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Professor Ichiro Hori


The annual meeting of this year has ended successfully. The 36th annual meeting will be on June 1-2, 2002, in Meiji University.


** presentations in English



June 2 (Saturday)

10:00-12:30 Presentation of Papers A (Room H201)

Chair: Norio Akashi (University of Tsukuba)


Yasushi Tanako (Tokyo Seitoku University)

gModernismh in the Medical Problematization of Drinking: Medicine and Society in 18th-century America

Hisayo Kushida (Keiai University)

The Erie Canal Project and the Federal Government

Mitsuyoshi Takeda (Aichi Gakuin University)

Mormon Polygamy and American Society in the 19th Century

Kotaro Ishizuka (Hitotsubashi University)

Fourierismfs gAttractive Industryh and Liberalism in the First Half of the 19th Century


10:00-12:30 Presentation of Papers B (Room H202)

Chair: Takeshi Matsuda (Osaka University for Foreign Studies)


Makoto Kurosaki (University of Tsukuba)

The Black Church and the Civil Rights Movement: Martin Luther King, Jr. and the National Baptist Convention, U.S.A.

Yuko Takeuchi (Kyoto Bunkyo University)

Diversity and the Admissions Process: A Study of the Affirmative Action Programh

Takahiko Hattori (Otsuma Womenfs University)

Accreditation: Its Purposes and Problems

Chizuru Nasu Shiraishi (Ochanomizu University)

Animal Rights Studies in the US: Its Current Status and Prospects


10:00-12:30 Presentation of Papers C (Room H203)

Chair: Noboru Kosaka (Obirin University)


Kaori Takada (Meiji University)

Visual Images of gOne Worldh Depicted in Americanfs Industrial Advertising during the World War II

Fumiko Sakashita (Doshisha University)

From Historiansf History to Popular History: A Study of the gWithout Sanctuaryh Exhibition of Lynching Photographs

Kazuhiro Maeshima (University of Maryland)

The Mediafs Selection of News in the 2000 Presidential Election: An Analysis of gABC World News Tonighth and gThe CBS Evening Newsh


10:00-12:30 Presentation of Papers D (Room H004)

Chair: Noriko Shimada (Japan Womenfs University)


Shusuke Takahara (Kobe University)

The Wilson Administration and Americafs Withdrawal from Siberia

Yukari Takai (Sapporo International University)

Reconstructing Migratory Itineraries: A Discussion of Nominative Sources from a Transnational Perspective

Masumi Izumi (Doshisha University)

The Political Legacy of Japanese American Internment: The Internal Security Act of 1950 and American Liberalism

Miho Toyoda (University of Tokyo)

The U.S. Occupation of Japan: Controversy over gWomenfs Sectionsh in Labor Unions


10:00-12:30 Presentation of Papers E (Room H005)

Chair: Kazuko Takemura (Ochanomizu University)


Toshimi Suzuki (Seisen University)

Oliver Wendell Holmes and Silas Weir Mitchell

Koji Toko (University of Tokyo)

Representation of Others in Don DeLillofs Novels

Kazuko Miyashita (National Institute of Fitness & Sports in Kanoya)

The Stephen Foster Unknown to America

David Espey (University of Pennsylvania, Fulbright Lecturer)

** Hemingway vs. Orwell: Action and Style


12:40-13:30 Lunch/Board and Trustees Meeting (Room E305)


13:40-14:10 General Assembly (Auditorium)

14:15-15:00 ** Presidential Address (Auditorium)

Michael Frish (ASA President, SUNY-Buffalo)

Relocating American Studies at the Millennial Moment: The Uses of Multivalence

Chair: Kensaburo Shinkawa (Ferris University)


15:00-17:30 Symposium: America in the World – Toward the 21st Century (Auditorium)

Chair: Fumiko Nishizaki


Makoto Iokibe (Kobe University)

American Diplomacy from the 20th to the 21st Century

Hiroshi Shibuya (University of Tokyo)

An Out-of-Date View of the American Economy

Chieko Kitagawa Otsuru (National Museum of Ethnology)

American Indivisible Faced with Post-Cold War Values

Masako Notoji (University of Tokyo)

The Transnational Osmosis of American Popular Culture


17:40- Reception (Student Hall)


