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Meiji University

Surugadai Campus, Liberty Tower

1-1 Kanda Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-8301

Professor HAYASHI, Yoshikatsu, Faculty of Arts and Letters


The annual meeting of this year has ended successfully. The 37th annual meeting will be on May 31-June 1, 2003, in Kobe University.



**presentations in English


June 1, Saturday


Timing of speakers for Presentation of Papers sessions

1st speaker       10:00@`@10:35        2nd speaker      10:40@`@11:15

3rd speaker      11:20@`@11:55        4th speaker      12:00@`@12:35


Presentation of papers A (Room 1106, 10th floor)


Chair: KUMEI, Teruko (Shirayuri College)

ARAKI, Wakako (Hitotsubashi Univ., Graduate Student)@            gThe Freedmenfs Bureau and its Project on Education: The Case of Port Royal, South Carolina, and its Environsh

NAKASHIMA, Tomoko (Univ. of Tokyo, Graduate Student)@gThe Vogue for Things Japanese in the American Decorative Arts in the Last Quarter of the Nineteenth Centuryh

ORIHARA, Junichi (Chiba Univ., Graduate Student)@gThe Americanization of gAliens Ineligible to Citizenshiph: Japanese Immigrants and the Commission of Immigration and Housing of Californiag

YANAGISAWA, Ikumi T. (Aichi-Gakuin Univ., Graduate Research Student) gDetails of the Prohibition of So-Called ePicture Bridef Immigrants: A Study from Diplomatic Papersh



Presentation of papers B (Room 1113, 11th floor)


Chair: HAYASHI, Yoshikatsu (Meiji Univ.)

YOSHINAGA, Keiichiro (Niigata Univ.) gJohn Dewey on Higher Educationh

HISHIDA, Sachiko (Univ. of Tsukuba, Graduate Student) gThe Representation of Rosa Lee Ingram in the African American Womenfs

Activities to Free the Ingramsh

KIM, Minsoo (Univ. Of Tokyo, Graduate Student) gThe Pacific Pact and the Korea-U.S.-Japan Relationshiph

LEE, Rika (Hitotsubashi Univ., Graduate Student)  gRethinking Korean American Ethnicity: Korean American Studies in the 1970s-1990sh



Presentation of papers C (Room 1114, 11th floor)


Chair: UCHINO, Tadashi (Univ. of Tokyo)

YASUDA, Tsutomu (Meiji Univ., Graduate Student) gA Dark Satyr in a Mask: Melvillefs gBenito Cerenoh and Chivalryh

TSUNEYAMA, Nahoko (Keio Univ.) gWhy did She Play Romeo on the 19th Century American Stage?h

TAKAHASHI, Yuichiro (Dokkyo Univ.) gThe Shifting Perspectives of Performance Studiesh



Presentation of papers D (Room 1116, 11thfloor)


Chair: IGAWA, Masago (Tohoku Univ.)

NAKAMURA, Yoshio (Kansai Univ.) gRace and Mass Culture: The Eyes of Henry James as a Fin-de-Siècle Writerh

NAKAGAKI, Kotaro (Waseda Univ.) gColumbus and The Year of 1492 in Mark Twainfs Historical Romancesh

ISHIHARA, Tsuyoshi (Univ. of Texas, Graduate Student) gKen Burnsfs Mark Twainh

William Clark (Temple Univ. Japan) gCarlos Bulosan and the Immigrant Jeremiadh



12:45-13:40 Lunch/Outgoing Board and Trustees Meeting (Research Bldg, 4th Floor,

Conference Room 1)



13:50-14:50 **Presidential Addresses (Liberty Hall, Liberty Tower 1st floor, Room 1013)

Chair: NAGATA, Toyoomi (Ritsumeikan Univ.)

George J. SANCHEZ (Univ. of Southern California)

gRace and Immigration in Changing Communities of the United Statesh

SHINKAWA, Kensaburo (Ferris Univ.)

gA New Social Frame of Reference for American Studiesh



15:30-18:00 Symposium: (Liberty Hall, Liberty Tower 1st floor, Room 1013)

gThe New International Crisis and the United States: Lessons from the Terrorist Incidents of September 11, 2001h


Chair: YUI, Daizaburo (Univ. of Tokyo)

Comments: FURUYA, Jun (Hokkaido Univ.)

YAMAUCHI, Masayuki (Univ. of Tokyo)

            gThe Islamic World and the United Statesh

KOKUBUN, Ryosei (Keio Univ.)

            gUS-China Relations after September 11, 2001h

MORI, Koichi (Doshisha Univ.)

           gHas America's Civil Religion Changed?h

SHIMOKOBE, Michiko (Seikei Univ.)

            gRhetorical Americanism: Hegemony and Memoryh


18:10-20:00 Reception (Liberty Tower 23rd floor)



June 2, Sunday


Session A  gParadigm Shift in American Politics?h (9:30-12:00, Room 1103, 10th floor)


Chair: SUNADA, Ichiro (Gakushuin Univ.)

