The 43rd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Association for American Studies (2009)

Dates: Sat. June 6-Sun. June 7, 2009
Place: Tsuda College, Tokyo

Saturday, June 6

Independent Paper Presentations (in Japanese)  (9:30-12:05)
Session A Room 5101
Chair: Itsuki Kurashina, Akita International University
 Atsuko Watanabe, JSPS Research Fellow, "The Politics of Anti-Terrorism Measures and Privacy"
 Masaru Nishikawa, The Japan Institute of International Affairs, "Republican Primary of 1952: Republican vs. Republican"
 Yoko Mukai, University of Tsukuba, "The Restricted American President: Welfare Reform in the Nixon Administration"

Session B Room 5102
Chair: Yukako Hisada, Aichi Prefectural University
 Seiko Mimaki, The University of Tokyo, "The World Government Movement in Post-WWII America: A Critical Analysis of the 'One-Worlders'"
 Junko Isono Kato, Nihon University, "Tennessee, the Last State to Secede from the Union"
 Rikako Kono, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, "The Bridge between the United States and Japan: Dream and Reality of the Kibei-Nisei, 1935-1942"
 Tatsuro Nomura, Aichi Prefectural University (Professor Emeritus), "The Loyal Legion of Loggers and Lumbermen: World War I, the Army, the IWW, and Airplanes"

Session C Room 5206
Chair: Kiyofumi Tsubaki, Tsuda College
 Tomoko Shiroto, Tsuda College, "The Wartime Experience of Nisei: John Okada's No-No Boy"
 Natsuki Kinoshita, Hokkaido University, "Business and Social Organizasion Croisée: Golden State Mutual Life Insurance Co. and NAACP Los Angeles (1940s-1960s)"
 Mitsuhiro Fujimaki, University of Shizuoka, "Transforming Museums of the Indigenous People into That of Human Rights: In the Case of National Museum of the American Indian"

Session D Room 5201
Chair: Mitsu Yoshida, Matsuyama University
 Marika Okino, Kobe University, "Rereading Mart Crowley's The Boys in the Band in Comparison with Angels in America"
 Shuichi Wanibuchi, The University of Tokyo/JSPS Research Fellow, "Franklin's Autobiography as a Text of Politeness and Sociability"
 Mariko Takizawa, Tsuda College, "Willa Cather: Naturalism and Bergsonism"

Lunchtime (12:15-13:15)College Hall
Documentary Film (12:15-13:45) Auditorium
 "Lifers: Reaching for Life beyond the Walls," Produced & Directed by Kaori Sakagami

Presidential Address (14:00-15:00)Auditorium
Chair: Natsuki Aruga, Saitama University
Speaker: Philip J. Deloria, University of Michigan, President of ASA
 "Toward an American Indian Abstract: Mary Sully's Vision of Mid-Twentieth-Century American Culture"

Symposium (15:10-17:40) Auditorium
"American Studies at a Crossroads"
Chair: Fumiko Fujita, Tsuda College
 【China】Biao Yang, East China Normal University
      "The Studies of American History in China: An Evolution"
 【Korea】Bong Joong Kim, Chonnam National University
      "On the Teaching and Writing of American History in Korea: Past, Present and Future"
 【Japan】Fumiko Nishizaki, Seikei University
      "Images of America in Contemporary Japan: A Historical Perspective"
  Michael Ackland, Visiting Professor, The University of Tokyo/Monash University, Australia
  Hiroshi Okayama, Keio University

Reception (18:10-20:10) The Memorial Hall Cafeteria

Sunday, June 7

Panel A (in Japanese) Room 5101 (9:30-12:00)
"Reading American Society with the Presidential Elections of 2008"
Chair: Masaharu Yasuoka, Kobe University
 Toshihiro Nakayama, Tsuda College, "2008 Presidential Election and the Shifting Political Landscape: The Republican Defeat and Its Implications"
 Hiroshi Takei, Hitotsubashi University, "African American Community in the Post-Civil Rights Movement Era and Barack Obama"
 Chigusa Kita, Kansai University, "Internet Campaign: An Analysis of Barack Obama's Political Use of the Internet"
Commentator: Ayumu Kaneko, Nagano Prefectural College

