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The Japanese Journal of American Studies STYLE SHEET AND GUIDE FOR AUTHORS

I. Procedure for submitting manuscripts

first stage

  1. In order to facilitate the printing process,        manuscripts should be prepared using a personal computer.
  2. The paper should not exceed 7,000 words, including notes.       If graphs, maps, etc. are included,        then the number of words should be reduced proportionally        in order to accommodate these materials.       For details, please refer to section II.
  3. Once the manuscript has been reviewed by a native speaker of English        familiar with academic style,        3 copies of the completed paper should be sent to The JJAS Editorial Committee,       JAAS, c/o The University of Tokyo Center for Pacific and American Studies,       3-8-1 Komaba, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-8902.
  4. The editorial committee will meet to review the submitted manuscripts        and make its decisions, and authors will be informed of the results        before the end of June. Papers will be either (A) accepted as submitted,       (B) accepted contingent on revision, (C) not accepted.

second stage

  1. For papers in categories (A) and (B),       authors will be requested to submit an electronic file for editing.       For papers in category (B) the committee will decide        after reviewing the revisions made whether or not to accept the paper        for publication.  The editorial committee may make suggestions        for revision of accepted manuscripts,        and will then return them to each of the authors.       Authors are requested to take these suggestions into consideration       as they revise their manuscripts.       During this second stage, the editorial committee may continue to suggest       further revisions.

third stage

  1. Three copies of the final manuscript should be submitted        to the editorial committee: 2 hard copies and one on a floppy disk       (see note III below).


  1. Galleys will be sent to authors in March or early April.       Authors should notify the committee in advance       if they will be away from their usual mailing address at any time       during this period.       At this time, authors are also requested to submit a short English summary       (no more than a paragraph) of their paper,       for the editor-in-chief's reference.       In principle, authors will proofread only the first galleys.       In order to communicate corrections and additions clearly to the printer,       authors should annotate their manuscripts by hand in red pencil or ink,       before returning the corrected galleys to the editorial committee.       There is no need to submit the revised version on floppy disk.

other matters

  1. Authors will receive 50 offprints and two copies of the Journal.
  2. Submitted materials will not be returned.
  3. Acknowledgments should be kept to a minimum.       The Journal's policy is only to allow acknowledgements       that recognize specific assistance made in preparing the submitted manuscript,       for example, from libraries or institutions.       More general acknowledgments, for example of colleagues or editors       who read and commented on the manuscript or assisted the author more generally,       should not be included.
  4. Papers published in the Journal will be simultaneously published        in electronic form on the Journal's website.       Any author who does not wish their paper to be included        in the electronic form of the journal should notify the committee in advance.

II. Manuscript style

  1. Manuscripts should be typed double-spaced on A4 paper       (approximately 65 characters/spaces to a line, 25 lines to a page).       The total length should be approximately 35 pages, including notes.       Manuscripts should not exceed 7,000 words, including notes,       less if necessary to accommodate graphs, maps, and illustrations       within an equivalent number of pages.
  2. In principle, authors should refer to        The Chicago Manual of Style , 14th ed.       (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1993) for style guidance.       Kate Turabian's        A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses,       and Dissertations , 6th ed. (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1996)       is a useful abbreviation.  In some cases the following reference works       may also be used:        MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers ,       6th ed. (New York: Modern Language Association of America, 2003),        Publication Manual of the        American Psychological Association , 3rd ed.       (Washington, D.C.: American Psychological Association, 1984).       In all cases, authors should use a uniform style throughout the manuscript.
  3. Please refer to the back issues for basic style.
  4. Notes should be presented as endnotes, following the main body of the text,       and typed double-spaced       (approximately 65 characters/spaces to a line, 25 lines to a page).
  5. The author's name should be given below the title,       in the order of given name and then family name.       The official English language name of the author's affiliation       (university, research institute, etc.) should also be given.
  6. In order to make the papers easier to read,       it is desirable that each manuscript be divided into several sections,       with roman numerals or headings (or a combination thereof)       at the beginning of each section.       The first section and last section may be given topic headings,       or headed as "introduction" and "conclusion,"       and/or they may be given roman numerals.       Headings should not be centered.
  7. Graphs, maps, photographs, etc. should be glued individually       on to separate sheets of A4 paper, without page numbers.       Captions should be written concisely beneath each figure.       The location of final insertion in the manuscript (page and line)       should be noted clearly on both the separate page and in the text itself.

III. The final manuscript

  1. The final manuscript, with all necessary additions and corrections,       should be submitted to the editorial committee in the form of one floppy disk       (text file) and 2 hard copies.       Authors should make sure that they have kept a back-up disk       containing their manuscript.       On the submitted floppy disk, please note the name of both the hardware       and the software program used.
  2. Block quotations should not be indented or single-spaced,       but should be indicated in the margin of the manuscript.
  3. The first line of each note should not be indented,       and the note number should be given in the same font size as the text of the note.       One space should be inserted between the number and the beginning of the note.       Notes should be double-spaced.
  4. For further guidance on any editorial issues,       please write to the editorial committee.

Citation Samples

A. Books

1. with a single author

William H. Chafe,  The Unfinished Journey: America Since World War II , 3d ed. (New York: Oxford University Press, 1995), 146-48.

2. with an editor/editors

(1) where no author's name appears on the title page
Walter Lippmann and Allan Nevins, eds., A Modern Reader: Essays on Present-day Life and Culture (Boston: Heath, 1936), 76.
(2) the edited work of one author (unless the editor/translator is more important to the discussion than the original author)
John Stuart Mill, Autobiography and Literary Essays , ed. John M. Robson and Jack Stillinger (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1980), 15.

3. a work in a series

Luli Callinicos, Workers on the Rand: Factories, Townships, and Popular Culture, 1886-1942 , A People's History of South Africa, vol. 2 (Athens, Ohio: Ohio University Press, 1985), 48.

4. a translation

Murasaki Shikibu, The Tale of Genji , trans. Edward G. Seidensticker (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1978), 46.

5. a work in a language other than English

Yoshiko Yoshida, Amerika to Nippon no taiwa [The Dialogue between the United States and Japan] (Tokyo: Shunju-sha, 1995), 189-200.

When romanizing Japanese language titles, capitalize the first word and proper nouns. The accompanying English translation should be capitalized according to note G below. Underlining is not necessary except in cases  where the English translation of the Japanese title has been indicated by the author.

6. when it is important to indicate the year of original publication

(1) reprint editions
Gunnar Myrdal, Population: A Problem for Democracy (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1940; repr. Gloucester, Mass.: Peter Smith, 1956), 9.
(2) the first paperback edition of an original hardback
(i) by a different publisher
Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Frankenstein: Or, The Modern Prometheus (the 1818 text) , ed. James Reiger (Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill, 1974; Chicago: University of Chicago Press, Phoenix Books, 1982), 37.
(ii) by a publisher within the same group
Leon F. Litwack, North of Slavery: The Negro in the Free States, 1790-1860 (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1961; Phoenix Books, 1965), 65.

B. Articles

1. in a book

Jack Goody and Ian Watt,  "The Consequences of Literacy," in Literacy in Traditional Societies , ed. Jack Goody (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1968), 34.

2. in a professional journal

(1) general
Patricia A. Cooper,  "What Ever Happened to Adolph Strasser?" Labor History 20 (Summer 1979): 17-30.
(2) where the journal is paginated by issue
Lisa Steinman, "Moore, Emerson, and Kreymborg," Marianne Moore Newsletter 4, no. 1 (1980): 9.
(3) where the journal is paginated by volume
Konrad Lorenz, "The Wisdom of Darwin," Midway , no. 22 (1965): 43.

3. in a popular magazine

(1) signed articles
Anne B. Fisher, "Ford Is Back on the Track," Fortune , 23 December 1985, 18.
(2) unsigned articles
"Ethiopia's No-Win War", Newsweek , 24 April 1989, 19.

C. Other sources

1. newspapers

Michael Norman,  "The Once-Simple Folk Tale Analyzed by Academe," New York Times , 5 March 1984.

2. encyclopedias

Encyclopedia Americana , 1963 ed., s.v. "Sitting Bull."
Columbia Encyclopedia , 1990 ed., s.v. "Tocqueville, Alexis de."

3. unpublished dissertations

Sandra Landis Gogel,  "A Grammar of Old Hebrew" (Ph.D. diss., University of Chicago, 1985), 46-50.

4. government publications

U.S. Congress, House Committee on Education and Labor, White House Conference on Aging: Report to Accompany S.J. Res. 117 , 90th Cong., 2d sess., 1 May 1968, 5.

D. Indirect citations

Glenway Wescott, Images of Truth: Remembrances and Criticism (New York: Harper, 1962), 128, quoted in William L. Nance, Katherine Anne Porter and the Art of Rejection (Chapel Hill, N.C.: University of North Carolina Press, 1964), 207-9.

E. Repeated citations

  1. Use "ibid." (not underlined) when referring again to the single work cited in the immediately preceding note. Except at the head of a sentence, "ibid." should not be capitalized.

    See ibid., 52-58.

