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The annual meeting of this year has ended successfully. The 35th annual meeting will be on June 2-3, 2001, in Aichi Prefectural University.


Place:    Tezukayama University (7-1-1, Tezukayama, Nara-shi 631-8501)

Contact: Tezukayama University Cultural Sciences Department


June 3 (Saturday)

10:00-12:10 Presentation of Papers A (Rm. J101)

Chair:  Masugi Shimada (Kyoto University)

Papers:           Yumi Hiratai (Sapporo Gauin University)

              gThe US Federal System and the Problem of National Evilsh

           Masayosi Matsumura (Nihon University)

              gPublic Opinion in US Diplomacy: The Case of the Zimmermann Telegramh

           Kaoru Kojima (Keio University)

              gNATOfs Multilateral Nuclear Strategy: The Issue of Controlh

           Yasukichi Yasuba (Osaka Gakuin University)

              gReevaluating Reaganomicsh


10:00-12:10 Presentation of Papers B (Rm. J102)

Chair:  Sanehide Kodama (Doshisha Womenfs University)

Papers:           Yorimitsu Hashimoto (Lancaster University)

               gThe eYellow Perilf in Jack Londonfs eThe Unparalleled Invasionf and Its Historical Positionh

Joshua Dale (Tokyo Gakugei University)

                  **hReeling through the Ginza: Castration and Complicity in Cross-Cultural Relationsh

           Hideyo Konagaya (Siebold University of Nagasaki)

               gTaiko Performance: The Japan Cultural Arts Center in Los Angeles and Public Folkloreh

           Nobuo Kazashi (Hiroshima City University)

              gThe Prophetic Pragmatism of Cornel West: Public Happiness and the Tragich


10:00-12:10 Presentation of Papers C (Rm. J103)

Chair:  Hiroshi Tsunematsu (Kyoto Womenfs Univeristy)

Papers:           Keiko Araki (Keio University)

               gThe Garvey Movement as an International Social Movement: Issues Surrounding the eBack to Africaf Campaignh

           Naoko Masuda (University of Tsukuba)

               gThe Return from the Concentration Camp: The eReconstructionf of Japanese Americansh

           Miya Suga (International Christian University)

              gExamining the Immigration Law Reform Process, 1952-1965h


10:00-12:10 Presentation of Papers D (Rm. J104)

Chair: Ken Chujo (Obirin University)

Papers:           Sachiko Hishida (University of Tsukuba)

               gStrategies of Black Women in Support Activities for the Rosa Lee Ingram Trial of 1948h

           Sumiko Fujikura (Poole Galuin University)

              gThe Image of the American Family as I Saw Ith

           Tsuyako Nakamura (Doshisha University)

              gWomenfs Labor in the US and the Corporate Childcare Systemh


12:30-13:20 Lunch/Outgoing Board and Trustees Meeting (3F Large Conference Room)


13:30-15:00 **Presidential Addresses (Rm. J202)

           Mary C. Kelley (ASA President, Dartmouth College)

              gTaking Stands: American Studies at Centuryfs Endh

           Hiroko Sato (JAAS President, Tokyo Womenfs Christian University)

              gLooking at the United States from Two Dimensions of eOthernessfh

           Chair: Kensaburo Shinkawa (Ferris University)


15:10-17:40 Symposium: gEast Asia and the US: From Initial Encounters into the Futureh (Rm. J202)

Chair:  Eisaku Kihira (Kyoto University)

Panelists:Yasuo Endo (University of Tokyo)

gGazing at the Pacifich

Satoshi Nakano (Hitotsubashi University)

gDemocracy and the Perception of the Other: The US Political Debate on the Philippinesh

Zhu Jie (Doshisha Womenfs College of Liberal Arts)

gAmerica as Viewed from China: From Documents of the Mid-Nineteenth Centuryh

Izumi Hirobe (Nagoya University)

gEast Asia as Viewed from America: The Initial Encountersh


18:00-20:00     Reception (Student Hall gMahorobah)


June 6 (Sunday)

9:50-12:20 Session A: "School, Family, and Community in the United States" (Rm. J108)

Chair: Shigeo Fujimoto (Tezukayama University)

Papers:           Setsuko Miyai (Toyo Gakuen University)

gThe eEducationalf Philosophy and Activities of the Abolitionists: Children, Race, and Characterh

Toshiyuki Omomo (Tohoku University)

gThe Development of the Autonomous Individual and Religious Diversity: One Aspect of Conflicts From the Post-bellum to the End of the Nineteenth Centuryh

