Sex in Contemporary Black Women's Novels----Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon and Tar Baby------Naoko Urakawa(140)
Research Notes  
Historical Development of The American West Through The Activity of Western Governors' OrganizationsKazuto Oshio(156)
Current Trends in Afro-American Studies---Afrocentric Ideas on Afro-American CultureYasuko Takezawa(165)
The Twenty-Second Annual Meeting: A Summary Report(175)

The American Review(22)


Henry Adams's Fin de Siecle---Toward the Science of HistoryNobunao Matsuyama(1)
A Reconsideration of Ignatius Donnelly's WorldTakashi Hirano(14)
Turner and MuirYasuo Okada(33)
The Establishment of the Philippine Gold-Exchange Standard: A View of the Turn of the CenturyIsao Sutou(52)
Josia Strong and the End of the Nineteenth-CenturyKoichi Mori(71)
The Midway Plaisance and The World Columbian Exposition at Chicago in 1893: A Cultural History of an Origin of the Design Concept of Fast Food RestaurantsNaohito Okude(89)
Of Plymouth Plantation: The Function of Typology Naoki Onishi(113)
James Studies Reconsidered: Van Wyck Brooks and F.O. Matthiessen Reiko Maekawa(131)
Military or Economic Assistance: The Japanese Entry into the Mutual Security ProgramYoko Yasuhara(152)
Frontier Children: Childhood Experiences in Kansas, 1860-1900 Yuko Takahashi(170)
The Special Lecture, A SummaryStanley N. Katz(192)
The Twenty-First Annual Meeting: A Summary Report (195)
Summaries in English (209)

The American Review(21)

The American Dream

The Character of the American DreamNagayo Homma(1)
H. Richard Niebuhr's The Kingdom of God in America Revisited: The Religious Dimension of the American Dream Shoichi Oshimo(21)
The American Dream: The Case of WilsonHidesaburo Kusama(36)
A Dream of 'the Great Society': LBJ's War on Poverty Revisited Wataru Omori(54)
Huck's Dream, Twain's Despair Shoji Goto(74)
The Popular Magazine Called "Success" in the United States and Japan: A Comparative StudyTeruko Kumei(92)
Special Contribution  
The Kingdom of God in America: The Influence of Religion in the U.S.A. TodayHarvey Cox(110)
A Comparative Analysis of the Eisenhower Administration's Responses to Two Taiwan Strait Crises in 1954-55 and 1958Motoyuki Takamatsu(129)
Re-Examination of F.D. Roosevelt's China Policy: 1943-1945Shigehiro Yuasa(147)
Virginia State Politics and Party Realignment: The Collapse of the Byrd Machine and Death of the Democratic DominationKazumi Fujimoto(167)
Belle C. LaFollette and the Peace Movement: A Proposal to the Re-Interpretation of the Progressive Movement in the 1920'sNagako H. Sugimori(188)
The Twentieth Annual Meeting: A Summary Report(197)
Summaries in English(215)

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