  2. Use short title forms when referring again to a previous citation not in the immediately preceding note. Include the author, title (abbreviated if necessary), and page number.

    Chafe, The Unfinished Journey , 150.

F. Multiple-item notes

When citing more than one source in a single note, connect the items with semi-colons, and insert "and" before the final item.

Chafe, The Unfinished Journey, 180-81; Cooper,  "What Ever Happened," 24; and Lorenz, "The Wisdom of Darwin," 46.

G. Capitalization in English language sources

  1. Capitalize the first letter of each word, but (with the exception of the first and last words) use lower case for articles, prepositions, the word "to" used as part of an infinitive, and coordinate conjunctions (and, but, or, nor, for).

    Economic Effects of War upon Women and Children "What It Is All About"
  2. The capitalization of the original title should be retained in principle, but for the sake of uniformity the capitalization described above may be used.

  3. With regard to Japanese language materials, see A.5. above.

H. Omission of the definite article in titles of magazines, journals,  and encyclopedias

(The) New York Times, (The) Chronicle of Higher Education

I. Place of publication

  1. When an American location is not well known, include the state name. Abbreviate as follows:

    Ala. Alaska Ariz. Ark. Calif. Colo. Conn. Del. D.C. Fla. Ga. Hawaii Idaho Ill. Ind. Iowa Kans. Ky. La. Maine Md. Mass. Mich. Minn. Miss. Mo. Mont. Nev. N.H. N.J. N.Mex. N.Y. N.C. N.Dak. Ohio Okla. Oreg. Pa. R.I. S.C. S.Dak. Tenn. Tex. Utah Vt. Va. Wash. W.Va. Wis. Wyo.  

    In the case of Cambridge (for example), if the publisher is other than Cambridge University Press, Harvard University Press, or MIT Press, indicate "Cambridge, England" or "Cambridge, Mass."

  2. The US capital, Washington D.C., should be referred to as "Washington, D.C." except in the case of publications from bodies such as the US Congress, in which case there is no need to indicate place of publication.  See C.4. above.

  3. When a title page indicates more than one place of publication, in principle only the first should be given.

J. Publisher

  1. Omit the first "The" and also "Inc." or "Ltd."

    (The) University of Chicago Press, Alfred A. Knopf (Inc.)
  2. Simplify "and" to "&," and "Company" to "Co."

K. Numerals

  1. Page numbers: 46-48, 135-37, 204-6, 281-302
  2. Volume numbers: use arabic numerals -- "vol. 4" (not "vol. IV")
  3. Ordinal numbers: 2d, 3d (not 2nd, 3rd).

47. Anglo-America (2013)


The Anglo-American Dream of Benjamin Franklin: The Stamp Act Crisis and the Sense of Nationality SATO, Mitsushige(1)
"We Are Kin in Sin": Anglo-American Representations in Mark Twain's Novels ISHIHARA, Tsuyoshi(21)
Against "Provincialism": Ezra Pound's "Renaissance" Project NAGAHATA, Akitoshi(41)
A North American Agent Jeremiah Dummer and the British Empire of his Age: One Aspect of the Eighteenth Century Anglo-American Politics  MORI, Takeo(59)
The Vietnam War and Collective Defense: Anglo-American Relations within SEATO during the Vietnam War, 1965-1968 MIZUMOTO, Yoshihiko(79)
The first Invitation to "Empire": collaboration between Edward Mandell house and Sir Edward Grey over U.S. participation in World War I SAKADE, Takeshi(99)
The Uncanny Return of the Past: Holocaust Representation in Cynthia Ozick's The Shawl HAMURA, Takashi(109)
Nitobe Inazo's Speech Tours in America after the Manchurian Incident TANIGUCHI, Maki(129)
The Role of De Forest and Minagawa in Introducing Television to Japan ARIMA, Tetsuo(149)
Nathaniel Hawthorne and a Construction of Literary World --"The Virtuoso's   Collection" as a Museum TAKENO, Fumiko(169)
The Katsu Goto Memorial: Representations of the Lynching of a Japanese Immigrant in Hawaii HORI, Erika(185)
The   Forty-Sixth Annual Meeting: A Summary Report -205
Abstracts -219

46. The Sea and the State (2012)


The Sea and the State
The American Civil War in the Transatlantic Abolition of Slavery NISHIDE, Keiichi
Orphans, Oceans, and Moby-Dick HASHIMOTO, Yasunaka
The Price of National Prestige: An Interpretation of the Japan-U.S. Confrontation   over Hawaii at the Turn of the Century ITO, Koji
The Geopolitics of Submarine Cables: From British Telegraph Networks to the   American Internet TSUCHIYA, Motohiro
U.S.-Australia relations concerning Asia-Pacific during Sino-Japanese War TAKAMITSU, Yoshie
"The Beginning of America's 'Pro-Israeli' Policy: A Case of the USS Liberty   Incident during the Six Day War" TOMINAGA, Erika
Levi-Strauss' Perspective of NonAssimilation and the Spirit of Charity in Karen Tei Yamashita's Through the Arc of the Rain Forest MAKINO, Rie
Historical Contexts of the Atomic Bombings against Japan in the U. S. History Textbooks: World War II, the Cold War, and the Nuclear Age FUJITA, Satoshi
"Providence and "A Remarkable Meteor" Seen in Uraga?Perry, Hawthorne and the Opening of Japan? NAKANISHI, Kayoko
What Is Nikkei in the US Now?: Identity Politics of a Student Organization and   "Japanese Americans" KINOSHITA, Akira
Book Review
Hiroshi Kitamura, Screening Enlightenment: Hollywood and the Cultural Reconstruction of Defeated Japan IIOKA, Shiro
The Forty-Fifth Annual Meeting: A Summary Report

45. Disease and Institutions (2011)


Disease and Institutions
Reproductive Rights and Social Welfare: Informed Consent for Sterilization ONO, Naoko
Health Insurance and the Social Security Act of 1935: The Vision of Edgar   Sydenstricker and I.S. Falk and the Medical Advisory Board SATO, Chitose
Disease, Hippie and Neoliberalism: Thomas Pynchon's Vineland MIURA, Reiichi
Health Care Reform and the Transformation of Party Politics in the United States: Universal Health Insurance Reform and Medical Reform AMANO, Taku
Sarah Josepha Hale and Domestic Ideology in the (Anti-) Boardinghouse Novel MASUDA, Kumiko
Paper-made Emerald City: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and Paper Currency System AKIMOTO, Takafumi
Politics in History Museums and the Private Sector: The George Washington Politics "Lansdowne" Portrait as Case Study YOKOYAMA, Saki
Rethinking the Women's Peace Movements in the United States: Women Strike for Peace in the 1960s SATO, Masaya
The Commercial Society's Ethic and the Spirit of "Social" Capitalism: Politeness   and Sociability in Franklin's Autobiography WANIBUCHI, Shuichi
Reserach Note
Importance of Assuming a Social Historical Perspective in Examining Recent American Trade Policy KOYAMA, Kumiko
Book Review
Satoru Mori, The Vietnam War and Alliance Diplomacy: The Impact   of British and French Peace Initiatives on U.S. Policy FUJIMOTO, Hiroshi
The Forty-Fourth Annual Meeting: A Summary Report

44. Turn of the Century in the US (2010)


Turn of the Century in the US
The National Negro Business League and Its Politics of African-American   Collective Memories at the Turn of the Twentieth Century KANEKO, Ayumu
Japan as Domestic Space: Lilla Cabot Perry at the Turn into the Twentieth Century MATSUKAWA, Yuko
U.S. Policy over the Korean Peninsula from the End of the Nineteenth Century to the Beginning of the Twentieth Century MATSUDA, Haruka
Falling Bodies, Failing Words: Narratives Before/After 9/11 OZAWA, Eimi
Lynching and Torture at the Turn of Two Centuries: On Lynchings (1892-1900) and Guantanamo: 'Honor Bound to Defend Freedom' (2004) SAKUMA, Yuri
John F. Kennedy and the Neutralization of South Vietnam MATSUOKA, Hiroshi
"The Jumbo Domestication": Exhibition of Animals and Sentimentalism at the   End of the Nineteenth Century MARUYAMA, Yuki
Book Review
Itsuki Kurashina, The Eisenhower Administration and West Germany: East-West Arms Control Negotiations as Alliance Policy ONOZAWA,Toru
A New Generation Scholar Discusses a New Woman in Faulkner's Novels: Koichi Suwabe, William Faulkner's Poetics: 1930-1936 FUJIHIRA, Ikuko
The Forty-Third Annual Meeting: A Summary Report

