The 45th Annual Meeting (2011)

 It is our deep regret that we have to modify a part of our annual meeting program due to the serious consequences of the earthquake of March 11, 2011.  The presidential address to be given by Dr. Ruth Wilson Gilmore, President of the ASA, as well as Workshops A &B had to be canceled.  Also, the starting time of the Independent Paper Presentations (Sessions A to E) on June 4th (Saturday) has been changed to 10:00. 
 The earthquake has affected many aspects of activities at the Japanese Association for American Studies.  President Eisaku Kihira will explain what has happened during this period at 14:40 on June 4th, prior to the Presentation of Shimizu Hiroshi Award and Symposium. We hope you will join us on this important occasion.

April 22, 2011     Executive Directors, JAAS

Dates: Sat. June 4-Sun. June 5, 2011
Venue: University of Tokyo, Komaba Campus
Registration: First Floor, Bldg.13
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(Affiliations are as of April 2011. All presentations/sessions will be in Japanese except those with asterisk.)

Saturday, June 4

Independent Paper Presentations (10:00-12:35)
Session A 
[Room 1311, Bldg.13]
Chair: Naochika Takao, Chuo University
 Keiko Shirakawa, Doshisha University, "Civil Disobedience and Rhetorical Prominence in Memoirs of Stephen Burroughs (1798) "
 Naoto Kojima, University of Tokyo, "The Self-formation of an American Writer: Henry James in Europe 1869-1870/1872-1874"
 Yukari Takagi, Kobe University, "Gags as Greimas's 'F transformation' in I Love Lucy"
 Aki Kawamura, Aichi University, "Specters and Precarious Life: The Ruins of the Reclusive State in Don DeLillo's Novels"

Session B  [Room 1312, Bldg.13]
Chair: Izumi Hirobe, Meiji University
 Taeko Kitahara, Toho University, "Art for the American Republic: Crawford, the Sculptor, and Longfellow, the Poet"
 Yuko Konno, University of Southern California, "Transpacific Localism: The Question of Home among the Japanese Communities of Terminal Island, California, in the Early 20th Century"
 Go Oyagi, University of Southern California, "Asian American Internationalism in the 1960s and 1970s"
 *Joan S. H. Wang, National Taiwan Normal University, "The development of Anti-Japanese sentiment among the Chinese in the American West, 1885 -1937"

Session C [Room 1321, Bldg.13]
Chair: Katsuyuki Murata, Hokkaido University
 Shiori Hasegawa, University of Tsukuba, "'It is Ultra Modern': Relationship between 'Indian Pictures' and Foreign Policies toward Latin America in the 1910s"
 Megumi Ogura, Kyoto Sangyo University, "Eugenics as a scientific discourse among US popular culture between World Wars"
 Toshiko Sugino, Tokyo Urban Tech, "Racial Differentials through language/education policies: A Comparison of Impoverished Blacks in the U.S. and Brazil"
 Koyu Yoshioka, University of Tokushima, "The current controversy over affirmative action in the United States: Achieving 'diversity' under the academic-industrial cooperation"

Session D [Room 1322, Bldg.13]
Chair: Haruo Iguchi, Nagoya University
 Hiroki Kubo, Kyoto University, "Realists' critique on democracy in the Cold War America: reinterpreting Morgenthau and Waltz"
 Asuka Matsumoto, The Japan Institute of International Affairs, "Open Debates and Diplomatic Secret: The fourth 1960 and second 1976 US presidential debates"
 Machiko Sato, University of Shizuoka, "The Role of Freedom House in the Development of Human Rights Diplomacy: Examining the Carter Years"
 Ayako Sahara, University of California, San Diego, "Racialized Refugee Figure in the Indochinese Refugee Policies of the U.S. and Japan"

