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The American Review(20)

Minority Groups

Immigrants, Minority Groups, and Ethnic Groups:The Development of Minority-group Theory and the Idea of EthnicityTsuneo Ayabe(1)
Ethnicity and EgalitarianismHitoshi Abe(15)
Negro Colonization in the Ante Bellum NorthTadashige Shimizu(29)
The "Tempest in a Teapot": The South and Its Reaction to the Roosevelt-Washington Dinner at the White House in October, 1901Takahiro Sasaki(48)
The Particular and the Universal in the Jewish-American Intellectual SceneTetsu Kohno(68)
Ceremony as Conducted by a Laguna Woman, L.M.SilkoKonomi Ara(86)
Second-Generation Japanese Americans and "Americanism" Prior to World War IIHiroshi Yoneyama(99)
Feminists of Color and Their Diverse Participation in the U.S. Women's MovementKazuko Kawachi(114)
"White Child Slavery": Anti-Child Labor Arguments in Late Nineteenth-Century AmericaNatsuki Aruga(141)
America's Japanese Problems: Summer 1954Osamu Ishii (169)
Universalizing the Monroe Doctrine: Its Attempt and DefeatFumiko Nishizaki(184)
Paper Money in the American Mainland ColoniesKenkichi Omi(204)
The Nineteenth Annual Meeting: A Summary Report(219)
Summaries in English(228)

The American Review(19)

The 1960s

Coping with Changes-Fiction in the SixtiesIwao Iwamoto(1)
The Vietnam WarShigeo Fukuda(19)
Black Political Participation and Its Impact upon Southern Politics in the 1960s: The Case of GeorgiaYoriko Nakajima(38)
The Lagacies of the Sixties: New Left Historians and U.S. Diplomatic History TodayYoko Yasuhara(61)
The Destruction of the New Orleans Urban Black Community: A Reconsideration of the Reform Mentality in America of the 1960sNaohito Okude(81)
What Happened in the Sixties: An Evolutionary ViewYoshiaki Sato(104)
The New York Revolution under the "General Association"Katsuro Nakano(119)
The Politics of La Guardia: A "Progressive" Politician in the 1920sOsamu Hatori(139)
Dulles on Vietnam: The Strains in the U.S.-French Alliance in the First Indochina WarHiroshi Matsuoka(159)
Research Notes  
The Maine Law in Wisconsin: the Prohibition Movement as Seen in the Local NewspapersKikuyo Tanaka(180)
The Resettlement Process of the Japanese Americans, 1942-1952Noriko Shimada(195)
The Eighteenth Annual Meeting: A Summary Report(205)
Summaries in English(221)

The American Review(18)

The Individual and Collectivity

The Relationship between the Individual and the Organization in American Group PoliticsIchiro Sunada(1)
The Fate of the Adamic Hero in the Early American NovelKoji Oi(27)
Individualism and Organization in American ReligionKosho Ikoma(47)
Rank-and-File Spontaneity versus Organizational Control within the IWWTatsuro Nomura(67)
The World of the Omaha Platform: Private Property-ownership and the Cooperative CommonwealthRyo Yokoyama(87)
From Particular to General and from General to Particular---The Social and Private Visions of Allen Ginsberg and John AshberySachiko Yoshida(106)
The Aftermath of the White Supremacist Terror: A Black Community in North Carolina and Its ReactionHayumi Higuchi(134)
The Disappearance of Racial Wage Discrimination toward Japanese Immigrants in the Pacific Northwest: 1890-1915Yuzo Murayama(157)
Participation in America Revisited: Approach to Socioeconomic Neutrality in Political ParticipationIkuo Kabashima(177)
The Seventeenth Annual Meeting: A Summary Report(197)
Summaries in English(219)

The American Review(17)

Sex in America

Sex Roles in Colonial and Revolutionary AmericaNorio Akashi(1)
Beyond Male Fantasy: Female Sexuality in American LiteratureNoriko Mizuta(19)
American Literature and Male HomosexualityMasao Shimura(34)
Woman Suffrage and the Progressive Movement---a Case Study of Bell C. LaFollette of WisconsinNagako H. Sugimori(49)
Sciences and Theology: Conflicts and Coexistence in the 1720'sFumiko Nomura(67)
The Gilmans and The Rose Bud: Northern Intellectuals in the Antebellum SouthSetsuko Takahashi(85)
Lillian D. Wald and Visiting NursingKeiko Nakamura(104)
Congress and the Japanese Peace SettlementTetsuya Umemoto(129)
The Sixteenth Annual Meeting: A Summary Report(153)
Summaries in English(165)

The American Review(16)

The 1930s

American Society of the 1930s in RetrospectKensaburo Shinkawa(1)
Niebuhr and the New DealYasuo Furuya(20)
Howard Kester: A Christian Radical in the 1930s SouthEiichi Akimoto(35)
Changes in Urban Growth in the United StatesMineaki Kanno(54)
Lillian Hellman as a Playwright of the 1930sMisako A. Koike(72)
Dreiser on the Jews or "Is Dreiser Anti-Semitic"Hideo Higuchi(88)
American Music of the 1930s: Popular Songs, Guthrie, and Country SongsYokichi Miyamoto(105)
H.D. Thoreau and 'the Spirit of Place'Minoru Iida(116)
An Approach to Auschwitz: On William Styron's Sophie's ChoiceHisao Kawai(135)
The Grimke Sisters: Abolitionists from the SouthHisako Yanaka(154)
The "Crisis of 1755-56" in Colonial Pennsylvania History: A Study of the Quaker "Reformation" and the Rise of Quaker PacifismTetsuko Kawahara(174)
The Maine Law of 1851: How the Prohibitionists Made It Masaru Okamoto(199)
Research Notes:  
Jonathan Edwards and A.D.2000Toru Iijima(222)
Analysis of Presidential Character: The Barber-Thesis and Its CritiqueTetsuya Umemoto(231)
The Fifteenth Annual Meeting: A Summary Report(243)
Summaries in English(257)

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