43. The President (2009)


The President
Hawthorne's Image of George Washington IRIKO, Fumiko
The Foreign Policy Archetype of the American Presidency: From George Washington to John Quincy Adams NAKAJIMA, Hiroo
Dialogue and Secrecy: John F. Kennedy's Policy Making TSUCHIDA, Hiroshi
War Powers Derived from the Presidential Image KITAGAWA OTSURU, Chieko
Franklin D. Roosevelt's Proclamations of National Emergency: Crisis and Presidential Power OKUHIRO, Keita
The Politics of Family Support in Early-Twentieth-Century America GOTO, Chiori
Extraterritorializing Literature: Translation, Dual Nationality and the Hardboiled in A Fairwell to Arms TSUJI, Hideo
Rebuilding Little Tokyo?: Community and Interracialism in the Resttlement Era MINAMIKAWA, Fuminori
Technology and an Immigrant Version of Americanism: Swedish-American Representation of the Ironclad Monitor and John Ericsson TSUCHIDA, Eiko
Inventing and Performing the Self: Image of the Japanese-American Painter in Yasuo Kuniyoshi's Self-Portraits KIKUKAWA, Masako
Globalizing "American Peace": The Outlawry of War Movement in Interwar America MIMAKI, Seiko
Chase and Modernity: Representation of Time and Movement in Harold Lloyd's Safety Last! HASEGAWA, Koichi
Book Review
Yoshie Takamitsu, Japan, China and the United States in Interwar "Globalization" TAKITA, Kenji
Yumi Hiratai, Social Reform in American Federal System: Child Labor Regulations in the Early Twentieth-Century HIRATA, Miwako
Katsuyuki Murata, Latino Ethnicity and the Shifting Boundaries of   Americanness: The Sociocultural History of "the Undocumented Immigration Problem" NAKAGAWA, Masanori
The Forty-Second Annual Meeting: A Summary Report

42. Nuclear Space (2008)


Nuclear Space
One Minute after the Detonation of the Atomic Bomb: the Erased Effect of Residual Radiation TAKAHASHI, Hiroko
The Language of the Nuclear Age: Critical Approach to the Rhetoric of Containment and Deterrence SHIMOKOBE, Michiko
The Nuclear Imagination of a Mad Scientist: a Note on Nikola Tesla SHINDO, Masaaki
Nevada Test Site and Yucca Mountain: The Construction of Nuclear Space and Racism ISHIYAMA, Noriko
The Pugwash Conferences and American Scientists' Quest for Disarmament and Stable Mutual Deterrence, 1955-1963 KUROSAKI, Akira
NPT Regime and Defense Industrial Base-US,UK, and West Germany Nuclear and Military Expenditure Negotiations (March 1966-April 1967)Surrounding the NATO Crisis of 1966 SAKADE, Takeshi
Prosthetics in the Cold War: Discourses and Representations of Hearing Aid in the Atomic Age MISOE, Atsuro
The Claim Against "Enemy Alien" Status of Koreans in Wartime Hawai'i Redefining "Korean" and Reconstructing Nationalism LEE, Rika Rihwa
Hardhat Patriots: the Construction Workers in New York City and the Change of Their Lives MINAMI, Shuhei
Book Review
Taku Amano, Professional Groups and Health Policy in the United States SUNADA, Ichiro
Maho Toyoda, Labor Reform for/against Women in the US Occupation of Japan SATO, Chitose
Jun Kamata, Resistance at the Margin: Radioactive Waste and American Indian Social Movement MATSUNAGA, Kyoko
Sadao Asada, From Mahan to Pearl Harbor: Imperial Japanese Navy and the United States Sadao Asada, Culture Shock and Japanese-American Relations: Historical Essay MIWA, Kimitada
The Forty-First Annual Meeting: A Summary Report

41. Nature and Environment (2007)


Nature and Environment
Rereading "American" Places: Postcolonial Dimensions in Bioregionalism YAMAZATO, Katsunori
On the Gender Root of Silence: Going down the "Toxic Inferno" of Silent Spring ITOH, Shoko
Legal Framework for Environmental Conflict Management: How Did Federal Agencies Reach Consensus Ending Development of Oregon Inlet Jetty Proposal OIKAWA, Hiroko
Market, Culture, and Ecological Values of Water: A Historical Case of the American West and Beyond OSHIO, Kazuto
Environment Sculpture: Isamu Noguchi's Garden Sculpture, Environment Sculpture and Site Specificity KAWAI, Masatomo
The Perprexity of the Animals: Thomas Pynchon's Post Modern Ecology HATOOKA, Keita
The Culture and Business of Farming: Ecological Imagination of Japanese American Writers MATSUNAGA, Kyoko
The Nexus Between Native American and the Salem Witchcraft: John Neal's Rachel Dyer and American (Literary) Independence SHIRAKAWA, Keiko
Japanese American Soldiers and European "War Brides":American Orientalism and Whiteness NAKAMURA, Masako
Book Review
Shusuke Takahara, Wilson Diplomacy and Japan: Ideal and Reality 1913-1921 NISHIZAKI, Fumiko
Tsuyoshi Ishihara, Mark Twain in Japan: The Cultural Reception of an American Icon SUGIYAMA, Naoko
Kazuhisa Honda, Rethinking "American Democracy": Racism and Deliberative Democracy FUJINAGA, Yasumasa
Hiroshi Okayama, The Consolidation of the American Two-party System: The Republican Party and the Formation of the Post-bellum Regime during Reconstruction TANAKA, Kikuyo
The Fortieth Annual Meeting: A summary Report

40. Violence (2006)


Emancipation, Family, and Violence: Race, Class, and Gender in a North Carolina Piedmont Community During Reconstruction Sasaki, Takahiro (1)
Can Counter-Terrorist Novels Be Written Now?: From Mao II (1991) to Specimen Days (2005) Takemura, Kazuko (19)
Structured Violence as a Form of Southern Culture: The Emmett Till Case and Faulkner's "Dry September" Tanaka, Hisao (39)
Hollywood and Post-9/11 America Yoshimoto, Mitsuhiro (57)
Representations of Violence in the Borderlands of the Virtual-Real: Visualization in American Psycho Ozawa, Eimi (81)
Pimp Culture: Distorted Masculinity in the Hip Hop Generation Kanazawa, Satoshi (99)
The Logic behind Nativism: The Case for Lyman Beechers' Plea for the West   Yamanaka, Aki Yamanaka, Aki (119)
The Historical Origin of American Unilateralism: The French Mission and the Adams Administration Ishikawa, Takafumi 139 Ishikawa, Takafumi (139)
The Problem of Nuclear Proliferation to West Germany and Eisenhower's Response Kurashina, Itsuki (159)
Rival Political Visions of the Social Security Act of 1935 Nakajima, Jo (177)
Book Review 
Eiichiro Azuma, Between Two Empires: Race, History, and Transnationalism in Japanese America Abe, Kosuzu (195)
Yasushi Watanabe, After America: Trajectories of the Bostonians and the Politics of Culture Kawashima, Kohei (201)
Fumiko Iriko, Hawthorne, the Scarlet Letter, Tapestry Satoh, Shigemitsu (209)
Ken Chujo, Race in History: Difference and Heterogeneity in the United States Takemoto, Yuko (215)
Yasutake, Rumi, Transnational Women's Activism: The United States, Japan, and Japanese Immigrant Communities in California, 1859-1920 Matsubara, Hiroyuki (221)
The Thirty-Ninth Annual Meeting: A Summary Report -227
Abstracts -241

39. Media (2005)


American Journalism in Decline Factors Behind its Transformation Fujita, Hiroshi (1)
Bloody Shirt and the Idea of Racial Equality: Radical Republicans and Post-Civil War Journalism Kido, Yoshiyuki (21)
The Rosenberg Case and American Intellectuals: A Background Analysis of the Media Tug-of-war Maekawa, Reiko (43)
New Media, Old Media: A New Phase of Media Studies in the U.S. Kitano, Keisuke (63)
Reinventing America as the Other: A New Perspective on American Studies Yoshimi, Shunya (85)
Emerson's Style and Its Reception in Japan Mizuno, Tatsuro (105)
Crusade for the Unemployed Nishikawa, Masaru (125)
Selling Democracy: Norman Granz and Jazz in the Cold War Torii, Yusuke (143)
Book Review 
Hatsue Shinohara, Forgotten Crusade: The American Scholars of International Law in the Interwar Period Nishioka, Tatsuhiro (163)
Etsuko Taketani, U.S. Women Writers and the Discourses of Colonialism, 1825-1861 Beppu, Keiko (169)
Nahoko Tsuneyama, American Shakespeare: A Cultural History of the Early American Theater Yamamoto, Hideyuki (175)
Noriko Ishiyama, Environmental Justice and American-Indian Tribes: Struggles over the Storage of High-leval Radioactive Waste Sato, Madoka (181)
Akiko Ochiai, Harvesting Freedom: African American Agrarianism in Civil War Ear South Carolina Uesugi, Shinobu (187)
The Thirty-eighth Annual Meeting: A Summary Report -195
Abstracts -217

