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The American Review(5)

The West in America

"The West" in American PoliticsShoichi Izumi(1)
"The Western Dream" and "The Western Experience"---The American West as Revealed in LiteratureToshio Watanabe(20)
The Westward Movement and Land SpeculationYasuo Okada(41)
The Image of America in EuropeSigmund Skard(61)
The Changing Pattern of Political Integration in a Multi-Ethnical SocietyMasaru Nishio(82)
Jackson's Bank War and New York State PoliticsHidetaka Yasutake(115)
The I.W.W. and Migratory Workers in the WestTatsuro Nomura(132)
A Town-Gown Relationship: The Case of Yale UniversityKayoko Kodama(153)
Quakers and Antislavery, 1688-1776Masao Yamagata(178)
Research Trend  
Recent Trends in Reconstruction HistoriographySusumu Miura(197)
The Post-Perry Miller Study of Early New EnglandShoichi Oshimo(207)
Summaries in English(219)

The American Review(4)

Japanese Image of America

American Studies in Pre-War JapanMakoto Saito(1)
America as Observed by the Contemporary Japanese Writers, 1961-1969Keiichi Harada(25)
The Child's Image of America---Foreign Countries and Political Socialization---Tadao Okamura(43)
Socialism and Ethnic Problems in AmericaHajime Watanabe(71)
Research Notes  
The Negro Problems before the Civil War---A Case Study in North Carolina--Yasuko Shinoda(92)
The Yap Controversy---An Episode in Japan-U.S. RelationsYoshiko Nakamura(102)
Research Trends  
Studies on Benjamin Franklin during the Past DecadeYoshikazu Kubo(121)
New Economic HistoryYasukichi Yasuba(134)
Summaries in English(147)

The American Review(3)

War and Americans

American Democracy and WarHitoshi Abe(1�j
The American Economy and Defense ExpenditureMotoo Kaji(23�j
The War Novel in American Literature: Crane, Hemingway, and Mailer Motoo Takigawa(38�j
The American Church and War---The First Half of the 20th Century---Yasuo Furuya(53�j
A Tormented Intellectual: Wilbur J. Cash and the New SouthYoshimitsu Ide(69�j
Urbanization and Land Resources in the United States---A Comparison with JapanYasuo Masai(90�j
Research Trend  
A Note on Easton's Research on Political Socialization Tadao Okamura(107�j
Recent Trends in American Local GovernmentYasuo Watanabe(114�j
Francis ParkmanThe late Dr. Ryusaku Tsunoda(119�j
Summaries in English(127�j

The American Review(2)

American Historiography Since 1945Avery O. Craven(1�j
Promotional Activities of the Cities in the Middle WestMasaharu Watanabe(23)
The Morality of Fiction in Henry James's "The Art of Fiction"---In Comparison with Concepts Held by Other Late 19th Century Writers---Tajiro Iwayama(46)
The CIO's Expulsion of "Communist-Dominated" Union Hideyo Naganuma(71)
On the Socio-Historical Structure of Denominations in the United StatesFujio Ikado(101)
Racial Problems  
The New Crisis of the Negro ProblemKaname Saruya(127)
Southern White Liberals on Negro ProblemsNobuyuki Kiuchi(145)
New Civil Rights Acts: A Century Struggle for Non-DiscriminationKinuko Kubota(161)
Poles in AmericaHidetoshi Kato(173)
The Religious Opinions of Thomas JeffersonNorio Akashi(187)
A Study of American Individualism of the 1920'sReiko Aoki(197)
A Brief Survey of Assimilation of the "Sanseis" in ChicagoIchiro Iwano(211)

The American Review(1)

Postwar America  
Postwar America: Continuity and BreakMakoto Saito(163)
The Contour of Postwar American ThoughtNagayo Homma(165)
The United States in World Politics: The Problems of U.S. International LeadershipKimihide Mushakoji(168)
The American Economy: Twenty Years After WarYasuo Sakakibara(170)
The Development of Guaranteed Wage Plans in the United StatesYoshiro Furumai(172)
American Labor Movement During World War II: The Case of CIOHideyo Naganuma(175)
An Introduction to the Method of Lionel TrillingSaburo Onuki(177)
Walt Whitman's CosmopolitanismShunsuke Kamei(180)
LaFollette's Foreign Policy, 1885-1900: A Progressive Attitude Toward American Expansion AbroadNagako Hommura(182)
A Note on the Political Analysis of the New DealYoshinori Ide(183)
John F. Kennedy: An EvaluationKen'ichi Nakaya(184)

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