The 44th Annual Meeting (2010)

Dates: Sat. June 5-Sun. June 6, 2010
Venue: Osaka University, Suita Campus
Local Contact: Osaka University Convention Center Office (06-6879-7171)
Registration: Entrance Hall, Convention Center (Campus Map) (Access Map) (Hotel Reservation)

(Affiliations are as of June 2010. All presentations/sessions will be in Japanese except those with asterisk.)

Saturday, June 5

Independent Paper Presentations (9:30-12:05)

Session A [Lecture Hall 8, School of Allied Health Sciences]

Chair: Noboru Yamashita, Soai University
 Keiko Furuki, Kyoto Gakuen University, "Japanese Theater as a 'Device' in Tennessee Williams' Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore"
 Hironobu Baba, Waseda University, "Interdisciplinary Discussions in the United States on Claude Lanzman's Film Shoah: Arguments by Shohana Felman and Dominick LaCapra"
 Yuki Maruyama, Hitotsubashi University, "Carl Akeley's African Hall Revisited: The History of Taxidermy and the Cultural Borders"
 *Taras A. Sak, Kyushu University, "Suspension(s) of Habeas Corpus: White-Jacket, Billy Budd and Guantanamo"

Session B  [Seminar Room, School of Allied Health Sciences]

Chair: Kazuhiro Maeshima, Bunkyo University
 Kumiko Koyama, Nagasaki University, "People's Influence over U.S. Trade Policy"
 Christina Owens*, UC Davis/Nagoya University of Foreign Studies, "Transnational Reforms and Rhetorics: American Workers Respond to Japan's Health Insurance Policy"
 Akiko Sato, Osaka University, "A Study on Cohen-Boyer Patent: Road to 'Win-Win' Collaboration between Universities, Industries and Governments"
 Yusuke Nishizumi, Chuo University, "Kosovo Conflict and Anti-War Lefts in the U.S.: Analyzing the U.S. Democrats against the Intervention"

Session C [Lecture Hall 6, School of Allied Health Sciences]

Chair: Miya Shichinohe-Suga, Tokyo Gakugei University
 Masumi Izumi, Doshisha University, "Yellow Power Music and Beyond: 'Race' and 'Border-crossing' in Nobuko Miyamoto's Performance Art"
 Toshiko Sugino, National Defense Academy, "Living in America as Jap(anese), in Japan as a Foreigner: Looking at Nikkei Brazilians through a Nikkei-jin's Monograph"
 Toshiyoshi Imura, Toyo Eiwa University, "The Origin of Chicano Narrative: Aesthetics of Sex and Color"
 Yuka Yoshioka, Kobe University, "Cross Roads of Voice: Internment Camp Experiences in Lawson Inada's Drawing the Line"

Session D [Lecture Hall 5, School of Allied Health Sciences]

Chair: Fusako Ogata, Tezukayama University
 Manami Tanaka, Tokyo Future University, "How the Influence of Living Abroad Lends for a Greater Sense of Personal Identity and Personalities"
 *Michael J. Blouin, Michigan State University/Doshisha University, "Epochs and Shadows: (Re)Imagining Artistic Ideals through the U.S. Encounter with Japan"
 Tomoko Tsuchiya, University of California, San Diego, "'Love' and 'Freedom' within Postwar U.S.-Japan Relation: American Empire and Cold War Liberalism through Marriages between American Soldiers and Japanese Women"
 Chizuru Shiraishi Nasu, Tokyo International University, "A Case Study on an Identity as Animal Advocate in the United State: Focusing on Family Revolution and Love for Animals in the Early 19th Century America"

Session E [Lecture Hall 7, School of Allied Health Sciences]

Chair: Fuminori Minamikawa, Ritsumeikan University
 Hiromi Chiba, Fukuoka Jo Gakuin University, "Seeking Christian Education for Girls in Taisho Japan: The Case of an American Missionary, Elizabeth M. Lee"
 Kotaro Ishizuka, Kanagawa University, "Fourierism and Journalism in New York: Horace Greeley and Parke Godwin"
 Hiroki Yajima, The University of Tokyo, "The Church of England in the American Colonies on the Eve of the Independence: Focusing on the Discussions of an American Episcopate by the Clergy in the Middle and Southern Colonies"
 Yuki Oda, Columbia University, "Family Unit/y in American Immigration Policy: The 1924 Immigration Act and Separated Families, 1921-1934"

Session F [Lecture Hall 4, School of Allied Health Sciences]

Chair: Hiroshi Fujimoto, Nanzan University
 Machiko Sato, University of Shizuoka, "Norman Cousins and Freedom House"
 Akiko Itabashi, Ochanomizu University, "'Good Grooming' in Wartime: Advertising for Beauty and Hygiene Products during World War II"
 Mayako Shimamoto, Osaka University, "Henry A Wallace's Criticism of America's Atomic Monopoly, 1945-1948"

Lunchtime (12:05~13:20)

  Board Meeting (12:15-13:15) [Forum Room, Convention Center]

*Presidential Addresses (13:20-14:50) [MO Hall, Convention Center]