38. Religion (2004)


Introduction to the Religion of the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) KIMURA, Takeshi (1)
Vodun After Crossing the Atlantic FUROMOTO, Atsuko (21)
Jonathan Edwards and the Ideal of Protestant America MORIMOTO, Anri (41)
Discovering the American Catholic Roots KIKAMA, Yasuo (61)
The Book of Mormon and the Birth of a Church HIRAI, Yasuhiro (81)
Buddhist Folk Song Tradition in Hawaii: A Study of Song Lyrics in Relation to Japanese American Experiences WELLS, Keiko (103)
Reexamination  of the American Civil Religion MORI, Kouichi (123)
The Urban Reform and the Machine Politics in New York City: The Civil Service   Reform during the Administration of Fiorello H. La Guardia SUGAWARA, Kazuyuki (141)
Roots of  Womens Labor Protection: Establishing the Womens and Minors Bureau in the U.S. Occupation of Japan TOYODA, Maho (159)
Representation of Respectability in African American Organizational Efforts to Help the Ingrams HISHIDA, Sachiko (179)
The Genesis of the Japanese American Redress Movement OYAGI, Go (199)
Literature, Advocacy, and Dis/claiming the Nation: Reading the Politics of Aesthetics in Joy Kogawas Obasan NAKAMURA, Rika (219)
The Thirty-Seventh Annual Meeting: A Summary Report -237
Abstracts -259

37. The 1950s (2003)


The 1950s 
The American Image in the Popular Culture of Postwar Japan (1950s-1960s) YASUDA, Tsuneo (1)
The U.S. Economy in the 1950s KAWAMURA, Tetsuji (23)
The Film and Box of Joseph Cornell: A Romanticist in 1950s New York KATO, Mikiro (45)
Doors into Summer: A Poetics of the Cold War in American Literature ZETTSU, Tomoyuki (65)
Malfunctioning Weapon: Clement Greenberg, the Cultural Cold War, and Globalization KAJIYA, Kenji (83)
Research Note 
Jewish Women Writers in the 1950s OBA, Masako (107)
"Sense" of Road, Photographic Event: A Study of Stephen Shore HIDAKA, Yu (117)
"Race" as Discourse/"Race" as Reality: W.E.B. Du Bois and the Concept of   "Race" OGIDO, Yuji (137)
The Rockefeller Foundation and the Institute of Pacific Relations: An Analysis of   Their Entangled Relationships in the Early Cold War Years SASAKI, Yutaka (157)
The Whereabouts of Performative Gender: On Patti Smith TOMA, Ulara (177)
The Thirty-Fifth Annual Meeting: A Summary Report -199
Abstracts -221

36. The Post-Cold War Era (2002)


The Post-Cold War Era 
The Post-Cold War Era: Americanism, Globalization, and Nationalism FURUYA, Jun (1)
U.S. Economic Performances During the 1990s SHINOHARA, Soichi (23)
Where Has the Vietnam Syndrome Gone?: America's Memory of Defeat and Its Post-Cold War Military Interventions MATSUOKA, Hiroshi (37)
Memory, Narrative, and Identity after the Cold War: The Representation of the   Vietnamese Refugees in Robert Olen Butler's A Good Scent from a Strange   Mountain (1992) SUZUKI, Toru (55)
What Is Transgender?: Its History, Its Potentiality WATANABE, Momoko (75)
The  Sorrow of Roger Williams: Separationism as a Regulative Principle and   Accommodationism as a Constitutive Principle MORIMOTO, Anri (91)
Yasuo Kuniyoshi and the Cultural Cold War: The Politics of Postwar American Art KOBAYASHI, Go (111)
A Transformation of Fundamentalist Views of Catholicism, 1878-1918 YAMAMOTO, Takahiro (131)
Congressional Voting Decisions on the China Trade Bill MAESHIMA, Kazuhiro (151)
The Sacred Self and the Miracle Controversies: On the Origin of Emersonian   Individualism NARITA, Masahiko (171)
Terrorism, Cult and Literature: Representation of Others in Don DeLillo's Mao II TOKO, Koji (189)
Self-Portrait of Katherine Schmidt, Painter: Partnership with Yasuo Kuniyoshi HOSHINO, Mutsuko (207)
The Thirty-Fifth Annual Meeting: A Summary Report -229
Abstracts -251

35. American Identity and Multiculturalism (2001)


American   Identity and Multiculturalism
Various Aspects of Identity as Represented in Jewish American Literature: Diaspora, Holocaust, Israel BABA, Minako(1)
Vietnamese American Literature and American Society: From Refugees to the Second Generation, "VietnAmerican" YOSHIDA, Mitsu(21)
An Exile's Counter-Narrative of Nation-Building: The U.S. Literary Study's   Cultural-Critical Self-Fashoning and Theresa Hak Kyung Cha NITTA, Keiko(39)
Multiculturalism and Integrationism: A Study in Intellectural History KAMISADA, Shuichi(59)
Cape Cod as "Another World": What Thoreau Found at the Edge of the World FUJIOKA, Nobuhiko(79)
Personal Story and Collective History in a Slave Narrative: Harriet A. Jacobs' Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, Written by Herself NISHIMOTO, Azusa(97)
The Politics of Women's Voices: The Strategy of Difference and Displacement in   Trinh T. Minh-ha's Film, Surname Viêt, Given Name Nam: "There is no real   me to return to." KAWAGUCHI, Keiko(115)
Justice and Mercy: Release of Japanese War Cristmas and Japanese-American Relations Following Peace, 1952-1958 HIGURASHI, Yoshinobu(135)
The Russo-Japanese War and Japanese Folktales: Japanese Image in Alice Bacon's In the Land of Gods SUNADA, Erica(155)
The Thirty-Fourth Annual Meeting: A Summary Report -167
Abstracts -189

34. Globalization and America (2000)


Globalization and America
Globalization and Americanization Masaru Kaneko(1)
Baseball as the Cultural Mission of America: The Attempts to Spread the American National Sport Worldwide in the 19th Century Eiji Ozawa(17)
The Historical Premise of Economic Globalization by the U.S.: From the Reciprocal Trade Agreement Act to the GATT Tadao Kano(35)
Globalization and Democracy: a Review on America's Arguments Shigehiro Yuasa(53)
Globalization and Models for Japanese and American Schooling: New Modes of Coexistence Ryoko Tsuneyoshi(71)
Home is Where the Tongue Is: Border-Crossing and Language in Levy Hideo's and Mizumura Minae's Works Mari Yoshihara(87)
Thriving Military Prostitution in Hawaii during World War II: The Meaning of Its   Contrast to the Situation on the Mainland Noriko Shimada(105)
Emily Dickinson and Poetry in the Civil War Publication Junko Kanazawa(123)
Does the Reduction of Regional Isolation Mean an Affluent Appalachia? Kazusei Kato(141)
Solving the "Congestion" Problem: The "Zone System" in Early City   Planning Profession Ichiro Miyata(159)
Looking for the Perfect Copy: The Cultural Milieu and the Birth of the Talkies Naoko Shinogi(177)
From "the Vanishing Red Man" to "the Red Atlantis": The   Development of Native American Policy Reform Movements in the 1920s Yumiko Mizuno(193)
The Newspaper Publishing in the Japanese Evacuation Camps 1942-1943: An Analysis of the Camp Authority's Press Control Policies Takeya Mizuno(211)
The Thirty-third Annual Meeting: A Summary Report -229
Abstracts -249

33. America and the Twentieth Century (1999)


America and the Twentieth Century
U.S. Hegemony and the Debates on the "American Century" Hideki Kan(1)
From the New Economic History to the Social Science History: An Evolution of American Economic History in the Twentieth Century Eiichi Akimoto(19)
War and Gender: the Vietnam War and American Society Yoko Shirai(37)
The Transformation of American Democracy in the Twentieth Century:The Growth of Institutional Universe and the Decline of Electoral Politics Hirofumi Nakano(59)
The Literary and Cultural Politics of Passing: A Comparative Study of Mary   Hastings Bradley and James Tiptree, Jr. Mari Kotani(79)
Federalist Response to Jefferson's Neutrality Policy, 1805-1806 Naoki Kamimura(97)
From Preacher to Lecturer: a Study of R.W. Emerson's Sermons Yoshio Takanashi(115)
The Tradition of Psychiatry Reflected in Domestic Fiction in Nineteenth-Century   America Toshimi Suzuki(135)
Southern White Liberals' Struggle for the Segregation and State's Rights in the SCHW Birmingham Noriko Hosoya(151)
Formation of the New Left Movement: From Sit-Ins to the Port Huron   Statement (1960-1962) Toru Umezaki(171)
Autobiography and the "Minoritarian": How Henry Miller "Becomes-Woman" Satoshi Kanazawa(191)
The Innocents Abroad as a Consumer Narrative Mark Twain and   Expanding Consumption in Late Nineteenth-Century America Tsuyoshi Ishihara(209)
The Thirty-Second Annual Meeting:A Summary Report -227
Abstracts -245

