The Japanese Journal of American Studies (英文ジャーナル)

No.031 (2020) Community

1. Editors Introduction

3. Izumi OGURA, The Concord Community: Ralph Waldo Emerson and the Antislavery Movement

21. Yuko MATSUMOTO, Community Building in Harlem: The New York Age in the 1910s

45. Michiyo KITAWAKI, The Making of Western Dressmaking Culture in the Hawai'i Nikkei Community before World War II

65. Bruce P. BOTTORFF, Forging American Womanhood: The Acculturation of Second-Generation Immigrant Girls in Honolulu, 1917-1938

87. Yushi YAMAZAKI, Becoming Internationalist Subjects: The Growth of Multiracial Labor Organizing among Japanese Immigrant Communities in California, 1925-1933

111. Ayako SAHARA, Sharing the Travail of Reeducation Camps, Expelling the Betrayer: The Politics of Deportation in a Vietnamese American Community

133. Kumiko NOGUCHI, Keeping the Indian Tribal Community Together: Nation Building and Cultural Sovereignty in the Indian Casino Era

157. Satomi MINOWA, "Free Love" in Sectional Debates over Slavery in Mid-Nineteenth-Century America

179. Koji ITO, Contesting Alaskan Salmon: Fishing Rights, Scientifi c Knowledge, and a US-Japanese Fishery Dispute in Bristol Bay in the 1930s

201. Mai ISOYAMA, The Asia Foundation's Cold War Infl uence on Tadao Yanaihara's Educational Research Institute in Japan

223. English-Language Works by JAAS Members 2018