JAAS Annual Meeting of 2007
41th Annual Meeting of Japan Association of American Studies

Dates: June 9 (Sat)-10(Sun), 2007/03/07 Place: Rikkyo University, Ikebukuro, Tokyo
     Local contact: Prof. Juri Abe

June 9, Saturday

Presentation of Papers in Japanese(9:30〜12:05)

Session A Room5401
Chair: Miwako HIRATA, Musashi University
Tomoyuki MIYATA, Graduate School, Keio University, "The Political Roles of Conservative Think Tanks."
Yuumi SASAKI, Aichi Gakusen College, "Anti-Abortion Battle in South Dakota: a Study through HB1126(1991), HB1215(2006), Referred Law #6 and HB1293(2007). "
Hiromi NAKAMURA, University of Tsukuba, "The Power of Purse: How Congress Uses Its War Powers."
Hiroyasu KOMINE, PHP Research Institute, "Measures of Counterfeit Currency by the United States Government: Analyzing The Use and Counterfeiting of United States Currency Abroad."

Session B Room 5402
Chair: Hirofumi NAKANO, City University of Kitakyushu
Masaru NISHIKAWA, Keio University, Global Security Research Institute, "Historical Dynamics of the Political Parties in the New Deal Era: Party Machines, Social Movements, and Interest Groups."
Rika Rihwa Lee, Hitotsubashi University, Graduate School of Social Sciences, ""KOREA FOR VICTORY WITH U.S.": Dual Nationalism and the Claim against "Enemy Alien" Status among Korean Immigrants in Wartime Hawai'I."
Keita OKUHIRO, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo, "FDR's Proclamation of National Emergency: Focusing on the Presidential Power in "an Emergency Period"."

Session C Room 5407
Chair: Madoka SATO, Otsuma Women's University
Yumiko MIZUNO, Graduate School of Languages and Cultures Nagoya University, "Citizenship and Native Americans: A Case of 1924 Indian Citizenship Act."
Tasuku TODAYAMA, Doctoral Course, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo, "Undocumented Immigration and the Bracero Program: U.S.-Mexican Negotiations on Immigration Control, 1942-1949."
Yoshitaka IWASAKI, Kinki University, ""Freedmen Problem" in the Indian Territory during Reconstruction Era: A Case of Chickasaw Freedmen in the Chickasaw Nation."

Session D Room 5404
Chair: Naoko SUGIYAMA, Japan Women's University
Takako FUKUDA, Department of English, College of Literature, Aoyama Gakuin University, "Marriage or True Love?: The Free Love Movement and Women's Struggle for / against Sexual Freedom in Nineteenth-Century America."
Tomoko YAGYU, Research Fellow, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, "The Development of the Slave Trade and Mercantile Concentration of Slave Traders in Colonial Charleston."
Tatsushi NARITA, Executive Council, IASA (International American Studies Association); Visiting Scholar, Harvard University, "Alternative American Studies: T. S. Eliot Research and an Exploration of Interactive Dimensions between East and West."
Atsuro MISOE, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Tsukuba, "Audible Man: Masculinity and the Invention of Transistor Hearing Aid."

Lunchtime (12:15〜13:15)

Presidential Address (13:30〜14:30)Room8101
Chair: Takeshi IGARASHI(University of Tokyo)
Emory Elliott, President of the American Studies Association (ASA); University of California, Riverside, "Terror, Aesthetics, and the Humanities: The Politics of Astonishment."

Symposium in Japanese: ""The Public" in the United States Re-examined" Room 8101
Chieko KITAGAWA OTSURU, Kansai University
Heigo SATO, Takushoku University "The Role of Private Military Industries in US Military."
Chitose SATO, University of Tsukuba "Gender and Citizenship in the Restructuring of the Welfare State."
Fukuko KOBAYASHI, Waseda University "Participating in /Challenging against the Public Discourse in the U.S.: Japanese American Internment Narratives before and after 9/11."
Takashi MAEDA, Graduate School of Economics, Nagoya City University
Katsuro NAKANO, Hosei University