32. Class and American Society (1998)


Class and American Society
The Integration of the US Working Class under the Cold War Consensus: the   Creation of a New Middle Class Keiichi Shoji(1)
Bumming, Slumming, and Muckraking: The Representation of Class in American Literature Kiyohiko Murayama(19)
The Social Conservatism of Boston's White Women in Inter-Class Interaction at the Turn of the Century Kohei Kaswashima(41)
Meritocracy and Racial Equality: Civil Rights Legislation and Black "Elites" in   Post-bellum Boston Kazuteru Omori(57)
Herman Melville and the Astor Place Riots Shoji Noma(75)
The "Russian Factor" in the Promulgation of the Monroe Doctrine Hiroo Nakajima(95)
The Formation and Development of "the Undocumented Immigration Problem"   in the Course of Discussions on the IRCA Katsuyuki Murata(111)
Imagination, Body, and Gender Boundaries in the Early Puritan Society: Anne Hutchinson on Trial Junko Araki(127)
The Rural Cemetery Movement in 19th-Century America: Creating an American   "Sacred Place" Mariko Kurosawa(145)
The Thirty-first Annual Meeting: A Summary Report -163
Abstracts -187
The American Review Contents, Vols.1-31(1967-1997) -201

31. American Social Movements (1997)


American Social Movements
Jonathan Edwards and the Great Awakening Naoki Onishi(1)
The Spreading of the Gospel of Safety: The Safety Movement and Immigrants in the Progressive Period Tsuguyoshi Ueno(19)
American Television Commercials and the Women's Movement: Has the Feminine Mystique Disappeared? Tetsuo Arima(41)
The Boston School Busing Controversy Revisited: Toward an Examination into the Myth of "Failure" Masaki Kawashima(59)
Gender and Wartime Labor Mobilization in the United States Chitose Sato(83)
The Older Women's League Naoko Ishizawa(107)
George Ball and His Idea of "Atlantic Partnership" Kaoru Kojima(117)
Whitman as 'Flaneur' Akira Yamauchi(139)
Berdache as Cultural System Machiko Makita(157)
Fundamentalism's Strategy in Education Cases: On the Concept of Secular Humanism Eiko Tsuchida(175)
A Study of Mona Simpson's The Lost Father Kazuyo Kuroyanagi(185)
The Multi-Dimensionality of the Racial/Ethnic Identities of Asian American   College Students: Evidence from Research at Princeton University Okiyoshi Takeda(193)
The Thirtieth Annual Meeting: A Summary Report -207
Abstracts -227

30. America and Asia (1996)


America and Asia
United  States Asian Policy Seigen Miyasato(1)
Fifty Years after the End of World War II---U.S.-Japan Relations and Japanese   Americans Masako Iino(19)
American Trade Policy and Asia Satoru Nagao(39)
U.S. Intervention in the 1958 Rebellion in Indonesia Koji Terachi(57)
Syngman Rhee and American Involvement in Korean Politics Lee, Jong Won(79)
The Making of the Philippine Trade Act of 1946: an Economic Framework of American Decolonization Policy toward the Philippines Yuko Ito(101)
Issei Mothers' Silence, Nisei Daughters' Story: Hisae Yamamoto's Short Fiction Naoko Sugiyama(121)
Revising Orientalism, Revisioning Domesticity: Authority and Gender in Pearl Buck's The Good Earth Mari Yoshihara(137)
Why Multiethnic or Multicultural Coexistence? Masayuki Yamauchi
Emergence of U.S. Principle of Behavior in China: An Interpretation of the First Open Door Notes, 1899 Yoneyuki Sugita(175)
Piety and Preparation in Puritan Conversion: John Cotton and the Antinomian   Controversy Izumi Ogura(191)
"El Nuevo Trato": The New Deal in Puerto Rico Kosuzu Abe(209)
Sessue Hayakawa a Movie Star: Early Hollywood and the Japanese Daisuke Miyao(227)
Henry Adams and Women: The Heroines of "Primitive Rights of women, "Democracy, and Esther" Miho Yoneyama(247)
The Twenty-ninth Annual Meeting: A Summary Report -259
Abstracts -279

29. Family, Children, and Education (1995)


Family, Children, and Education
The Fall in the White Birth Rate in the United States in the Early Decades of the   Nineteenth Century and Its Causes Yasukichi Yasuba(1)
A Challenge to Home=Paradise Ideology Yoshiko Takita(21)
A Lullaby for Motherless Children: The Rebirth of Family in JAZZ Michiko Yoshida(37)
McGuffey's  Eclectic Readers and 19th-century American Education Shigeo Fujimoto(59)
Discovery of Childhood--- G.Stanley Hall's Child Study Yukiko Asahi(77)
The Reform of the Higher Education for Women and American Women Educators in the Occupied Japan, 1945-1951 Chikako Uemura(95)
Fundamental Issues Confronting Urban School Policies in the U.S.: Multicultural   Education, Decentralization, and Financial Reconstruction Yoshimi Tsuboi(115)
Legal Perspective of New Family Rieko Nishikawa(135)
Civil Code Reform in the Allied Occupation 1946-1947: the American Influence on Japanese Women's Rights Yuka (Moriguchi) Tsuchiya(155)
The Invention of "Alien Ineligible for Citizenship": the Making Process   of the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 Yoshiyuki Kido(177)
The Institute of Pacific Relations and American Intellectuals: An Analysis of the   Debate over "Nonpartisan Objectivity" in the Inquiry Series Yutaka Sasaki(197)
Diversity and Harmony: H.M. Kallen's Cultural Pluralism Ayako Uchida(217)
Life and Labor: The Early Mill Girls in Lowell, Massachusetts Yukako Hisada(229)
The Twenty-eighth Annual meeting: A Summary Report -241
Abstracts -263

28. The City and the Suburbs (1994)


The City and the Suburbs
The City and the Suburbs in American Politics Hitoshi Abe(1)
Invisible San Francisco: City Description in Frank Norris Masashi Orishima(21)
Suburbanization and the American Middle Class Yu Takeda(35)
Some Aspects of the Urban Growth of Philadelphia in the Nineteenth Century Yusuke Utsuki(53)
The Genesis of Suburban Middle Landscape Noriyuki Sugiura(71)
American Women and Work Culture at the Turn of the Century: Work Place Segregated by Gender Chieko Otsuji(91)
Henry Ford's Views on Race Relations During the 1920s: From Idealist to   Accommodationist Hayumi Higuchi(111)
"Conservative Revolution" of the Southern Democratic Party: "Robb   Revolution" as the Forerunner of the DLC Movement Yasushi Matsuoka(131)
A Philosopher and America: Santayana as Cultural Critic Yoji Sawairi(151)
The Revival of Interest in W.J. Cash: "The Mind of the South" and the   South, 1941-1992 Hisako Yanaka(173)
The Twenty-seventh Annual Meeting: A Summary Report -185
Abstracts -203

27. European Revolutions and America (1993)


European Revolutions and America
Revolution Absent in the Text: Old Benjamin Franklin and the French Revolution Ichiro Hayashi(1)
New Yorker's Republican Festival and the July Revolution Hidetaka Yasutake(19)
Russian Revolution and Wilsonism Hidesaburo Kusama(39)
Sublimating "Arms" into "Palms": Reflection of World War I and A Farewell to Arms in The Wild Palms Fumiyo Hayashi(57)
The French Revolution and Federalists in the Early American Republic Yoshio Higomoto(73)
Abstract of "The Forging of a New Upper Class at Boston's Back Bay,   1850-1932" Kohei Kawashima(95)
Morality and American Foreign Policy: George F. Kennan's 'Realism' Koji Terachi(113)
American Attitudes toward Japan During the Late Occupation Period---The Case of Receiving the 1950 Japanese Diet Delegation--- Hiromi Chiba(133)
Silence and Speaking---Mother-Daughter Relationship in Japanese American Women Writers Fukuko Kobayashi(151)
The Resurgence of Ethnicity and Americanization among Japanese Americans Yasuko I. Takezawa(171)
The "Official Language Movement" in the United States: National Unity   or Intolerance in a Multicultural Society? Yasuhiro Katagiri(189)
The Twenty-sixth Annual Meeting: A Summary Report -201
Abstracts -215

26. The United States in the Context of the Western Hemisphere (1992)


The United States in the Context of the Western Hemisphere
Anglo-American and Spanish American Colonies in Comparative Perspective Keiji Miyano(1)
"The New World" in the Eyes of North American Indians: Native American   Society and Christian Missions in the First Half of Seventeenth-Century North   America Yoko Shirai(27)
The Study of American Negro Slavery and Women's History in Slavery Keiichi Nishide(49)
Canada's General Election of 1911 Reconsidered Kazuo Kimura(67)
U.S. Cold War Policy and Latin American Revolutions: The Bolivian and Guatemalan Cases Naoki Kamimura(89)
"Republic" Bound for the Middle Passage Konomi Ara(109)
The Delano Strike and The Chicano's Identity Masanori Nakagawa(125)
Politicalization of Religions in the Western Hemisphere: Liberation Theology and the Religious New Right Koichi Murayama(145)
Recovering Dreiser's Criticism of Capitalism Kiyohiko Murayama(165)
New England's Buried Life: The Transcendental Spirit in Hawthorne's The House of the Seven Gables Masahiko Narita(185)
The Road to Tough Policy against China: Eisenhower, Dulles, and China, Taiwan, 1953-1955 Shigehiro Yuasa(201)
New Public Space in Modern American Metropolis: Are Shopping Centers   "Community"? Kazuto Oshio(225)
The Twentieth-Fifth Annual Meeting: A Summary Report -245
Abstracts -259

