JAAS Annual Meeting of 2008
42nd Annual Meeting of Japan Association of American Studies

Dates: May 31 (Sat)-June 1(Sun), 2008
Place: Doshisha University, Kyoto
Local Contact: Prof. Shiro Yamada

May 31, Saturday

Presentation of Papers in Japanese (9:30~12:05)

Session A Room no. R301
Chair: Hiroyuki Matsubara, Yokohama National University
Rieko Tomisawa, Doshisha University, "W. E. B. Du Bois's Double Consciousness Concept and Intellectual Discourse in America in the 1890s."
Asami Morita, Graduate School, Hitotsubashi University, "' White Slavery' in America at the Turn of the Century. "
Toyoyuki Fuka, Graduate School, Doshisha University, "The Anti-Japanese Movement in California after World War I Reconsidered: With a Special Reference to Valentine S. McClatchy."
Mariko Mizuno, Graduate School, Kyoto University, "Bunichi Kagawa and the Development from Issei to Kibei Nisei Literature."

Session B Room no. R302
Chair: Kotaro Nakano, Osaka University
Nozomi Takei, Graduate School, Meiji University, "The Influence of Indian Studies in the Education Policy of Barrows."
Kumiko Noguchi, Graduate School, University of California, Davis, "Tribal Autonomy and Indian Reorganization Act of 1934: A Case Study of Tule River Reservation in California."
Yo Kotaki, Graduate School, Hitotsubashi University, "U.S. Veterans Benefits Policy between WWⅡ and Early Cold War Era: Two G.I. Bills and the General Welfare System for Citizens."
Shuhei Minami, Graduate School, Hitotsubashi University, "Building Camaraderie: The Development of Local Union No. 3, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers."

Session C Room no. R204
Chair: Satoshi Machidori, Kyoto University
Asuka Matsumoto, Graduate School, University of Tsukuba, "A Dispute over the Presidential Image: The First Televised Presidential Debate of 1960."
Satoshi Fujita, Graduate School, Meiji University, "The Difference of View on Atomic Bombings between Japan and United States in Media Coverage at the Enola Gay Debate."
Kazuyuki Sugawara, Kushiro Public University of Economics, "Representativeness and Rationality in Civil Service: The State of California after Proposition 209."
Hiroyasu Komine, PHP Research Institute, "Local Initiatives Transform the US: Climate Protection by Local Governments; Is That a Politicized Action?"

Session D Room no. R201
Chair: Takashi Sasaki, Doshisha University
Takako Takeda, Nagoya College, "Mark Twain and Water Cure."
Chiyo Yoshii, Osaka University, "Daisy Miller's Un-American Flirting."
Akiyo Okuda, Keio University, "Southerners in New York: The Influence of Southern Editors at the Turn of the Century."
Kimiko Nozawa, Aichi Prefectural University, "Dorothy Arzner's Dance, Girl, Dance (1940): Beyond the Boundary of Sexual Identity, Class, and Race."

Lunchtime (12:15~13:15)

Presidential Address (13:30~15:00) Hardy Hall, Kanbaikan
Chair: Natsuki Aruga, Saitama University
Vicki Ruiz, President of the American Studies Association; University of California, Irvine, "Nuestra America: Latino History as U.S. History."
Takeshi Igarashi, President of the Japanese Association for American Studies; University of Tokyo, "The Populist Empire in the Global Age: The Democratic Ideal and the Imperial Reality in the American Foreign Relations."

Symposium in Japanese (15:10~17:40) Hardy Hall, Kanbaikan
"The Meaning of Borders for the United States in the Twenty-First Century"
Chair: Yasuo Endo, University of Tokyo
Soichi Shinohara, Doshisha University, "Economic Globalization and the American Sovereign Boundary."
Koji Murata, Doshisha University, "American Views on Borderless Security Issues."
Michiko Simokobe, Seikei University, " The Symptom of Suicidal Autoimmunity: Rethinking of the Border."
Eiichiro Azuma, University of Pennsylvania, "Asian American Studies and Asian Studies: Boundaries and Intersections of U.S. Ethnic Studies and Asian Area Studies."
Comment: Shigeru Akita, Osaka University

Reception (18:10-20:10) Hotel Kyoto Garden Palace

June 1, Sunday

Panel A in Japanese: "Los Angeles: A Transborder City" (9:30~12:00) Room no. R301
Chair: Hiroshi Yoneyama, Ritsumeikan University
Kazuyo Tsuchiya, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, "Reconstructing Social Welfare: Race, Class, and Gender in the 1960s Movements for Welfare Rights in Los Angeles."
Noritaka Yagasaki, Tokyo Gakugei University, "Urban Structure and Border Landscapes in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area."
Takashi Machimura, Hitotsubashi University, "Re-embedded Borderland: Changing Media Space in Ethnic Los Angeles."
Hideki Harajiri, Ritsumeikan University, "Force of Integrating Diaspora Koreans: North Koreans from Inner Asia, China, North Korea, and South Korea to Los Angeles."