HIROSE, Junko (National Diet Library)

gParty Politics in the U.S. Congressh

NAKANO, Hirofumi (Kitakyushu Univ.)

gThe Liberal Tradition in 20th Century American Politicsh

TOYONAGA, Ikuko (Kyushu Univ.)

gGlobalization and the Future of American Political Society: The Rise of a New Global Strategy in the U.S. Government and its Implicationsh



Session BgReexamination of Slavery in the American Southh

(9:30-12:00, Room 1123, 12th floor)


Chair: AKIMOTO, Eiichi (Chiba Univ.)

SHIBUYA, Akihiko (Tokushima Bunri Univ.)

gThe Traditional Interpretation of Slavery vs. Time on the Crossh@

NUMAOKA, TsutomuiNiigata Sangyo Univ.j

gThe Plantation Management Techniques of Josiah Collins III, A North Carolina Corn Planterh

YAGYU, TomokoiUniv. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Graduate Studentj

gSlave Traders in the Old South: The Case of Rice C. Ballard g



** Workshop AgTechnology and Societyh (9:30-12:00, Room 1126, 12th floor)


Chair/Comments: OSHIO, Kazuto (Japan Women's Univ.)

Joshua BROWN (City Univ. of New York)

gFrom the Illustrated Newspaper to Cyberspace: Visual Technologies and Interaction in the 19th and 21st Centuriesh

HASHIMOTO, Takehiko (Univ. of Tokyo)

gThe Legacy of Efficiency: Standardization and American Society in the 19th and 20th Centuriesh

SUGITA, Yoneyuki (Osaka Univ. of Foreign Languages)

gInformation Technology and Modern Scientific Thought in American Healthcareh



12:10-12:50          Lunch/Incoming Board Meeting (Research Bldg., 4th Floor, Conference

Room 1)


13:00-13:30  General Assembly (Room 1123, 12th floor)



Session C gNew York-ness in American Cultureh (13:40-16:10, Room 1103, 10th floor)


Chair: KAMIOKA, Nobuo (Meiji Univ.)

SAITO, EijiiMeiji Univ.)

gMovie-Made New Yorkh

SASAME, KiyomiiTokyo Woman's Christian Univ.j

gBeing a Woman, Jewish and a New Yorkerh

TOTANI, YokoiToyoko Gakuen Womenfs Collegej

gDisneyfication of New 42nd Street Broadway, Off- and Off-Off-Broadway Theaters after 1990h

IKUI, Eikoh (Kyoritsu Women's Univ.)

gPhotographing Trauma: September 11th and the Cultural Consciousness of New York City g



Session D gProgressivism Revisitedh (13:40-16:10, Room 1123, 12th floor)


Chair: MATSUMOTO, Yuko (Chuo Univ.)

Comments: TAKAI, Yukari (Sapporo International Univ.)

UENO, Tsuguyoshi (Kyoto Sangyo Univ.)

gHuman Engineers and Labor Reform: The Emergence of a New Professional-Managerial Class, 1911-1923h

HIRATAI, Yumi (Sapporo Gakuin Univ.)

g Child Labor Regulations as a Thorny Issue on Federalismh

MATSUBARA, Hiroyuki (Yokohama Kokuritsu Univ.)

gThinking Political Culture: An Approach to the Age of Reformh



**Workshop B  gCitizenship and Participationh (13:40-16:10, Room 1126, 12th floor)


Chair/Comments: KUBO, Fumiaki (Keio Univ.)

Jane DESMOND (Univ. of Iowa)

gPerformativity and the Limits of Citizenship: Performing Sexuality in the Public Sphereh

ABE, Juri (Rikkyo Univ.)

gIt is a Good Day to Die: Native American Warrior Tradition Incorporated into American Warsh

ORUI, Hisae (Jyosai Kokusai Univ.)

gBeyond the Triple Melting Pot: African American Muslims Defined in the Moorish Science Temple of America, the Ahmadiyya Movement, and the Nation of Islam g

JEONG, Sangjun (Seoul National Univ.)

gConsumption Communities and Consumer Citizenshiph



16:20-17:10 Caucus Meetings


1. Immigration and Ethnicity (NOMURA, Tatsuro, Chair) Room 1112, 11th floor

2. Cold War Studies (KAN, Hideki, Chair) Room 1117, 11th floor

3. Asian American Studies (KOBAYASHI, Fukuko, Chair) Room 1118, 11th floor

4. American Politics (YUASA, Shigehiro, Chair) Room 1121, 12th floor

5. Japan-U.S. Relations (KAWAKAMI,Takashi, Chair) Room 1122, 12th floor

6. U.S. Economy and Economic History (KATO, Kazusei, Chair) Room 1127, 12th floor)

7. U.S. Women's History, Gender Studies (OGATA, Fusako, Chair) Room 1128, 12th floor) 


The Japanese Association for American Studies