25. Intolerance in American Culture (1991)


Intolerance in American Culture
Henry James and Intolerance Akiko Namekata(1)
Scopes Trial and the Intolerance of the 1920s Hiroshi Tsunematsu(21)
Saul Bellow and Dangling Man: From a Failure of Nerve to a Closing of an American Mind Hiroshi Narasaki(39)
The House Un-American Activities Committee and Hollywood: The Meaning of the 1947 Hollywood Hearings Masugi Shimada(63)
The Self-Imposed Control of Speech in the Jewish American Community Tetsu Kohno(83)
Resurgence  of America's Democratic Party Kazumi Fujimoto(105)
Contemporary American Culture and Minority Education: From "Cultural   Deprivation" to Cultural Democracy Masako Sasamoto Nakamura(123)
The Exclusive Nature of Single-Issue Politics: On the Civic Movement on Abortion Chieko Otsuru(143)
On the Nature of American Tolerance: Treatment of Undocumented Aliens in the   Immigration Act of 1986 Yukiko Koshiro(161)
Peter Van Schaack and the American Republic: An Aspect of Loyalism in the American Revolution Yoshio Higomoto(179)
The  Decision to Aid Russia in 1941: A Reappraisal of FDR's Leadership Hirofumi Nakano(201)
Special Contribution   
Reconceiving the Concept of Frontier: From Geography to Cultural Contact Annette Kolodny(219)
The Twenty-Forth Annual Meeting: A Summary Report -231
Abstracts -245

24. The time U.S. becomes disoriented (1990)


The time U.S. becomes disoriented
The Declining of Pax Americana Koji Baba(1)
Increase Mather and the Reforming Synod of 1679 Naoki Onishi(23)
American Intellectuals in the 1930s: A Disintegration of Radical Visions Reiko Maekawa(41)
The Decline and Fall of the Myth of Feminity: The Change of American Women in the 1960s Junko Kuninobu(62)
The Lost  Crusades: Vietnam, Granada and the World War II in the 1980s' America Eikou Ikui(81)
Democracy or Efficiency: The Congress and the Reform of the Banking Act Atsushi Kusano(101)
Regulating Alien Passengers and Foreign Paupers in Massachusetts, 1851-1863 Kikuyo Tanaka(122)
Progress or Regression?: The Women's Domestic Ideal in the Home Economics Movement Hatsumi Takemata(143)
Van Wyck Brooks's Criticism of the Progressivism as an Ideology Fumihiko Sugawara(163)
Special Lecture Linda K. Kerber(181)
The Twenty-Third Annual Meeting: A Summary Report -193
Abstracts -205

23. American Heroines (1989)


American Heroines
The Presidential Address Nagayo Homma(1)
Women with Voices of Their Own---- A Study of Two Heroines in Nineteenth-Century America---- Hiroko Sato(21)
Prayer for The Heathen: Heroines of The Missionary Enterprise Rui Kohiyama(39)
The "Americanization" of Immigrant Mothers and Daughters Yuko Matsumoto(62)
Class and Sex in The Femala Labor Movement----Through The Activities of NWTUL in The Progressive Era---- Osamu Hatori(82)
Beyond The Virgin and The Tempress: The Hollywood Heroines of The 1930s Masako Notoji(100)
"Conservative Thought" of Justice O'Connor Noboru Kohsaka(122)
Identity and Sex in Contemporary Black Women's Novels----Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon and Tar Baby------ Naoko Urakawa(140)
Research Notes   
Historical Development of The American West Through The Activity of Western Governors' Organizations Kazuto Oshio(156)
Current Trends in Afro-American Studies---Afrocentric Ideas on Afro-American Culture Yasuko Takezawa(165)
The Twenty-Second Annual Meeting: A Summary Report -175

22. FIN DE SIECLE (1988)


Henry Adams's Fin de Siecle---Toward the Science of History Nobunao Matsuyama(1)
A Reconsideration of Ignatius Donnelly's World Takashi Hirano(14)
Turner and Muir Yasuo Okada(33)
The Establishment of the Philippine Gold-Exchange Standard: A View of the Turn of the Century Isao Sutou(52)
Josia Strong and the End of the Nineteenth-Century Koichi Mori(71)
The Midway Plaisance and The World Columbian Exposition at Chicago in 1893: A Cultural History of an Origin of the Design Concept of Fast Food Restaurants Naohito Okude(89)
Of Plymouth Plantation: The Function of Typology Naoki Onishi(113)
James Studies Reconsidered: Van Wyck Brooks and F.O. Matthiessen Reiko Maekawa(131)
Military or Economic Assistance: The Japanese Entry into the Mutual Security Program Yoko Yasuhara(152)
Frontier Children: Childhood Experiences in Kansas, 1860-1900 Yuko Takahashi(170)
The Special Lecture, A Summary Stanley N. Katz(192)
The Twenty-First Annual Meeting: A Summary Report -195
Summaries in English -209

21. The American Dream (1987)


The American Dream
The Character of the American Dream Nagayo Homma(1)
H. Richard Niebuhr's The Kingdom of God in America Revisited: The Religious Dimension of the American Dream Shoichi Oshimo(21)
The American Dream: The Case of Wilson Hidesaburo Kusama(36)
A Dream of 'the Great Society': LBJ's War on Poverty Revisited Wataru Omori(54)
Huck's Dream, Twain's Despair Shoji Goto(74)
The Popular Magazine Called "Success" in the United States and Japan: A   Comparative Study Teruko Kumei(92)
Special Contribution   
The Kingdom of God in America: The Influence of Religion in the U.S.A. Today Harvey Cox(110)
A Comparative Analysis of the Eisenhower Administration's Responses to Two   Taiwan Strait Crises in 1954-55 and 1958 Motoyuki Takamatsu(129)
Re-Examination of F.D. Roosevelt's China Policy: 1943-1945 Shigehiro Yuasa(147)
Virginia State Politics and Party Realignment: The Collapse of the Byrd Machine and Death of the Democratic Domination Kazumi Fujimoto(167)
Belle C. LaFollette and the Peace Movement: A Proposal to the Re-Interpretation of the Progressive Movement in the 1920's Nagako H. Sugimori(188)
The Twentieth Annual Meeting: A Summary Report -197
Summaries in English -215

20. Minority Groups (1986)


Minority Groups
Immigrants, Minority Groups, and Ethnic Groups:The Development of Minority-group Theory and the Idea of Ethnicity Tsuneo Ayabe(1)
Ethnicity and Egalitarianism Hitoshi Abe(15)
Negro Colonization in the Ante Bellum North Tadashige Shimizu(29)
The "Tempest in a Teapot": The South and Its Reaction to the   Roosevelt-Washington Dinner at the White House in October, 1901 Takahiro Sasaki(48)
The Particular and the Universal in the Jewish-American Intellectual Scene Tetsu Kohno(68)
Ceremony as Conducted by a Laguna Woman, L.M.Silko Konomi Ara(86)
Second-Generation Japanese Americans and "Americanism" Prior to World War II Hiroshi Yoneyama(99)
Feminists of Color and Their Diverse Participation in the U.S. Women's Movement Kazuko Kawachi(114)
"White Child Slavery": Anti-Child Labor Arguments in Late Nineteenth-Century   America Natsuki Aruga(141)
America's Japanese Problems: Summer 1954 Osamu Ishii (169)
Universalizing the Monroe Doctrine: Its Attempt and Defeat Fumiko Nishizaki(184)
Paper Money in the American Mainland Colonies Kenkichi Omi(204)
The Nineteenth Annual Meeting: A Summary Report -219
Summaries in English -228

19. The 1960s (1985)


The 1960s
Coping with Changes-Fiction in the Sixties Iwao Iwamoto(1)
The Vietnam War Shigeo Fukuda(19)
Black Political Participation and Its Impact upon Southern Politics in the 1960s:   The Case of Georgia Yoriko Nakajima(38)
The Lagacies of the Sixties: New Left Historians and U.S. Diplomatic History   Today Yoko Yasuhara(61)
The Destruction of the New Orleans Urban Black Community: A Reconsideration of the Reform Mentality in America of the 1960s Naohito Okude(81)
What Happened in the Sixties: An Evolutionary View Yoshiaki Sato(104)
The New York Revolution under the "General Association" Katsuro Nakano(119)
The Politics of La Guardia: A "Progressive" Politician in the 1920s Osamu Hatori(139)
Dulles on Vietnam: The Strains in the U.S.-French Alliance in the First Indochina   War Hiroshi Matsuoka(159)
Research Notes   
The Maine Law in Wisconsin: the Prohibition Movement as Seen in the Local   Newspapers Kikuyo Tanaka(180)
The Resettlement Process of the Japanese Americans, 1942-1952 Noriko Shimada(195)
The Eighteenth Annual Meeting: A Summary Report -205
Summaries in English -221

