The 46th Annual Meeting (2012)

Dates:Sat. June 2-Sun. June 3, 2012
Venue:Higashiyama Campus, Nagoya University
Registration:Liberal Arts & Sciences Main Building, 1st Floor Hall (Campus Map) (Access Map)

(Affiliations are as of April 2012. All presentations/sessions will be in Japanese except those with asterisk)

Saturday, June 2

Independent Paper Sessions(09:30-12:00)

Session A:Representing America
[Liberal Arts & Sciences Main Building, 1st Floor Room C13]

Chair: Satoshi Nakano, Hitotsubashi University
Maki Taniguchi, Kwansei Gakuin University, "Nitobe Inazo's Approach toward Peacebuilding after the Manchurian Incident: 'A Bridge across the Pacific Ocean'"
*Pallavi Bhatte, Kyoto University, "Revisiting India's Quest for Independence Through a Transatlantic Dialogue: The Indian Diaspora's Challenge to The Empire in the United States"
Manami Tanaka, Tokyo Future University, "Influences of Long Term American Residence on Individual Identity: A Questionnaire Analysis"
Masaki Komori, University of Tokyo, "Museum Education of Creation Science in the United States: Consumer Culture and Exhibition at 'Creation Museum' in Petersburg, Kentucky"
Commentator: Yoneyuki Sugita, Osaka University

Session B: Japanese Americans
[Liberal Arts & Sciences Main Building, 1st Floor Room S11]

Chair: Okiyoshi Takeda, Aoyama Gakuin University
Noriaki Hoshino, Cornell University, "Signs of insurgency: Shibutani Tamotsu's study of a Japanese American military unit"
Erika Horie, Nagoya University, "Changing Images of Katsu Goto: A Study of Memories of a Kanyaku Imin in Hawai'i"
Rie Makino, Nihon University, "The South American Immigrant Subjectivity and the Criticism of its Postcolonial Spirit in Karen Tei Yamashita's The Tropic of Orange"
Commentator: Masumi Izumi, Doshisha University

Session C: Literature and Film
[Liberal Arts & Sciences Main Building, 1st Floor Room C15]

Chair: Michiko Shimokoube, Seikei University
Fumiko Takeno, Meijo University, "Hawthorne and Transnational Imagination: 'The Virtuoso's Collection' as a Museum"
Takako Fukuda, Aoyama Gakuin University, "Henry James and Isabella Stewart Gardner: A Study of the Influence of the Artistic Exchanges between Meiji Japan and the U.S. on American Literature"
Yukihiro Tsukada, Kwansei Gakuin University, "Freaks America: Hemingway, Lon Chaney, Damaged Body"
Tohru Kawamoto, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, "The Politics of Seeing Nature: How the West Was Won, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Monument Valley"
Commentator: Takuya Nishitani, Kobe University

Session D: Progressivism
[Liberal Arts & Sciences Main Building, 1st Floor Room S10]

Chair: Hayumi Higuchi, Senshu University
Tsuguyoshi Ueno, Kyoto Sangyo University, "From 'Safety First' to 'Health First': Industrial Nurse Work in Progressive America"
Kazuhiro Umemoto, Kyoto University, "Hygiene films in the 1910s"
Yukako Otori, University of Tokyo, "Jane Addams' Approaches to Peace: From Theories to an Autobiographical Portrayal"
Motoo Haruta, Independent Scholar, "How the Federal Reserve Cities were selected: shaky political explanations"
Commentator: Hiroyuki Matsubara, Yokohama National University

Session E: Freedom and Anti-Communism
[Liberal Arts & Sciences Main Building, 1st Floor Room C14]

Chair: Chieko Kitagawa Otsuru, Kansai University
Masaki Fujioka, Kyoto University, "The Historical Dynamics of anticommunism and the University Communities of the United States"
Yoshitaka Aoto, International Christian University, "The Apollo Program and American Leadership in 'Freedom's Cause'"
Takahito Moriyama, Kyoto University, "The Politics of Direct Mail: Richard Viguerie and the Conservative Movement in the 1960s and 1970s"
Commentator: Takeshi Iida, Kobe University

Lunchtime (12:00-13:15)

Board Meeting (12:05-13:05)
[Liberal Arts & Sciences Main Building, 1st Floor Room S1X]

*Presidential Lectures (13:15-14:50)
[IB Building, 2nd Floor Conference Hall]

Chair: Jun Furuya, Hokkai School of Commerce
Priscilla Wald, ASA President, Duke University, "Biophobia: Fear of Life in the Age of Biotechnology"
Eisaku Kihira, JAAS President, Teikyo University, "The Politicization of the Slavery Issue in the Early Republic"