Session E [Room 1331, Bldg.13]
Chair: Kosuzu Abe, Ryukyu University
 Shoichi Tokuda, University of Tokyo, "The Carnage during the Civil War and the 'Reconciliation' between the North and the South around the Turn of the 20th Century: How did Memories of the Retired Soldiers Promote the 'Reconciliation'?"
 Ryota Fukamatsu, Hosei University, "Populist Movement and Imperialism Controversy: Discussion over Race and colonial's Citizenship"
 Anri Oiwane, Doshisha University, "Reflections of American Zionism: the case of Szold and Brandeis"
 Hideaki Kami, University of Tokyo, "Pursuing Power beyond Ethnic Community: Cuban Americans in Florida and their Incorporation into U.S. Politics"

Lunchtime (12:35~13:50)

Board Meeting (12:40-13:40) [Room 109, Bldg.1]
General Meeting (13:50-14:20) [Room 1323, Bldg.13]

Presidential Remark and Presentation of Shimizu Hiroshi Award (14:40-15:05) [Room 1323, Bldg.13]

Symposium  (15:10-17:40) [Room 1323, Bldg.13]
"Rethinking Anti-Intellectualism"
Chair: Fumiaki Kubo, University of Tokyo
 Reiko Maekawa, Kyoto University, "Hofstadter's Anti-Intellectualism in American Life: Its Intellectual Origin and Political Background"
 Kazuhiko Goto, Rikkyo University, "W. J. Cash and Naoya Shiga: 'The Savage Ideal' and 'the Most Primitive Desire'"
 Anri Morimoto, International Christian University, "Harvardism, Yaleism, Princetonism--Smack 'em down!: Anti-intellectualism in 20th-Century Revivalism"
 Hirotsugu Aida, Kyodo News, "Anti-modern Disposition and Anti-intellectualism"

Reception (18:00-20:00) [Second Floor, South Wing, Komaba Communication Plazas (Co-op Cafeteria)]

Sunday, June 5

Panel A (9:30-12:00)  [Room 164, Bldg.1]
"The 150th Anniversary of the Civil War: Questioning the Domestic War"
Chair: Ryo Yokoyama, Konan University
 Junko Isono Kato, Nihon University, "Emancipation in Tennessee"
 Toyoshi Obara, Tohoku University, "Black Suffrage in the Era of the Civil War and Reconstruction: The Meaning of the Deconstruction of the Voting Right's Whiteness"
 Keiichi Nishide, Tokushima University, "The American Civil War in the Transatlantic Abolition of Slavery"
Commentator: Kikuyo Tanaka, Kansai Gakuin University

Panel B (9:30-12:00)  [Room 159, Bldg.1]
"Series: How to Teach America (Status Quo)"
Chair: Daizaburo Yui, Tokyo Woman's Christian University
 Hiroyuki Matsubara, Yokohama National University, "Historical Memories of the United States over the Pacific Ocean"
 Masumi Izumi, Doshisha University, "How to Deal with Cultural Politics: Teaching American Studies as Global Citizenship Education"
 Shunsuke Ozaki, Aichi University of Education, "Strategies for Teaching American Culture to Students with Zero Background: My Experience with Trial and Error"

Lunchtime (12:10-13:30)

  Section Meetings (12:10-13:30) (For details, see below)

Panel C (13:40-16:10)  [Room 166, Bldg.1]
"American Culture in the 2000s"
Chair: Koji Toko, Waseda University
 Toshiyuki Ohwada, Keio University, "Jay-Z, BK, and MP3: The Decade in Music"
 Eimi Ozawa, Tokyo Gakugei University, "Zombies as Metaphor: Monster Representations of the United States"
 Takayuki Tatsumi, Keio University, "Invisible Asias, Other Japans"
 Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto, Waseda University, "From Conspiracy Theory to Populism"

Panel D (13:40-16:10)  [Room 159, Bldg.1]
"Domestic Politics and Diplomacy after the Midterm Elections"
Chair: Koji Murata, Doshisha University
 Masahito Watanabe, Hokkaido University, "Obama and the Democratic Base"
 Yasuyo Sakata, Kanda University of International Studies, "The Obama Administration and U.S.-ROK Relations"
 Go Ito, Meiji University, " 'Balance of Power' or 'Hegemony'?: Principles of U.S. Foreign Policy toward China"