18. The Individual and Collectivity (1984)


The Individual and Collectivity
The Relationship between the Individual and the Organization in American Group Politics Ichiro Sunada(1)
The Fate of the Adamic Hero in the Early American Novel Koji Oi(27)
Individualism and Organization in American Religion Kosho Ikoma(47)
Rank-and-File Spontaneity versus Organizational Control within the IWW Tatsuro Nomura(67)
The World of the Omaha Platform: Private Property-ownership and the Cooperative Commonwealth Ryo Yokoyama(87)
From Particular to General and from General to Particular---The Social and Private Visions of Allen Ginsberg and John Ashbery Sachiko Yoshida(106)
The Aftermath of the White Supremacist Terror: A Black Community in North   Carolina and Its Reaction Hayumi Higuchi(134)
The Disappearance of Racial Wage Discrimination toward Japanese Immigrants in the Pacific Northwest: 1890-1915 Yuzo Murayama(157)
Participation in America Revisited: Approach to Socioeconomic Neutrality in Political Participation Ikuo Kabashima(177)
The Seventeenth Annual Meeting: A Summary Report -197
Summaries in English -219

17. Sex in America (1983)


Sex in America
Sex Roles in Colonial and Revolutionary America Norio Akashi(1)
Beyond Male Fantasy: Female Sexuality in American Literature Noriko Mizuta(19)
American Literature and Male Homosexuality Masao Shimura(34)
Woman Suffrage and the Progressive Movement---a Case Study of Bell C. LaFollette of Wisconsin Nagako H. Sugimori(49)
Sciences and Theology: Conflicts and Coexistence in the 1720's Fumiko Nomura(67)
The Gilmans and The Rose Bud: Northern Intellectuals in the Antebellum South Setsuko Takahashi(85)
Lillian D. Wald and Visiting Nursing Keiko Nakamura(104)
Congress and the Japanese Peace Settlement Tetsuya Umemoto(129)
The Sixteenth Annual Meeting: A Summary Report -153
Summaries in English -165

16. The 1930s (1982)


The 1930s
American Society of the 1930s in Retrospect Kensaburo Shinkawa(1)
Niebuhr and the New Deal Yasuo Furuya(20)
Howard Kester: A Christian Radical in the 1930s South Eiichi Akimoto(35)
Changes in Urban Growth in the United States Mineaki Kanno(54)
Lillian Hellman as a Playwright of the 1930s Misako A. Koike(72)
Dreiser on the Jews or "Is Dreiser Anti-Semitic" Hideo Higuchi(88)
American Music of the 1930s: Popular Songs, Guthrie, and Country Songs Yokichi Miyamoto(105)
H.D. Thoreau and 'the Spirit of Place' Minoru Iida(116)
An Approach to Auschwitz: On William Styron's Sophie's Choice Hisao Kawai(135)
The Grimke Sisters: Abolitionists from the South Hisako Yanaka(154)
The "Crisis of 1755-56" in Colonial Pennsylvania History: A Study of   the Quaker "Reformation" and the Rise of Quaker Pacifism Tetsuko Kawahara(174)
The Maine Law of 1851: How the Prohibitionists Made It Masaru Okamoto(199)
Research Notes   
Jonathan Edwards and A.D.2000 Toru Iijima(222)
Analysis of Presidential Character: The Barber-Thesis and Its Critique Tetsuya Umemoto(231)
The Fifteenth Annual Meeting: A Summary Report -243
Summaries in English -257

15. American Family (1981)


American Family
Living between Corruption and Rebellion: Families in Jewish-American Literature from the 1880's to the 1930's Shigeo Hamano(1)
Images of the Family through the Narration---An Essay on Absalom, Absalom!--- Yasuki Saeki(22)
College Courses on Marriage and the Family---Changing Roles in American Marriages during the 1920s--- Fusako Ogata(35)
The American Social Security System and the Family Sayo Kaji(52)
Ethnic Families and the "American Family"---Franco-Americans in Southern   Maine--- Kazuko Ohta(70)
New Trends in the Historical Writing of the American Family Natsuki Aruga(87)
Economic Development of the American Colonies in the Eighteenth Century Kenkichi Omi and Yasuo   Sakakibara(108)
The New Deal and Japan-- The U.S. Cotton Textile Industry's Campaign against Imports from Japan Osamu Ishii(124)
The Fourteenth Annual Meeting: A Summary Report -144
Summaries in English -159
The American Review Contents, Vols.1-14 (1967-1980) -173

14. Pluralism in America (1980)


Pluralism in America
America: The Cradleland of Socialism Atsushi Shirai(1)
American Pluralism and the American Negro---with emphasis on Ralph Ellison and James Baldwin--- Tadatoshi Saito(24)
On the Language and Culture Contact between Anglo- and Mexican Americans in the Southwest--- with Special References to Bilingual Education--- Nobuyuki Honna(39)
Japanese-American Literature: A Brief History Sataye Shinoda(63)
The Formaion of Party and Its Organization Structure in Virginia during the   Nineteenth Century Kazumi Fujimoto(90)
Thoreau's A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers: Structural and Thematic Unity Midori Yamamoto(112)
Coverdale's Narrative: A Portrait of the Artist as a Nineteenth-Century American in The Bleithdale Romance Noriaki Nakai(141)
Women in American Literature at the Turn of the Century: Continuity and Change Takashi Sasaki(163)
The Mars and Mercuries in American Diplomacy; The Open Door Policy Revisited Eiichi Shindo(183)
The   Thirteenth Annual Meeting: A Summary Report -193
Summaries in English -203

13. The South in America (1979)


The South in America
The Many Meanings of the American Revolution Merrill Jensen(1)
Introduction Yoshimitsu Ide(30)
"The Central Theme of Southern History": The Conception of Southern   Distinctiveness among Southern Historians Toyoomi Nagata(33)
The Structure of Southern Economic Development in the 1970's Eiichi Akimoto(46)
The White Revolution of Wilmington and the Southern Society Hayumi Higuchi(71)
The Founding Father's Burden: Jefferson and Agrarian Historiography in Robert   Penn Warren's Brother to Dragons R. Jared Lubarsky(96)
A Study   of Yasaka Takagi: His Image of Japan and the United States Tadao Okamoto(126)
Development   of New Towns in the U.S.A. Noboru Inouchi(145)
American-Japanese   Peace-Making and the Cold War, 1947-1951 Takeshi Igarashi(166)
Racial   Integration in Church: The Case of St. Philip's Episcopal Church in Syracuse,   New York Noriko Shimada(188)
Research Note   
The Land Problems in the Plymouth Plantation: The Allotments of Garden-Plots in 1620 and of Grounds(Corn Fields) in 1623 Mari Miura(212)
The Twelfth Annual Meeting: A Summary Report -225
Summaries in English -237

12. Symposium: The 1920's (1978)


Symposium: The 1920's
The Drama and the American Society Yasuo Suga(1)
The 1920's in American Cultural History---A Challenge to Victorian Culture Nagayo Homma(11)
The United States and the Restoration of the International Gold Standard Yoshihiko Hirata(29)
Prospect and Limitation of Reevaluating Herbert Hoover Reiko Aoki(53)
Urban Politics of the 1920's Miwako Hirata(73)
The Significance of the Harlem Renaissance Takeo Hamamoto(91)
The Bridge Reestimated Atsuo Kurumisawa(104)
The Role of Land Speculators in Western Development Yuzo Murayama and Yasuo   Sakakibara(117)
Preliminary Planning in the State Department relative to Post-War Policy toward Japan Hideyuki Morita(132)
Three Themes in Malamud's The Assistant Tateo Imamura(146)
Research Note   
Thomas Jefferson and the Indian Problem Masashi Shimakawa(163)
The Eleventh Annual Meeting: A Summary Report -182
Summaries in English -195

11. The American Hero (1977)


The American Hero
Benjamin Franklin: The Self-Made Man as an American Hero Toshio Watanabe(1)
Andrew Jackson Torao Tomita(16)
Andrew Carnegie Jiro Ozawa(32)
Horatio Alger's Heroes Motoshi Karita(50)
Charles A. Lindbergh---The Last Hero Shimpei Tokiwa(62)
Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.---Hero of Nonviolent Direct Action Yoriko Nakajima(70)
The Hero-Image in the Women's Movement Ikuko Atsumi(90)
Heroes of the American Children Tadao Okamura(102)
Hero in the Presidential Election: Image and Reality Produced by Electronics Ichiro Iwano(120)
Other Articles   
The Magdalena Bay Episode,1911-1912 The Monroe Doctrine and Japan Iyo Kunimoto(140)
"National Policy" in Canadian Historiography and the Evolution of Canadian   Nationalism Yuko Ohara(161)
Review Essay   
'Frontier' Studies in Europe Masaharu Watanabe(180)
The Tenth Annual Meeting: A Report -198
Summaries in English -219