Yumi Tsuboi (Aichi University of Education)

gEducational Reform and the Development of School-Regional Communities in Chicago During the 1980s and 90sh

Comments: Masako (Sasamoto) Nakamura (Obirin University)


9:50-12:20 Session B: "War an the US in the Post Cold War Era" (Rm. J109)

Chair: Daizaburo Yui (University of Tokyo)

Papers:           Hiroshi Matsuoka (University of Tsukuba)

              gThe Vietnam Syndrome Todayh

           Junko Nishikawa (Dokkyo University)

              gThe US Military Industry after the Cold Warh

           Tetsuya Umemoto (University of Shizuoka)

              gMissile Defense and Arms Managementh

Comments: Fumiko Nishizaki (Seikei Univeristy)

               Haruya Anami (Aichi Prefectural University)


9:50-12:20 **Workshop A: "Globanization and American Studies: Community" (Rm. J110)

Chair: Yasuo Okada (Keio University)

Papers:           Robert Dawidoff (Claremont Graduate University)

              gfGayf Men and the Formation of American Ideas of Communityh

           Kohei Kawashima (Musashi University)

gThe Changing Role and Meaning of Class/Ethnic Boundaries in an Anglo Saxon Upper-Class Community: The Case of Boston Back Bay, 1850-1932h

           Naoki Onishi (International Christian University)

gOrigin and Myth-making of American Community: John Winthropfs eCity upon a Hillf Reconsideredh

           Youn-Jin Kim (Dankook University)

gToward the Creation of the Asian American Community: Pan Asianism in the 1960s and 70sh


12:30-13:20 Lunch/Incoming Board and Trustees Meeting (3F Large Conference Room)


13:20-13:50 General Assembly (Rm. J202)


14:00-16:30 Session C: "Women and Social Reform" (Rm. J109)

Chair: Yoko Shirai (Tokyo International University)

Papers:           Rui Kohiyama (Tokyo Womanfs Christian University)

gFrom Ecumenism to Internationalism: Establishing and Supporting Seven Womenfs Christian Universities in Asiah

           Rumi Yasutake (California State University, Long Beach)

gOpportunism as a Strategy: The Social Reform Movement of the Womenfs Christian Temperance Unionh

           Fusako Ogata (Tezukayama University)

gReforming American Academic Organizations Through US Womenfs History and Gender Studiesh

Comments: ** Ellen C. DuBois (University of California, Los Angeles)


14:00-16:30 Session D: "Diaspora and American Literature" (Rm. J110)

Chair: Fukuko Kobayashi (Waseda University)

Papers:           Minako Baba (Kwansei Gakuin University)

              gDiaspora, Holocaust, and Israel in Jewish American Literatureh

           Naoko Sugiyama (Saitama University)

              gDiaspora as a Story: African American Writersf Paradiseh

           Teruyo Ueki (Kobe Womenfs University)

               gThe Hybridization of American Literature: Consequences of the Asian Diasporah

Comments: Yoshiyuki Kido (Chiba University)


14:00-16:30 ** Workshop B: "Globalization and American Studies: Art and Cultureh (Rm. L305)

Chair: Shinichi Shigihara (Tezukayama University)

Papers:           Kyoko Nozaki (Kyoto Sangyo University)

             gfJust Like Sunshine, Like Moon(light)f: The Life of Matsumi Kanemitsu, a Kibei Artisth

           Michele Bogart (State University of New York, Stony Brook)

              gNorman Rockwell, Commercial Artisth

           Eiko Ikui (Kyoritsu Womenfs University)

               gfWhy Have There Been So Many Great Women Photographers?f: Photography and the Status of Art in the Nineteenth Centuryh

Comments: Atsushi Yoshida (Washington University)


14:00-16:30 Caucus Meetings

1. Universities in the US (Sanehide Kodama, Chair) Rm. J101

2. Teaching American Studies (Shigeki Yano, Chair) Rm. J102

3. Japan-US Relations (Kazumi Fujimoto, Chair) Rm. J103

4. Early America (Naoki Onishi, Chair) Rm. J104

5. Asian American Studies (Fukuko Kobayashi, Chair) Rm. J105

6. US Economy and Economic History (Eiichi Akimoto, Chair) Rm. J106

7. US Womenfs History, Gender Studies (Fusako Ogata, Chair) Rm. J107

8. Blacks in the American Continent (Yasumasa Fujinaga, Chair) Rm. J108

9. American Politics (Shigeo Yuasa, Chair) Rm. J109


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