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The American Review(10)

American Revolution Bicentennial: Society and Culture

The Significance of the BicentennialNobushige Ukai(1)
Development of American Religious ConsciousnessGen Miyata(9)
The "New Professionals" and Social Reform: Radicalization of the Educated Labor and Social MovementToyo Ichikawa(24)
Nonconformism and American Politics: Reflections on Political Commitment of Cultural SeparatistIchiro Sunada(53)
The Decline of Redicalism in Pennysylvania: A Study on the Leadership and the Political Resources in "the Critical Period"Takeshi Igarashi(85)
The Political Thought of John C. Calhoun: On the Doctrine of the Concurrent MajorityTakaji Tomidokoro(107)
Some Thoughts on the Evacuation of the Japanese-Americans from the West Coast in 1942: Racial Prejudice and Military BureaucracyKumiko Shindo(131)
Research Note  
William Smith Clark and His StudentsTsunao Ohyama(155)
The Ninth Annual Meeting: A Report(163)
Summaries in English(181)

The American Review(9)

Nature in American Civilization

The American View of Nature, Historical VistaMiyoko Sasaki(1)
Society and Nature in the 18th Century AmericaNorio Akashi(15)
Nature in American Literature: Paradox and DilemmaToshio Watanabe(33)
Natural Environment and Law in AmericaIsshu Takahashi(55)
Natural Environments of American Cities: A Comparison with Japanese CitiesYasuo Masai(80)
The Anti-Imperialist League of the Late 19th Century in the United States: Its Movement and DebatesYoshikatsu Hayashi(94)
The Brotherhood of Timber Workers: Class Struggle in the Lumber Industry in the Deep South in the 1910sTatsuro Nomura(117)
The Eighth Annual Meeting: A Report(137)
Summaries in English(153)

The American Review(8)

Isaac Backus and SeparatismShoichi Oshimo(1)
Politics and Science in the Community ActionToyo Ichikawa(19)
A Brief Consideration of the Evacuation of the Japanese AmericansYukio Morita(44)
Latent Interest in the Pluralist Political System�\�\American Liberalism and the Rise of a Social MovementHideo Otake(79)
Business and the Open Door: The Case of the American International Corporation in the Grand Canal Improvement Project, 1911-1918Natsuki Aruga(99)
Intellectuals in Twentieth-Century America and Japan�\�\The Relevancy of Comparative StudyNagayo Homma(114)
The Image of the South and WestYoshimitsu Ide(136)
Contemporary AmericaHitoshi Abe, Takashi Hirano, Motoo Kaji and Shunsuke Kamei(151)
Research Note  
On a Posthumous Work of Richard Hofstadter(1916-1970)Shoichi Izumi(180)
The Seventh Annual Meeting: A Report(188)
Summaries in English(202)

The American Review(7)

American Studies and Comparative Approach

The Search for the American Traits and Comparative ApproachNagayo Homma(1)
America and Britain from the Viewpoint of Comparative PoliticsHitoshi Abe(18)
Compensatory Economic Policy in the United States and French Indicative PlanningToshitake Noma(40)
Ashes and Sparks: American Poetry in Postwar JapanToshikazu Niikura(66)
A Study of Kansas PopulistsTakashi Hirano(85)
Foreign Policy in a Democracy: Polk, Buchanan and OregonFumiko Fujita(107)
American Politics and the Prosecutorial OfficeKan Ori(145)
Charles S. Pierce on "Community"Ruth Hollenbach(169)
Benjamin Franklin: His Character and Thought in His New England YearsYoshiko Nakamura(186)
Research Trends  
Post-Centennial Studies of HawthorneNobunao Matsuyama(212)
Research Notes  
On the Southern Tenant Farmer's UnionKuniko Koga(228)
Academic Career and Works of the Late Keiji Ohara, Ex-President of the AssociationHideyo Naganuma(236)
The Sixth Annual Meeting: A Report(245)
Summaries in English(258)

The American Review(6)

Urbanization in America

Urbanization and Political RealignmentShuntaro Ohta(1)
The City and the Cotemporary NovelIwao Iwamoto(21)
A Quantitative Analysis of the Negro Segregation in American CitiesHiromu Futagami(36)
American Studies in Japan: Its ProblemsK.Ohashi, M. Saito, Y. Sakakibara, N. Homma(52)
The Social Philosophy of James Weldon JohnsonKeiko Nakada(79)
The Jeffersonian Democrats: An Anti-New Deal Movement and TexasAkihiko Nakazato(106)
Research Trends  
New Trends in the Study of the American RevolutionTadami Takenori(127)
Research Notes  
On Thomas Allen's Image of JapanIsamu Kitamura(137)
Summaries in English(157)

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