Panel E (13:40-16:10)  [Room 164, Bldg.1]
"Environment and the Contemporary America"
Chair: Kazuto Oshio, Sophia University
 Yayoi Haraguchi, Ibaraki University, "Oil Spill in the Gulf and American Environmental Politics: The Worst Accident in History, but the Least Changes in Politics?"
 Noriko Ishiyama, Meiji University, "Race and Spatial Construction of Wilderness: Case Study of Death Valley National Park"
 Yasuko Kameyama, National Institute for Environmental Studies, "The United States and Climate Change"
Ayako Sugino, The Institute of Energy Economics, "Environmental regulation and energy supply"

Logistical Information
1) The reception on June 4 (Sat) costs 6,000 yen.  Advanced payment must be made by May 9 using the money transfer form enclosed with the JAAS newsletter.
2) Annual membership fee cannot be accepted on site.
3) Non-member's fee for attending the JAAS Annual Meeting is 1,000 yen.  Please make payment at the registration desk.
4) On June 4, all the eating-places on campus are open, but they are all closed on June 5.  Please bring your lunch with you or eat outside at places designated on the lunch map available at the registration desk.
5) Please refrain from smoking at the reception except in the designated smoking areas.
6) There is no accommodation facility on or near the venue.  The nearest downtown is Shibuya.  The venue is easily accessible from such stations as Shinagawa, Ebisu and Shinjuku.

Section Meetings

Sunday, June 5 (12:10-13:25)

1. American Politics
(Contact: Yumi Hiratai, Sapporo Gakuin University) [Room 102, Bldg.1]
Theme: Unification and Representation: Reaffirming the Importance of "the Eyes of Others"
Presenters: Yoshimi Fujimura, Gunma Women's College, and Hiroaki Kanazawa, Meiji University

2. Studies in Cold War History
(Contact: Takeshi Matsuda, Osaka University) [Room 103, Bldg.1]
Theme: German Reunification and American Diplomacy
Presenter: Satoru Mori, Hosei Universit

3.  U.S.-Japan Relations
(Contact: Kazuhiro Asano, Sapporo University) [Room 115, Bldg.
Theme: Media Coverage of the Japan during U.S. Elections: A Comparative Analysis
Presenter: Kazuhiro Maeshima, Bunkyo University
Moderator: Kazumi Fujimoto, Senshu University
Commentator: Kazuhiro Asano, Sapporo University

4. American Economy and American Economic History
(Contact: Hirohito Nawa, Meijo University) [Room 116, Bldg.1]
Theme: From Aerospace Industry to Software Industry: Development Process of the "Creative Company City" Seattle
Presenter: Hiroyuki Yamagata, Rikkyo University

5. Asian American Studies
(Contact: Kyoko Norma Nozaki, Kyoto Sangyo University) [Room 117, Bldg.1]
Theme: Japanese Peruvian Internment Experience: A Life Story Research on "Peru-Kai" Reunion
Presenter: Shuko Nakada, Japan Women's University

6.  American Woman's History and Gender
(Contact: Ayumu Kaneko, Nagano Prefectural College) [Room 118, Bldg. 1]
Theme: Same-Sex Marriage and Family Values' -- a kind of Culture War in the United States
Presenter: Akiko Koizumi, Kyoto University

7. Native American Studies
(Contact: Madoka Sato, Otsuma Women's University) [Room 119, Bldg.1]
Theme:  Indian Tribe: Its Legal Meaning
Presenter: Hisanori Fujita, Soka Law School

8. Early America
(Contact: Kenryu Hashikawa, The University of Tokyo) [Room 120, Bldg.1]
Theme: Maritime Perspectives on Early America
Presenter: Shinsuke Satsuma, Waseda University

9. Art and Culture
(Contact: Go Kobayashi, Kansai University) [Room 121, Bldg.1]
Theme: The Present and Future of the Study of American Art and Culture in Japan
This section, instead of having a presenter, engages in a round-table discussion with participants.