The Japanese Journal of American Studies (英文ジャーナル)

No.033 (2022) Mobility/Immobility

1. Editors Introduction

5.Takahiro SAKANE,  Mobile Monuments: Dialectic of Commemoration in Henry James's The American Scene

25.Yuri SAKUMA,  African American Migration Narratives of the Harlem Renaissance: Jazz as a Symbol of Racial Uplift, "Low-Down" Migrants, and Black Feminism

45.Manako OGAWA,  Konpira-san as Enemy Asset: The Contestation and Confrontation over the Interpretation of a Shinto Sea Deity and the Kotohira Jinsha v. McGrath Case in 1949

67.Ichiro MIYATA,  "A Must for Atlanta's Future": Metropolitan Atlanta and the Rapid Transit Idea, 1963-65

87.Yuka MIZUTANI,  Promotion of Gastronomic Traditions in the Sonoran Desert and Changes in the Representation of the US-Mexico Borderlands

109.Masahito WATANABE,  Mobilizing Party Participation: Defending the Iowa Caucuses

133.Yoshiaki FURUI,  Through an "Impenetrable Thicket": Penetrating Depth and Alterity in Melville's Typee

151.Shogo TANOKUCHI,  Freaky Asian Junks: Herman Melville and Antebellum Exhibition Culture

173. English-Language Works by JAAS Members 2020