10. American Revolution Bicentennial: Society and Culture (1976)


American Revolution Bicentennial: Society and Culture
The Significance of the Bicentennial Nobushige Ukai(1)
Development   of American Religious Consciousness Gen Miyata(9)
The  "New Professionals" and Social Reform: Radicalization of the   Educated Labor and Social Movement Toyo Ichikawa(24)
Nonconformism   and American Politics: Reflections on Political Commitment of Cultural   Separatist Ichiro Sunada(53)
The Decline of Redicalism in Pennysylvania: A Study on the Leadership and the   Political Resources in "the Critical Period" Takeshi Igarashi(85)
The Political Thought of John C. Calhoun: On the Doctrine of the Concurrent   Majority Takaji Tomidokoro(107)
Some Thoughts on the Evacuation of the Japanese-Americans from the West Coast in 1942: Racial Prejudice and Military Bureaucracy Kumiko Shindo(131)
Research Note   
William Smith Clark and His Students Tsunao Ohyama(155)
The Ninth Annual Meeting: A Report -163
Summaries in English -181

9. Nature in American Civilization (1975)


Nature   in American Civilization
The   American View of Nature, Historical Vista Miyoko Sasaki(1)
Society and Nature in the 18th Century America Norio Akashi(15)
Nature   in American Literature: Paradox and Dilemma Toshio Watanabe(33)
Natural   Environment and Law in America Isshu Takahashi(55)
Natural   Environments of American Cities: A Comparison with Japanese Cities Yasuo Masai(80)
The   Anti-Imperialist League of the Late 19th Century in the United States: Its   Movement and Debates Yoshikatsu Hayashi(94)
The   Brotherhood of Timber Workers: Class Struggle in the Lumber Industry in the   Deep South in the 1910s Tatsuro Nomura(117)
The   Eighth Annual Meeting: A Report -137
Summaries   in English -153

8. (1974)


Isaac   Backus and Separatism Shoichi Oshimo(1)
Politics   and Science in the Community Action Toyo Ichikawa(19)
A Brief   Consideration of the Evacuation of the Japanese Americans Yukio Morita(44)
Latent   Interest in the Pluralist Political System--American Liberalism and the   Rise of a Social Movement Hideo Otake(79)
Business   and the Open Door: The Case of the American International Corporation in the   Grand Canal Improvement Project, 1911-1918 Natsuki Aruga(99)
Intellectuals   in Twentieth-Century America and Japan--The Relevancy of Comparative   Study Nagayo Homma(114)
The   Image of the South and West Yoshimitsu Ide(136)
Contemporary   America Hitoshi Abe, Takashi Hirano,   Motoo Kaji and Shunsuke Kamei(151)
Research   Note   
On a   Posthumous Work of Richard Hofstadter(1916-1970) Shoichi Izumi(180)
The   Seventh Annual Meeting: A Report -188
Summaries   in English -202

7. American Studies and Comparative Approach (1973)


American   Studies and Comparative Approach
The   Search for the American Traits and Comparative Approach Nagayo Homma(1)
America   and Britain from the Viewpoint of Comparative Politics Hitoshi Abe(18)
Compensatory   Economic Policy in the United States and French Indicative Planning Toshitake Noma(40)
Ashes   and Sparks: American Poetry in Postwar Japan Toshikazu Niikura(66)
A Study   of Kansas Populists Takashi Hirano(85)
Foreign   Policy in a Democracy: Polk, Buchanan and Oregon Fumiko Fujita(107)
American   Politics and the Prosecutorial Office Kan Ori(145)
Charles   S. Pierce on "Community" Ruth Hollenbach(169)
Benjamin   Franklin: His Character and Thought in His New England Years Yoshiko Nakamura(186)
Research   Trends   
Post-Centennial   Studies of Hawthorne Nobunao Matsuyama(212)
Research   Notes   
On the   Southern Tenant Farmer's Union Kuniko Koga(228)
Academic   Career and Works of the Late Keiji Ohara, Ex-President of the Association Hideyo Naganuma(236)
The   Sixth Annual Meeting: A Report -245
Summaries   in English -258

6. Urbanization in America (1972)


Urbanization   in America
Urbanization   and Political Realignment Shuntaro Ohta(1)
The City   and the Cotemporary Novel Iwao Iwamoto(21)
A   Quantitative Analysis of the Negro Segregation in American Cities Hiromu Futagami(36)
American   Studies in Japan: Its Problems K.Ohashi, M. Saito, Y.   Sakakibara, N. Homma(52)
The   Social Philosophy of James Weldon Johnson Keiko Nakada(79)
The   Jeffersonian Democrats: An Anti-New Deal Movement and Texas Akihiko Nakazato(106)
Research   Trends   
New   Trends in the Study of the American Revolution Tadami Takenori(127)
Research   Notes   
On   Thomas Allen's Image of Japan Isamu Kitamura(137)
Summaries   in English -157

5. The West in America (1971)


The West   in America
"The   West" in American Politics Shoichi Izumi(1)
"The   Western Dream" and "The Western Experience"---The American   West as Revealed in Literature Toshio Watanabe(20)
The   Westward Movement and Land Speculation Yasuo Okada(41)
The   Image of America in Europe Sigmund Skard(61)
The   Changing Pattern of Political Integration in a Multi-Ethnical Society Masaru Nishio(82)
Jackson's   Bank War and New York State Politics Hidetaka Yasutake(115)
The   I.W.W. and Migratory Workers in the West Tatsuro Nomura(132)
A   Town-Gown Relationship: The Case of Yale University Kayoko Kodama(153)
Quakers   and Antislavery, 1688-1776 Masao Yamagata(178)
Research   Trend   
Recent   Trends in Reconstruction Historiography Susumu Miura(197)
The   Post-Perry Miller Study of Early New England Shoichi Oshimo(207)
Summaries   in English -219

4. Japanese Image of America (1970)


Japanese   Image of America
American   Studies in Pre-War Japan Makoto Saito(1)
America   as Observed by the Contemporary Japanese Writers, 1961-1969 Keiichi Harada(25)
The   Child's Image of America---Foreign Countries and Political Socialization--- Tadao Okamura(43)
Socialism   and Ethnic Problems in America Hajime Watanabe(71)
Research   Notes   
The   Negro Problems before the Civil War---A Case Study in North Carolina-- Yasuko Shinoda(92)
The Yap   Controversy---An Episode in Japan-U.S. Relations Yoshiko Nakamura(102)
Research   Trends   
Studies   on Benjamin Franklin during the Past Decade Yoshikazu Kubo(121)
New   Economic History Yasukichi Yasuba(134)
Summaries   in English -147

3. War and Americans (1969)


War and   Americans
American   Democracy and War Hitoshi Abe(1)
The   American Economy and Defense Expenditure Motoo Kaji(23)
The War   Novel in American Literature: Crane, Hemingway, and Mailer Motoo Takigawa(38)
The American Church and War---The First Half of the 20th Century--- Yasuo Furuya(53)
A   Tormented Intellectual: Wilbur J. Cash and the New South Yoshimitsu Ide(69)
Urbanization   and Land Resources in the United States---A Comparison with Japan Yasuo Masai(90)
Research   Trend   
A Note   on Easton's Research on Political Socialization Tadao Okamura(107)
Recent   Trends in American Local Government Yasuo Watanabe(114)
Francis   Parkman The late Dr. Ryusaku   Tsunoda(119)
Summaries   in English -127

2. Racial Problems (1968)


American   Historiography Since 1945 Avery O. Craven(1)
Promotional   Activities of the Cities in the Middle West Masaharu Watanabe(23)
The   Morality of Fiction in Henry James's "The Art of Fiction"---In   Comparison with Concepts Held by Other Late 19th Century Writers--- Tajiro Iwayama(46)
The   CIO's Expulsion of "Communist-Dominated" Union Hideyo Naganuma(71)
On the   Socio-Historical Structure of Denominations in the United States Fujio Ikado(101)
Racial   Problems   
The New   Crisis of the Negro Problem Kaname Saruya(127)
Southern   White Liberals on Negro Problems Nobuyuki Kiuchi(145)
New   Civil Rights Acts: A Century Struggle for Non-Discrimination Kinuko Kubota(161)
Poles in   America Hidetoshi Kato(173)
The   Religious Opinions of Thomas Jefferson Norio Akashi(187)
A Study   of American Individualism of the 1920's Reiko Aoki(197)
A Brief   Survey of Assimilation of the "Sanseis" in Chicago Ichiro Iwano(211)

1. Postwar America (1967)


Postwar America   
Postwar   America: Continuity and Break Makoto Saito(163)
The Contour of Postwar American Thought Nagayo Homma(165)
The   United States in World Politics: The Problems of U.S. International   Leadership Kimihide Mushakoji(168)
The   American Economy: Twenty Years After War Yasuo Sakakibara(170)
The   Development of Guaranteed Wage Plans in the United States Yoshiro Furumai(172)
American   Labor Movement During World War II: The Case of CIO Hideyo Naganuma(175)
An   Introduction to the Method of Lionel Trilling Saburo Onuki(177)
Walt   Whitman's Cosmopolitanism Shunsuke Kamei(180)
LaFollette's   Foreign Policy, 1885-1900: A Progressive Attitude Toward American Expansion   Abroad Nagako Hommura(182)
A Note   on the Political Analysis of the New Deal Yoshinori Ide(183)
John F.   Kennedy: An Evaluation Ken'ichi Nakaya(184)