Panel B in Japanese: "Crossing Borders of Race and Genre: Literature and Music in the Modernist Era" (9:30~12:00) Room no. R201
Chair: Tomoyuki Iino, Sophia University
Tomoyuki Iino, Sophia University, "Scholarly Rag and Bardic Ballad: T. S. Eliot and Carl Sandburg."
Toshiyuki Ohwada, Keio University, "On the 'blackness' in American Concert Music: William Grant Still and W. C. Handy."
Tomoyuki Zettsu, Rikkyo University, "Stephen Foster and Modernist Literature."
Takashi Nakada, Wako University, "Jewish Involvement in American Popular Music Industry in the Era of Tin Pan Alley."
Comment: Toshie Kakinuma, Kyoto City University of Arts

Workshop A: " American Democracy: Myth and Reality " (9:30~12:00) Room no. R204
Chair: Yumi Hiratai, Sapporo Gakuin University
Takayuki Nishiyama, Konan University, "Democracy and the American Welfare State: The Politics of Social Policy in an Age of Rising Inequality."
Kazuhisa Honda, Rikkyo University, "W.E.B. Du Bois in Battle for Peace."
Nikhil Pal Singh, University of Washington, Seattle, "An Exceptional Empire? Race and War in US Globalism."
Comment: Seong-Kon Kim, President of American Studies Association of Korea; Seoul National University

Roundtable Discussion 1: "Representations of 'Asians' in Hollywood Films" (9:30~12:00) Room no. R302
Coordinator: Fukuko Kobayashi, Waseda University
Elaine H. Kim, University of California, Berkeley
Rika Nakamura, Seijo University
Sachi Nakachi, Tsuru University

Lunchtime (12:10~13:30)

Panel C in Japanese: "Transformation of 'Border' and Human Rights" (14:10~16:40) Room no.R301
Chair: Shigeo Miyagawa, Waseda University
Shigeo Miyagawa, Waseda University, "'Border' Transformed from Within: Legalization of Undocumented Aliens and the Erosion of 'Border.'"
Nobuyuki Arai, Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies, "'Border' Transformed from Within: Elimination of Discrimination against Aliens and the Meaning of American Citizenship."
Masanao Murakami, Osaka University, "'Border' Transformed from Without: International Human Rights Treaties and American Law."
Comment: Toshimasa Usui, Kyoto Tachibana University

Panel D in Japanese: "Cultural Borderland: Through the History of Festivals and Parades" (14:10~16:40) Room no. R201
Chair: Yoshio Higomoto, Doshisha University
Kikuyo Tanaka, Kwansei Gakuin University, "Festive Culture in Nineteenth Century America and the Politcs."
Akiyo Yamamoto, Nagoya City University, "Eastern European Immigrant Celebrations and Parades."
Koji Takenaka, Nagoya University of Foreign Studies, "Revolutionary Festivals and the Processions : The example of Rouen."
Comment: Kazuteru Ohmori, Tsuru University

Panel E in Japanese: "Transnational Migration and Christian Mission" (14:10~16:40) Room no. R205
Chair: Rumi Yasutake, Konan University
Ryo Yoshida, Doshisha University, " American Missionaries and Japanese Immigrants in Hawaii: Formation and Development of the Transnational Christian Network between Hawaii and Japan."
Izumi Hirobe, Meiji University, "The Development of the Network of Christian Missionaries to Japan."
Yuki Takai-Heller, International Christian University, "Transnationalized or Assimilated? Encounters and Relationship Building among Western Missionaries, Han-Taiwanese Christians, and Japanese Christians in Taiwan during the Japanese Colonial Era."
Comment: Rumi Yasutake

Workshop B: "From Downtown to Uptown: Social Mobility in Ethnic Communities." (14:10~16:40) Room no. R204
Chair: Noriko Shimada, Japan Women's University
Linda Trinh Vo, University of California, Irvine, "Transforming American Ethnic Communities: Asian Americans and the Question of Social Mobility."
Mariko Takagi-Kitayama, Aichi Gakuin University, "Social Mobility of Japanese Americans in Hawaii."
Jin Hee Kim, Kyunghee Cyber University, "Vito Marcantonio: From a Popular Front Vanguard to a Cold War Politician."
Comment: Vicki Ruiz, ASA President, University of California, Irvine

Roundtable Discussion 2: "The United States and Interacting Cultures in the Pacific" (14:10~16:40) Room no. R302
Coordinator: Katsumi Yamazato, University of the Ryukyus
Gary Y. Okihiro, Columbia University
Kyoko Nozaki, Kyoto Sangyo University
Masahide Ishihara, University of the Ryukyus