Chair: Eisaku Kihira, Teikyo University
Speakers: Kevin K. Gaines, University of Michigan, President of ASA
          "On Stevie Wonder's 'Songs in the Key of Life' (1976)"
        Natsuki Aruga, JAAS President, Saitama University (Emeritus),
          "Is a Japanese Perspective Useful for Studying about America?:
          Child Labor, Consumerism, and Status Concern during World War II"

Awards Presentation (14:55-15:05) [MO Hall, Convention Center]

 - Shimizu Hiroshi Award
 - Saito Makoto Award

Symposium  (15:10-17:40) [MO Hall, Convention Center]

"Looking Back on the Half Century of the U.S.-Japan Security Treaty"
Chair: Sayuri Guthrie-Shimizu, Michigan State University
 Kazuya Sakamoto, Osaka University, "How to 'Deepen' Japan-US Alliance: Common Purposes, Burden Sharing, and Legal Basis"
 *Aaron Forsberg, American Embassy, "U.S.-Japan Economic Relations Since 1960: History and Prospect"
 Shunya Yoshimi, University of Tokyo, "'Anti-U.S.' in the Postwar Japan: From Korean War to the U.S.-Japanese Mutual Security Treaty"
 Kosuke Yoshitsugu, Okinawa International University
 Konomi Ara, Ritsumeikan University

Reception (18:20-20:20) [Hotel Hankyu Expo Park]

Shuttle bus service to Hotel Hankyu Expo Park is available right after the Symposium. Shuttle bus service is also available after the reception to Senri Hankyu Hotel, Hotel Nikko Ibaraki, Shin-Osaka Esaka Tokyu Inn, Hotel Mare Minami-Senri, and major stations close-by.

Sunday, June 6

Panel A (9:30-12:00)  [Conference Room 3, Convention Center]

"Nuclear Policies and Consciousness : America in Paradox"
Chair: Takeuchi Toshitaka, Osaka University
 Umemoto Tetsuya, Shizuoka Kenritsu University, "Promises and Pitfalls of a ´World without Nuclear Weapons' "
 Akira Kurosaki, Fukushima University, "The Making of U.S. Nuclear Strategy and General and Complete Disarmament Plans, 1961-1963: The Kennedy Administration, Nuclear Superiority and the Nuclear Arms Race"
 Nobuo Kamioka, Gakushuin University, "Literary Imagination after 9/11"
 Katsuaki Watanabe, Osaka University, "The Paradox of Biopolitics in Prisoner's Dilemma"
Commentator: Takeuchi Toshitaka, Osaka University

Panel B (9:30-12:00) [Conference Room 2, Convention Center]

"American Responses to the Transnational Workforces"
Chair: Yu Takeda, Nara University of Education
 Hitoko Fujishige, Morinomiya University of Medical Sciences, "Mobility of Health Human Resources to the United States: A Case Study of Filipino Nurses"
 Chitose Sato, University of Tsukuba, "Immigrant Women and Welfare to Work in California"
 Satomi Yamamoto, Tsuda College, "Three Modes of Empowerment: A Study of Latino Day Laborers and Nonprofits in Chicago"
Commentator: Katsuyuki Murata, Hokkaido University

*Workshop A (9:30-12:00) [Forum Room, Convention Center]

"Cultural Strategies in Time of Change: Minority-Majority Relations"
Chair: Yasuko Takezawa, Kyoto University
 Rick Bonus, University of Washington, "Making Meaning in Schools: Race and the Cultural Politics of Mentorship"
 Miyuki Kita, The University of Kitakyushu, "Color-blindness as a Strategy of Overcoming Barriers: American Jews and Higher Education in the 1940s"
 Akira Kinoshita, Ritsumeikan University, "College Student Cultural Activities and Identity Politics: Filipino Americans and Folk Dance"
Commentator: Jeong-Hyun Shin, ASAK President, Seoul National University

Lunchtime (12:00-13:30)

  Section Meetings (12:10-13:25) (For details, click here)

  New Board Meeting (12:10-13:20) [Forum Room, Convention Center]

General Meeting (13:30-14:00) [Conference Room 2, Convention Center]

Panel C (14:10-16:40) [Conference Room 3, Convention Center]

"Health Care in the United States"
Chair: Ryozo Matsuda, Ritsumeikan University
 Kazuo Takayama, Kyoto Tachibana University, "Health Care Access for Uninsured People"
 Taku Amano, Prefectural University of Kumamoto, "Obama's Health Care Reform"
 Naoko Ono, University of Toyama, "Eugenic Sterilization and Medical Ethics"
Commentator: Takakazu Yamagishi, Nanzan University

*Panel D (14:10-16:40) [Conference Room 2, Convention Center]

"People of Color during World War II"
Chair: Naoki Onishi, International Christian University
 Juri Abe, Rikkyo University, "Fighting a White Man's War: Participation and Representation of the Native American during WWII"
 Linda Gordon, New York University, "Visual Battleground: Photography of the Internment of Japanese Americans during World War II"
 Gary Y. Okihiro, Columbia University, "Japan, World War II, and Third World Liberation"
Commentator: Kaori Takada, Meiji University