June 10, Sunday

Panel A in Japanese: "Reconsidering the Cold War" (9:30〜12:00) Room 8201
Takuya SASAKI, Rikkyo University
Koji TERACHI, Kyoritsu Women's University, "The 'Cold War' in Southeast Asia and the United States."
Kin-ichi YOSHIHARA, Asian Forum Japan, "The Conservative Impact on the American Politics in the 1970s."
Hiroko TAKAHASHI, Hiroshima City University, "Civil Defense Program in 1950s and American View of Nuclear Weapon."
Naoki UEMURA, Hiroshima City University

Panel B in Japanese: "Race Change/Exchange: Fear and Longing around the Boundaries" Room (9:30〜12:00)Room 8202
Kiyofumi TSUBAKI, Tsuda College
Kiyofumi TSUBAKI, Tsuda College, "Rhapsody in Blackface: The Significance of Minstrelsy in American Culture."
Konomi ARA, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, "Fear of Agnosia: Toni Morrison's "Recitatif'."
Ikue KINA, University of the Ryukyus, "Mixing Cultures, Blurring Racial Boundaries in the Works of Karen Tei Yamashita."
Kazuyoshi TAKANO, Tokyo Metropolitan University, "The Museum Indian."

Workshop A: "Migrating Cultures"(9:30〜12:00)Room 8304
Satoshi NAKANO, Hitotsubashi University
Youngjeen CHOE (Chung-Ang University), "The Grace Lee Project and (De)imagining Identities of Asian American Women."
Fuminori MINAMIKAWA, Kobe City University of Foreign Studies, "Trans/national Formations of 'Japanese America': Prewar, Postwar, and Beyond."
Natalia Molina (University of California, San Diego), "The Power of Racial Scripts: What the History of US-Mexican Immigration Teaches Us about Race."
Emory Elliott

Lunchtime (12:15〜13:50)

Panel C in Japanese: "Institutionalization of History and Memory" (14:40〜17:00) Room 8201
Ken CHUJO, Obirin University
Yoshiyuki KIDO, Hitotsubashi University, "The Americanization of the Holocaust: the History of American Eugenics Movement."
Ayako UCHIDA, Nagoya University, "Keeping Memories Alive: The Case of Native Americans."
Yujin YAGUCHI, Tokyo University, "Saipanda, Banzai! Saipan Tourism and War Memories."
Minako HIGURASHI, Senshu University

Panel D in Japanese: "The Growing Socio-economic Inequality: Its Reality and Mechanism" (14:40〜17:00) Room8202
Tetsuji KAWAMURA, Hosei University
Takao SASAKI, Hosei University, "The Increase in Income Inequality since 1970s: U-turn to Pre-Great Depression Era?"
Kenichi SHINOHARA , Kyoto Sangyo University, "The Transformation of Industrial Relations at the Workplace: A case of automobile industry."
Tatsuru AKIMOTO, Japan Women's University, "The Lower One Third and the Working Poor in the 1990s: in the eyes of Social Workers."
Keiichi SHOJI, Josai University, "New "Monopoly" and New "Inequality" in an age of Financial, Information, and Employment Revolution: Wealth Gap between Non-Hispanic White and Latino/ Hispanic."

Panel E in Japanese: "Artistic Representations of the Private: Sexuality and the Publicness" (14:40〜17:00) Room 8303
Kazuko TAKEMURA, Ochanomizu University
Akiko SHIMIZU, University of Tokyo, "Nationally Public, Globally Private."
Tadashi UCHINO, University of Tokyo, "Go Virtual: Critical Art Ensemble and Its Politics."
Kazuhiko GOTO, Rikkyo University, "On Sexual Anxiety in Literature of the U. S. South."

Workshop B: "Whose 'America' in American Studies?"(14:40〜17:00) Room 8303
Takashi SASAKI, Doshisha University
Keiko ARAKI, , "What is "America" in Marcus Garvey's Movement?"
Jun KAMATA, Japan Women's University, "The Emergence and Development of Native American Studies: Resistance at the Margin."
Viet Thanh Nguyen, University of Southern California, "Memories of the Bad War: Ethnicity and Empathy in Viet Nam."
Chung Hee Lee, President of the American Studies Association of Korea (ASAK); Hankuk University of Foreign Studies.