The Japanese Journal of American Studies (英文ジャーナル)

No.028 (2017) America and the World

1. Editors Introduction

3. Takashi ASO, Ethics of the Transpacifi c: Dinh Q. Lê, Sàn Art, and Memories of War

25. Katsuyuki MURATA, Solidarity Based Not on Sameness: Aspects of the Black-Palestinian Connection

45. Kazuteru OMORI, "Little America" in Africa: Liberia as a Touchstone for African Americans

61. Michael GORMAN, Rural Cosmopolitanism and Cultural Imperialism in Willa Cather's One of Ours

83. Toru ONOZAWA, The United States and the British Withdrawal from South Arabia, 1962-1967

105. Naoki KAMIMURA, "Liberal" America and Bolivia's Revolutionary Challenge, 1952-1960: An Interpretation in a Comparative Framework

127. Akiyo YAMAMOTO, US Hungarian Refugee Policy, 1956-1957