*Workshop B (14:10-16:40) [Forum Room, Convention Center]

"Change and Reconciliation"
Chair: Julie Higashi, Ritsumeikan University
 Scott Kurashige, University of Michigan, "From Cultural to Political Transformation: The Obama Presidency and the Rise of a Nonwhite American Majority"
 Anri Morimoto, International Christian University, "The Art of Reconciliation: Or Why Japanese Apologies Sound Artless"
 Peggy Chung Hui Cho, Kyung Hee University, "America's Chinatown and the Challenge of Representation"
Commentator: Kevin K. Gaines, ASA President, University of Michigan

Logistical Information

- The reception on June 5 (Sat) costs 6,000 yen. Advanced payment must be made by May 7 using the money transfer form enclosed with the JAAS newsletter.
- On June 6 (Sun), all the eating places on campus (except for the Hospital restaurants) are closed. Please bring your lunch with you.
- You may have your lunch inside the Convention Center or in the lecture halls of School of Allied Health Sciences. Please refrain from having lunch in IC Hall on June 5 (Sat).
- Campus parking lot is free on weekends.
- Non-member's fee for attending the JAAS Annual Meeting is 1,000 yen.
- Please refrain from smoking at the reception except in the designated smoking areas.

Section Meetings

Sunday, June 6 (12:10-13:25)

1. American Politics
 (Contact: Hirofumi Nakano, The University of Kitakyushu) [Conference Room 3, Convention Center]
Yoko Mukai, University of Tsukuba, "Congressional Leaders Meeting in the Nixon's White House"
Taketo Suzuki, Meiji University, "President Obama and 'A World without Nuclear Weapons'"

2. Studies in Cold War History
 (Contact: Takeshi Matsuda, Kyoto University of Foreign Studies) [Lecture Hall 8, School of Allied Health Sciences]
Masami Fukito, Nanzan University, "U.S. Foreign Policy Toward China and Taiwan in the Early Cold War Period, 1949-1955"

3. U.S.-Japan Relations
 (Contact: Kazuhiro Asano, Sapporo University) [Seminar Room, School of Allied Health Sciences]
Michiyo Obi, The University of Kitakyushu, "The Transformation of the Political Adjustment of the Japan-U.S. Trade Friction on Automobiles: From the Perspective of the Trade Policy Ideas in Inter-governmental Talks and the Globalization of Automobile Industry"
Moderator: Kazuhiro Asano, Sapporo University
Commentator: Masaki Hirata, Nagoya City University

4. American Economy and American Economic History
 (Contact: Tomoko Yagyu, Keio University) [Lecture Hall 6, School of Allied Health Sciences]
Yoshimasa Asaba, Kobe Syukugawa Gakuin University, "U.S. Travel and Tourism Industry: An Economic History Perspective"

5. Early America
 (Contact: Kenryu Hashikawa, The University of Tokyo) [Lecture Hall 5, School of Allied Health Sciences]
Takeo Mori, Fukuoka University, "Empire, War, and the British North American Colonies"

6. Asian American Studies
 (Contact: Kyoko Norma Nozaki, Kyoto Sangyo University) [Conference Room 2, Convention Center]
"Conference Report and Beyond-'Japan and Japanese America: Connections Across the Pacific Rim' at U.C. Berkeley"
Teruko Kumei, Shirayuri College, "American Senryu and Japan"
Akihiro Yamakura, Tenri University, "Transnational Context of the Wartime Internment of Tenrikyo Ministers in America"
Kyoko Norma Nozaki, Kyoto Sangyo University, "Internment and Identity Shift: Through Transnational War Memory"

7. Gender
 (Contact: Motoe Sasaki, Hosei University) [Conference Room 1, Convention Center]
Yuko Yokotsuka-Kimura, University of California, Berkeley, "Conceptualizing Dependent Motherhood: Policy Discussions on Relief of Needy Mothers and Children in the U.S. Progressive Era in Comparison with a Japanese Case"

8. Native American Studies
 (Contact: Madoka Sato, Otsuma Women's University) [Lecture Hall 4, School of Allied Health Sciences]
Sachiko Kawaura, Nanzan University, "Self, Narrative, and History: Expression and Succession of Collective Memories of the Northern Cheyenne"
Kumiko Noguchi, Rikkyo University, "Concepts in Native American History: Alternatives to the Old Indian History"

9. Art and Culture
 (Contact: Go Kobayashi, Kansai University) [Lecture Hall 7, School of Allied Health Sciences]
"The Transformation of the Concept of Art"
Shinya Araki (The University of Tokyo) "The Plaster Casts from Boston to Japan"
Masaki Komori (The University of Tokyo) "Avant-garde Art as Consumer Culture: The Turn of Japanese Art Museum and Exhibition in the 1980s"
Tadaya Miyashita (Doshisha University) "Contemporary Artist Takashi Murakami and the US-Japanese Cultural Exchanges"