Presentation of Shimizu Hiroshi Awards and Saito Makoto Award (14:55-15:05)
[IB Building, 2nd Floor Conference Hall]

Symposium: Reconsidering the "U.S. Decline" Discourses (15:10-17:40)
[IB Building, 2nd Floor Conference Hall]

Chair: Fumiko Nishizaki, University of Tokyo
Takuya Sasaki, Rikkyo University, "The 'Decline' of the US and Foreign Policy Debates"
Heigo Sato, Takushoku University, "American Declinism and Military Policy"
Tetsuji Kawamura, Hosei University, "The New Nexus of Global Capitalism of the U.S. Economy and its Limitations: From a Perspective of the Decline and Transformation of the Postwar Pax Americana"
Yoshiko Uzawa, Keio University, "'A Lie to Expose the Truth': The Yes Men and Their Comic Strategies to Challenge the American Corporate Globalization"

[CO-OP South Cafeteria]

Sunday, June 3

Panels and Workshop(09:30-12:00)

Panel A: Series: How to Teach America (Graduate Education)
[Liberal Arts & Sciences Main Building, 1st Floor Room C13]
Chair: Juro Otsuka, Sophia University
Mari Yoshihara, University of Hawai'i, "Teaching American Studies in U.S. Graduate Schools"
Yujin Yaguchi, University of Tokyo, "Towards a better 'dialog' between undergraduate and graduate American Studies programs"
Masahiro Hosoya, Doshisha University, "From the Graduate School of American Studies to the Graduate School of Global Studies: Reflecting 20 Years of Doshisha's Program, 1991-2010"

Panel B: Social Justice and Injustice: Agriculture, Food, and Living Environment
[Liberal Arts & Sciences Main Building, 1st Floor Room C15]
Chair: Noriko Ito, Hiroshima University
Kyoko Matsunaga, Kobe City University of Foreign Studies, "Countering Agribusiness: Agricultural Activism in Ruth L. Ozeki's Fiction"
Taro Futamura, Doshisha University, "Transformation of and Challenges to Communities with the Rise of Local Food Movement: 'Justice' for Whom and How?"
Ichiro Miyata, Saitama University, "For the public?: Affluent Intown Neighborhoods and Their Campaigns Against Urban Development in Atlanta, Georgia"
Commentator: Nobuko Fujioka, Nagoya Institute of Technology

*Workshop A: Comparative Empire and the Making of the Pacific World I: Ways of Encounters
[Liberal Arts & Sciences Main Building 1st Fl. Room S1X]
Chair: Satoshi Nakano, JAAS, Hitotsubashi University
Meg Wesling, ASA, University of California, San Diego, "When School Begins: Empire, Education, and Rights in the Philippines and Hawai'i"
Seongho Yoon, ASAK, Hanyang University, "'Being in a Place, Not Being There': Suburban Imaginaries, Encounters of the Pacific World in Chang-Rae Lee's A Gesture Life"
Taihei Okada, JAAS, Seikei University, "Competing Histories: History Education under U.S. Colonialism in the Philippines"
Sangjun Jeong, ASAK President, Seoul National University
Catherine Ceniza Choy, OAH, UC Berkeleybr> Lunchtime(12:00-13:30)

Section Meetings(12:10-13:25):
(For details, see below)
[Liberal Arts & Sciences Main Building, 1st Floor Rooms]

New Board Meeting(12:10-13:20)
[Forum Room, Convention Center]

[Liberal Arts & Sciences Main Building, 1st Floor Room S10]

General Meeting(13:30-14:00)
[Liberal Arts & Sciences Main Building, 3rd Floor Room S30]

Panels and Workshop(14:10-16:40)

Panel C: Mass Movements of the Left and the Right
[Liberal Arts & Sciences Main Building, 1st Floor Room C13]
Chair: Yasushi Watanabe, Keio University
Hirofumi Nakano, University of Kitakyushu, "Political Movements in the Age of Conservatism"
Toshiki Jinushi, Kobe University, "Changes in Income Distribution and Political Movements"
Kazuhiro Maeshima, Bunkyo University, "New Perspectives on Media and Political Movements: Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street Movements"
Commentator: Toyoki Hosono, Kyoritsu Women's University

