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The American Review(15)

American Family:

Living between Corruption and Rebellion: Families in Jewish-American Literature from the 1880's to the 1930'sShigeo Hamano(1)
Images of the Family through the Narration---An Essay on Absalom, Absalom!---Yasuki Saeki(22)
College Courses on Marriage and the Family---Changing Roles in American Marriages during the 1920s---Fusako Ogata(35)
The American Social Security System and the FamilySayo Kaji(52)
Ethnic Families and the "American Family"---Franco-Americans in Southern Maine--- Kazuko Ohta(70)
New Trends in the Historical Writing of the American FamilyNatsuki Aruga(87)
Economic Development of the American Colonies in the Eighteenth CenturyKenkichi Omi and Yasuo Sakakibara(108)
The New Deal and Japan-- The U.S. Cotton Textile Industry's Campaign against Imports from JapanOsamu Ishii(124)
The Fourteenth Annual Meeting: A Summary Report(144)
Summaries in English(159)
The American Review Contents, Vols.1-14 (1967�`1980)(173)

The American Review(14)

Pluralism in America:

America: The Cradleland of SocialismAtsushi Shirai(1)
American Pluralism and the American Negro---with emphasis on Ralph Ellison and James Baldwin---Tadatoshi Saito(24)
On the Language and Culture Contact between Anglo- and Mexican Americans in the Southwest--- with Special References to Bilingual Education---Nobuyuki Honna(39)
Japanese-American Literature: A Brief HistorySataye Shinoda(63)
The Formaion of Party and Its Organization Structure in Virginia during the Nineteenth CenturyKazumi Fujimoto(90)
Thoreau's A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers: Structural and Thematic UnityMidori Yamamoto(112)
Coverdale's Narrative: A Portrait of the Artist as a Nineteenth-Century American in The Bleithdale RomanceNoriaki Nakai(141)
Women in American Literature at the Turn of the Century: Continuity and ChangeTakashi Sasaki(163)
The Mars and Mercuries in American Diplomacy; The Open Door Policy RevisitedEiichi Shindo(183)
The Thirteenth Annual Meeting: A Summary Report(193)
Summaries in English(203)

The American Review(13)

The South in America:

The Many Meanings of the American RevolutionMerrill Jensen(1)
IntroductionYoshimitsu Ide(30)
"The Central Theme of Southern History": The Conception of Southern Distinctiveness among Southern HistoriansToyoomi Nagata(33)
The Structure of Southern Economic Development in the 1970'sEiichi Akimoto(46)
The White Revolution of Wilmington and the Southern SocietyHayumi Higuchi(71)
The Founding Father's Burden: Jefferson and Agrarian Historiography in Robert Penn Warren's Brother to DragonsR. Jared Lubarsky(96)
A Study of Yasaka Takagi: His Image of Japan and the United StatesTadao Okamoto(126)
Development of New Towns in the U.S.A.Noboru Inouchi(145)
American-Japanese Peace-Making and the Cold War, 1947-1951Takeshi Igarashi(166)
Racial Integration in Church: The Case of St. Philip's Episcopal Church in Syracuse, New YorkNoriko Shimada(188)
Research Note:  
The Land Problems in the Plymouth Plantation: The Allotments of Garden-Plots in 1620 and of Grounds(Corn Fields) in 1623Mari Miura(212)
The Twelfth Annual Meeting: A Summary Report(225)
Summaries in English(237)

The American Review(12)

Symposium: The 1920's

The Drama and the American SocietyYasuo Suga(1)
The 1920's in American Cultural History---A Challenge to Victorian CultureNagayo Homma(11)
The United States and the Restoration of the International Gold StandardYoshihiko Hirata(29)
Prospect and Limitation of Reevaluating Herbert HooverReiko Aoki(53)
Urban Politics of the 1920'sMiwako Hirata(73)
The Significance of the Harlem RenaissanceTakeo Hamamoto(91)
The Bridge ReestimatedAtsuo Kurumisawa(104)
The Role of Land Speculators in Western DevelopmentYuzo Murayama and Yasuo Sakakibara(117)
Preliminary Planning in the State Department relative to Post-War Policy toward JapanHideyuki Morita(132)
Three Themes in Malamud's The AssistantTateo Imamura(146)
Research Note:  
Thomas Jefferson and the Indian ProblemMasashi Shimakawa(163)
The Eleventh Annual Meeting: A Summary Report(182)
Summaries in English(195)

The American Review(11)

The American Hero

Benjamin Franklin: The Self-Made Man as an American HeroToshio Watanabe(1)
Andrew JacksonTorao Tomita(16)
Andrew CarnegieJiro Ozawa(32)
Horatio Alger's HeroesMotoshi Karita(50)
Charles A. Lindbergh---The Last HeroShimpei Tokiwa(62)
Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.---Hero of Nonviolent Direct ActionYoriko Nakajima(70)
The Hero-Image in the Women's MovementIkuko Atsumi(90)
Heroes of the American ChildrenTadao Okamura(102)
Hero in the Presidential Election: Image and Reality Produced by ElectronicsIchiro Iwano(120)
Other Articles:  
The Magdalena Bay Episode,1911-1912 The Monroe Doctrine and JapanIyo Kunimoto(140)
"National Policy" in Canadian Historiography and the Evolution of Canadian NationalismYuko Ohara(161)
Review Essay  
'Frontier' Studies in EuropeMasaharu Watanabe(180)
The Tenth Annual Meeting: A Report(198)
Summaries in English(219)

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