June 3 (Sunday)


10:00-12:30 Session A: The gMarket Revolutionh and 19th Century America (Room H004)

Chair: Yoshio Higomoto (Doshisha University)


Yukako Hisada (Nagoya Prefectural College)

The gMarket Revolutionh and the Family in New England

Yasuo Okada (Keio University)

The gMarket Revolutionh and the American Farmer

Kikuyo Tanaka (Kwansei Gakuin University)

The gMarket Revolutionh and Participatory Democracy in Antebellum America

Comments: Hidetaka Yasutake (Aichi Prefectural University)


10:00-12:30 Session B: The Path of Japanese Americans (Room H005)

Chair: Masako Iino (Tsuda College)


Tadashi Sugiura (Iwate University)

The Settlement Process of the Japanese and Their Ethnic Urban Territory in Seattle, Washington, Viewed in Relation to Other Ethnic Group Settlements

Ryo Yoshida (Doshisha University)

Moral Reform Campaigns of Issei Japanese Christians and Chinese in California, 1869-1924

Eiichiro Azuma (University of Pennsylvania)

Beyond an Oppression-Resistance Paradigm: The Problem of Interethnic Relations in Japanese American History

Comments: Yuko Matsumoto (Chuo University)


10:00-12:30 ** Workshop A: Transnationalism, Globalism, and American Studies (Multipurpose Hall)

Chair: Ken Chujo (Obirin University)


Amy Kaplan (Mount Holyoke College)

The Imperial Cartography of W. E. B. Du Bois

Shigeru Sugiyama (Shizuoka University)

Americanizing America, Americanizing Global American Studies, and Localizing American Studies

Yasumasa Fujinaga (Yamaguchi University)

Muhammad Ali as a Global Hero in the Sixties: the Social Construction of Race and the Symbolism of Black Prizefighters

Comments: Young O. Yoon (President, American Studies Association, Korea)


12:40-14:20 Lunch/Caucus Meetings

1. Teaching American Studies (Shigeki Yano, Chair) (Room G001)

2. Asian American Studies (Fukuko Kobayashi, Chair) (Room G002)

3. American Politics (Shigehiro Yuasa, Chair) (Room G003)

4. US Womenfs History, Gender Studies (Rui Kohiyama, Chair) (Room G004)

5. Japan-US Relations (Kazumi Fujimoto, Chair) (Room G101)

6. US Economy and Economic History (Eiichi Akimoto, Chair) (Room G103)


14:30-17:00 Session C: Moby Dick after 150 Years (Room H004)

Chair: Arimichi Makino (Meiji University)


Hisayo Ogushi (Keio University)

Taking Stock in 1851: A Lull in the Literary Career of Lydia Maria Child

Tomoyuki Zettsu (Tokyo Gakugei University)

Captain Ahabfs Cabin: Moby-Dick and the South

Takaki Hiraishi (University of Tokyo)

Moby-Dick and the Abyss of the Novel

Comments: Hiroshi Matsuzaki (Aichi Gakuin University)


14:30-17:00 Session D: Transformation of Business Community in the United States (Room H005)

Chair: Isao Suto (Nagoya City University)


Akitake Taniguchi (Tohoku University)

Modern American Society and Big Business: An Alternative to Alfred Chandlerfs Business History

Hiroshi Teraoka (Chukyo University)

American Society and Small Business: Its Value and Transformation

Yasushi Watanabe (Keio University)

Business Ethics and Public Virtue: The Transformation of Business Culture in the US

Comments: Tsuguyoshi Ueno (Kyoto Industrial University)


14:30-17:00 ** Workshop B: US-Asian Relations: Politics, Economy, and Culture (Multipurpose Hall)

Chair: Ken Kondo (Aichi Gakuin University)


Susan Smulyan (Brown University)

Now It Can Be Told: The Influence of the United States Occupation on Japanese Radio

Nan Gyun Kim (Pyongtaek University)

The Korean War and US-Japan Relations: Was the Korean War a Turning Point in US-Japan Relations?

Xiaohua Ma (Osaka University of Education)

China and the Unite States: A Historical and Cultural Interpretation

Comments: Lee Jong Won (Rikkyo University)



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