Panel D: Disaster and Representation
[Liberal Arts & Sciences Main Building, 1st Floor Room C15]
Chair and Commentator: Keiko Nitta, Rikkyo University
Hikaru Fujii, Doshisha University, "The 'Now' of Disaster--but When?: Narrative, War, and Animals"
Mariko Watanabe, Nishikyushu University, "Disaster and Survival Narrative: Around the 2000s"
Eikoh Ikui, Rikkyo University, "After Disaster: A Social Landscape"
*Workshop B: Comparative Empire and the Making of the Pacific World II: Views from the Other Shore
[Liberal Arts & Sciences Main Building, 1st Floor Room S1X]
Chair: Yuka Tsuchiya, JAAS, Ehime University
Chia Youyee Vang, ASA, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, "Interpreting Empire from Below: Memory and Legacy of War from the Margin"
Kosuzu Abe, JAAS, University of the Ryukyus, "Tomodachi, Rape, Agreement and Denial: Hate Speech and the Making of the 'Asia-Pacific'"
Scott Laderman, OAH, University of Minnesota, Duluth, "Pacific Waves: Tourism, Surfing, and Empire in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Hawai'i"
Priscilla Wald, ASA President, Duke University
Danielle McGuire, OAH, Wayne State University
Logistical Information

1) The reception on June 2 (Sat) costs 6,000 yen. Advanced payment must be made by May 7 using the money transfer form enclosed with the JAAS newsletter. No refund can be made under any circumstance.
2) Annual membership fee cannot be accepted on site. 3) Non-member's fee for attending the JAAS Annual Meeting is 1,000 yen. Please make payment at the registration desk.
4) CO-OP South Cafeteria and CO-OP North Cafeteria are open only on June 2 (Sat). Please bring your lunch with you or eat outside on June 3 (Sun).
5) Please refrain from smoking on campus except in the designated smoking areas.
6) Accommodation should be arranged individually. The nearest downtown is Sakae. The venue is easily accessible from such stations as Sakae and Nagoya.

Section Meetings

Sunday, June 3(12:10-13:25)

1. American Politics
(Contact: Yumi Hiratai, Sapporo Gakuin University) [Room S12]
Theme: "Conflicts in Acceptance and Resettlement of Iraqi Refugees"
Presenter: Chieko Kitagawa Otsuru, Kansai University

2. Studies in International Relations History
(Contact: Hiroshi Fujimoto, Nanzan University) [Room S13]
Theme: "America's Transition to a Pro-Israeli Policy: The Johnson Administration and the Cold War in the Middle East"
Presenter: Erika Tominaga, Osaka University
Book Review: Takuya Sasaki, Rikkyo University and Hideki Kan, Seinan Jo Gakuin University

3. U.S.-Japan Relations
(Contact: Kazuhiro Asano, Sapporo University) [Room S14]
Theme: "Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission and the System for Estimating Radiation Doses to Individual Survivor of the Atomic Bomb"
Presenter: Hiroko Takahashi, Hiroshima City University Hiroshima Peace Institute
Commentator: Takao Shimizu, formerly National Diet Library

4. American Economy and American Economic History
(Contact: Hirohito Nawa, Meijo University) [Room S15]
Theme: "Evolution of Flood Control Act in the American River"
Presenter: Masaoki Izawa, Hannan University

5. Asian American Studies
(Contact: Kyoko Norma Nozaki, Kyoto Sangyo University) [Room S16]
Theme: "Considering Wars at a Conference in Asia as Japanese Scholars of Asian American Literature"
Presenter: Hideyuki Yamamoto, Kobe University
Theme: "Discussing War Memories: Not as Victim Nor as Victimizer" Presenter: Tomoko Yamaguchi, Kwansei Gakuin University

6. American Women's History and Gender
(Contact: Hiroyuki Matsubara, Yokohama National University) [Room S17]
Theme: "Disabled Workers and Loss of Manliness: A Case of Steelworkers in the Pittsburgh Area during the Mass Production Era" Presenter:Nozomi Hatakeyama, University of Tokyo

7. Native American Studies
(Contact: Madoka Sato, Otsuma Women's University) [Room S18]
Theme: "Current State of Native American Cultural Revival: Case Study of Lakota Sioux"
Presenter: Juri Abe, Rikkyo University

8. Early America
(Contact: Kenryu Hashikawa, University of Tokyo) [Room S19]
Theme: "Ideal Human Beings in Early America: Aspects of American Independence Seen through the Writings of Thomas Paine and Benjamin Rush"
Presenter: Takayuki Takahashi, Nagoya University (Ph.D).

9. Art and Culture
(Contact: Go Kobayashi, Kansai University)[Room C14]
Theme: "The Museum and the Spectacle: The Wildlife Documentary Project of the American Museum of Natural History"
Presenter: Yuki Maruyama, Hitotsubashi University
Theme: "Charles Wilson Peale's Museum and America: As Seen from His Portraits"
Presenter: Saki Yokoyama, National Museum of Western Art
Commentator: Satoko Ezaki, Tokyo Institute of Technology