Panel B (in Japanese) Room 5102 (9:30-12:00)
"Mass Incarceration in American Society"
Chair: Shinobu Uesugi, Yokohama City University
 Chieko Otsuji, Tsuru University, "The 'War on Drugs' as a War against Minority Women: Punishment and Welfare"
 Namiko Takahiro, Doshisha University, "Against Criminalizing Race and Poverty: Inmate's Movements and Prison Society in California"
 Kaori Sakagami, Tsuda College, "The Death Penalty and Popular Culture in the Post-Furman Era: From the Normalization of the 'State Killing' to the Critical Gaze"
 Shinobu Uesugi, "Convict Lease System in the South and the Privatization of Prison"
Commentator: Hideyuki Otsuka, Hokkai-Gakuen University

Workshop A Room 5206 (9:30-12:00)
"How Change Happens I: As Seen through the Social Sciences and American Studies"
Chair: Yasuharu Ishizawa, Gakushuin Women's College
Panelist s:
 Susan J. Douglas, University of Michigan, "Fantasies of Power: The Mass Media and the Status of Women in the United States"
 Seongbin Hwang, Rikkyo University "The Meaning of 'Obama Boom' in Japan: Change of What?"
 Noriko Hirabayashi, Saitama University, "Branding Obama as the 'Change' Agent: A Political Marketing Perspective on the 2008 Presidential Campaign and Beyond"
Commentator: Teckyoung Kwon, Kyunghee University, President of ASAK

Lunchtime/Section Meetings (12:10-13:30)
General Meeting (13:30-14:00) Auditorium

Panel C (in Japanese) Room 5101 (14:10-16:40)
"Binding the Ties between the U.S. and Japan: Japanese American Perspectives"
Chair: Noriko Shimada, Japan Women's University
 Nobuhiro Adachi, Kansai Gaidai University, "Hawaii's Japanese American MIS Linguists: How the Pacific War and the Japanese Language Changed their Lives"
 Tomoko Ozawa, Musashino Art University, "The Nisei in the MIS and in 'Occupied' Japan"
 Teruko Kumei, Shirayuri College, "Between Japan and the U.S.: Ambivalent Sentiments in Japanese Immigrant Senryu, 1941-1952"
Commentator: Toyotomi Morimoto, Waseda University

Panel D (in Japanese) Room 5102 (14:10-16:40)
"Reading the Deep Currents of 'Change': Dystopia, Utopia, and America"
Chair: Shoko Itoh, Matsuyama University
 Toshiki Jinushi, Kobe University, "The Roots of the US Financial Crisis, Utopian Goals and Dystopian Results"
 Reiko Maekawa, Kyoto University, "20th Century Intellectual Discourse on Utopia and
 Dystopia: Lewis Mumford, Karl Mannheim, George Orwell"
 Keita Hatooka, Meiji University, "Who Sings the Open Space?: American Nature Writing in Nevada"
 Hideyuki Yamamoto, Kobe University, "Beyond the Utopian 'Vision' of Multiculturalism: Asian American Theater and Activism in the Post-9.11"
Commentator: Yoneyuki Sugita, Osaka University

Workshop B Room 5206 (14:10-16:40)
"How Change Happens II: As Seen through Arts, Humanities, Cultural Studies, and American Studies"
Chair: Ken Chujo, J.F. Oberlin University
 Kazuteru Omori, Tsuru University, "Blind to Race or Racism?: The Ideological Origins of Color-Blind Idealism-Turned-Conservatism"
 Imani Perry, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, "Racial Inequality as Cultural Practice"
 Woosung Kang, Seoul National University, "Guilt and Fear in Racial Unconscious: The Ideological Representation of Korean War in American Culture"
Commentator: Philip Deloria, University of Michigan, President of ASA